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TitleCorrespondence: 1947, Paris
Extent1 file (Box 4)
Creator NameBeloff; Nora (1919-1997); political reporter
DescriptionCorrespondence from Nora Beloff to her family covering January to December of 1947. The letters from the year as a whole provide an account of life as a freelance journalist. They describe Beloff's early career and attempts she makes to establish herself in a permanent position with a national newspaper. Amongst the January letters are interesting insights into the circumstances surrounding Beloff's departure from the Reuters Paris office in November of 1946. At the time of her departure and following it she appears to have had a disagreement with her former boss at Reuters, Harold King, resulting in him banning her from entering the Reuters office. From other comments in her letters it does appear clear that relations with other members of Reuters staff remained good. The letters from January also discuss Beloff's future work plans. She plans how she will go about writing the book about Paris she is due to complete by October 1947. Also discussed are opportunities for freelance journalistic work in Paris including the Manchester Guardian, the Universal Encyclopaedia and the Economist. The work situation seems similar in her February letters from Paris, Beloff discusses how she will research her book and her preparations to return to England. There is a break in her letters from Paris at this point until April and it can be assumed that this period was spent doing background research for her book as Beloff's earlier letters suggest was her intention. During May it seems that Beloff is again working on a freelance basis for the Manchester Guardian and often acting as replacement for Darsie Gillie, the Guardian's French Correspondent. Her letters from May and June also refer to work for the Economist. By July Beloff's letters describe her freelance work not only for the Guardian and the Economist but also for The Observer. She describes the hard work and long hours this type of work requires as well as the difficulties in negotiating with three different employers. Beloff's letters from August continue to describe this hectic freelance work and she does discuss the possibility of being taken on as permanent staff for The Observer. Beloff's letters from the end of September and early October indicate that an agreement was reached at that point with The Observer to take her on as Paris correspondent beginning in November 1947. It seems that as a part of this contract she would no longer be able to write for the Guardian but could continue to write for the Economist. The letters from November and December provide descriptions of Beloff's start at The Observer and the style of working required for a weekly newspaper. Her continued work for the Economist is also described.
System Of ArrangementChronological
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TermInternational Politics



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