Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/1/C1
TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter C (part 1)
Extent45 boxes (36 standard, 9 oversize)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with C

Box 1
Cable Cars: Derwent Valley, Derbyshire (all oversize)
Calendars: Unipart
Canals: Various
Canals: Avon
Canals: Barges and Boats (+4 oversize)
Canals: Bridgewater Canals
Canals: Grand Union Walk: Development
Canals: Oxford Canal
Canals: Regents Canal
Canals: Rickmansworth
Canals: Wakefield Union
Canals: The Wey
Canals: Winchester
Caravans (and Motor Caravans)
Carnivals: Anti-Nazi, Victoria Park (all oversize)
Carnivals: Notting Hill Carnival: 1979 (+1 oversize)
Carnivals: Caribbean Carnival, Leicester314
Carnivals: Channel Tunnel Opening: 5/94
Carnivals: Children's Carnival: 1989
Carnivals: Midsomer Norton Annual, Avon
Carnivals: Notting Hill: 1980 (all oversize)
Carnivals: Notting Hill: 1981
Carnivals: Notting Hill: 1982
Carnivals: Notting Hill: 1983-86
Carnivals: Notting Hill: 1987 -
Carnivals: Queer Valentine Carnival: Soho, London
Cars: Rover: Various
Carpets and Rugs (+2 oversize)
Cars: Abandoned
Cars: Various
Cars: Accesories
Cars: Alfa Romeo
Cars: Alfa Romeo: Alfa 33
Cars: Alfa Romeo: GTV 2000
Cars: Aston Martin
Cars: Audi: Various
Cars: Audi 100
Cars: Audi 200
Cars: Audi Quattro
Cars: Aston 1800
Cars: Austin Allegro

Box 2
Cars: Austin Ambassador
Cars: Austin GT
Cars: Austin Landcrab
Cars: Austin Maxi
Cars: Austin Metro
Cars: Beach Buggies
Cars: Bertone: Various
Cars: Bentley: Various
Cars: BMW: Various
Cars: BMW: Alpina
Cars: BMW: March
Cars: BMW: 745
Cars: Break Downs
Cars: Bugatti (+5 oversize)
Cars: Build-a-Car Competition
Cars: Car Dealers
Cars: Car Mechanics
Cars: Car Parks: NCP
Cars: Caterham 7
Cars: Chevron
Cars: Chrysler: Various
Cars: Citroen: Various
Cars: Citroen 2000
Cars: Citroen BX
Cars: Citroen Dyane
Cars: Citroen GS
Cars: Clan Sportscar
Cars: "Classic"
Cars: Classic: Classic Car Sale: RAF Museum, Hendon
Cars: Clover
Cars: Colt: Various
Cars: Crayford
Cars: Custom Cars
Cars: Daewoo
Cars: Daihatsu
Cars: Datsun: Various (+2 oversize)
Cars: Datsun: Bluebird
Cars: De Tumson
Cars: Electric
Cars: Engines
Cars: Experimental: Various
Cars: Ferrari: Various
Cars: Fiat: Various
Cars: Fiat 127
Cars: Fiat 128
Cars: Fiat Mirafiori Sport & SuperMiarafiori
Cars: Fiat Punto

Box 3
Cars: Fiat Tipo
Cars: Ford: Various
Cars: Ford Capri (+2 oversize)
Cars: Ford Consul
Cars: Ford Cortina
Cars: Ford Escort
Cars: Ford Granada
Cars: Fiat Fiesta
Cars: RS Saphire Cosworth
Cars: Ford Sierra
Cars: "G" Reg: General
Cars: Gilbern Invader
Cars: Glenfrome Ashton
Cars: Hillman
Cars: Honda
Cars: Humber
Cars: Isuzu
Cars: Jaguar: Various (+2 oversize)
Cars: Jaguar E-Type
Cars: Jaguar 240
Cars: Jaguar XJ Series
Cars: Kallista
Cars: KIA
Cars: Lamborghini
Cars: Lancia: Various
Cars: Lancia Beta & HPE
Cars: Lancia Dedra
Cars: LADA
Cars: Landrover: Various
Cars: Landrover: On Way to be Airlifted To Nigeria
Cars: Leyland Metro (British)
Cars: Maseratti
Cars: Mazda: Various (+2 oversize)
Cars: Mazda MX6
Cars: Mercedes-Benz: Various
Cars: Mercedes-Benz: 230
Cars: Mercedes-Benz: 280 CE, 280 TE & 280 SE
Cars: Morgan (+5 oversize)
Cars: Morris: Cowley: 1924
Cars: Morris: Marina
Cars: Motor Shows: 1959-69
Cars: Motor Shows: 1970-79
Cars: Motor Shows: 1980 -
Cars: Motor Shows: NEC
Cars: Motor Shows: Earls Court: 1991
Cars: Motor Shows: London: Earls Court: 1995
Cars: M.G
Cars: Mini: Various

Box 4
Cars: Mitsubishi
Cars: MR2
Cars: Museums: Beaulieu
Cars: Nissan
Cars: Opel
Cars: Panther
Cars: Peugeot: Various
Cars: Peugeot 305
Cars: Peugeot 504
Cars: Range Rovers
Cars: Reliant: Various
Cars: Renault: Various
Cars: Renault 12: Various Models
Cars: Renault 21
Cars: Replicar
Cars: Riley: Miscellaneous
Cars: Rolls Royce: Various
Cars: Rover 800 Series (+1 oversize)
Cars: Saab: Various
Cars: Saab 900 (Turbo)
Cars: Safety
Cars: Scimitar
Cars: Scrapyard
Cars: Seat: Various
Cars: Showrooms
Cars: Showrooms: Heron, Brentford
Cars: Sinclair C5
Cars: Singer
Cars: Skoda: Various
Cars: Spartan
Cars: Speed Traps
Cars: Subaru
Cars: Sunbeam: Various
Cars: Sunbeam TI
Cars: Talbot
Cars: Tickford
Cars: Toyota: Various
Cars: Triplex
Cars: Triumph: Dolomite
Cars: Triumph: Herald
Cars: Triumph: Spitfire
Cars: Triumph: Stag
Cars: TVR
Cars: Vauxhall: Various
Cars: Vauxhall Astra

Box 5
Cars: Vauxhall Calibra
Cars: Vauxhall 14/40 M Type
Cars: Vauxhall Cavalier
Cars: Vauxhall Firenza
Cars: Vauxhall Senator
Cars: Vauxhall Victor
Cars: Vauxhall Viva
Cars: Vehicle Removal Unit: Vauxhall
Cars: Veteran & Vintage: Various (+2 oversize)
Cars: Veteran & Vintage: Race at Crystal Palace
Cars: Veteran Car Run: London to Brighton (+6 oversize)
Cars: Veteran & Vintage: Vauxhall Prince Henry
Cars: Veteran & Vintage: Vintage Commercial Vehicles
Cars: Veteran & Vintage: Vintage Sports Car Club: Race at Silverstone (all oversize)
Cars: Volkswagen: Various
Cars: Volkswagen Beetle
Cars: Volkswagen Golf
Cars: Volkswagen Jetta
Cars: Volkswagen Motor Caravan
Cars: Volkswagen Passat
Cars: Volvo
Cars: Wolseley
Cars: Car Washing
Cars: Windscreens
Cars: Wooden
Cars: Yugo
Cemeteries: Highgate (1) (+3 oversize)
Cemeteries: Highgate (2)
Cemeteries: Various (+4 oversize)
Cemeteries: Bladon
Cemeteries: Brompton (+3 oversize)
Cemeteries: Jewish
Cemeteries: Milltown
Cemeteries: Nunhead
Cemeteries: St. Mary The Virgin, Salisbury
Cemeteries: Quaker, Barking
Charcoal Burners
Charities: Various
Charities: Anoean Project
Charities: Band Aid Trust: Crop Spraying Plane (all oversize)
Charities: Children: Banardos
Charities: Book Aid: Books to Russia
Charities: Cambodia Appeal
Charities: Cancer Care: Marie Curie
Charities: Cancer Research Fun Run (+1 oversize)
Charities: Canterbury Tales Pilgrims
Charities: Cartoon Aid
Charities: Children's Party
Charities: Save The Children
Charities: Christian Aid
Charities: Comic Relief (all oversize)
Charities: Ethiopia Appeal
Charities: Foresters Against Child Abuse
Charities: The Great Banquet
Charities: Help The Aged
Charities: Hungry For Change (all oversize)
Charities: KIND: Kids In Need & Distress
Charities: National Trust: General Meeting: 1991
Charities: Oxfam: Various
Charities: Oxford Student Factory: Bungee Jumpers
Charities: St. Botolphs, Aldgate
Charities: Shop Aid, Covent Garden (+4 oversize)

Box 6
Charities: Spastic Society: Plastic Duck Race, Camden Lock, London
Charities: Sport Aid (+5 oversize)
Charities: SPUC: Society For The Protection of Unborn Children
Charities: Telethon: 1988 (all oversize)
Charities: Telethon: 1990
Charities: Tiddlywinking: Actionaid Week
Charities: Tommy: Tommy's Campaigning 5th Birthday (all oversize)
Charities: Variety Club of Great Britain: 1990
Charities: Walk For The World
Chess: Various
Chess: Foreign & Colonial: 67th Chess Congress, Hastings: 1991
Chess: The Fox Reformed Wine Bar
Chess: Hastings International Chess Congress
Chess: Hexagonal
Chess: Junior London Chess Championships
Chess: Lloyds Bank 15th Masters: Cumberland Hotel: 1991
Chess: Lloyds Bank Chess Championship: 1992
Chess: National Primary School Championships: Swinehead Primary School: 1991
Chess: Oxford Vs. Cambridge: 1991
Chess: Save The Children: Chess Challenge: 1995
Chess: Varsity Chess Match: RAC Club: 1993
Children: Child Support Act
Children: General (+4 oversize)
Children: Abandoned
Children: Child Abuse
Children: Child Abuse: Ratcliffe Rd. Children's Home
Children: Child Abuse: Cleveland (+4 oversize)
Children: Child Abuse: Orkney Isles
Children: Child Abuse: Satanic Rituals (Rochdale Council): Rochdale, Lancs
Children: Asian
Children: Babies: Various: 1
Children: Babies: Various: 2
Children: Babies: Unborn
Children: Beauty Contest: Miss Pears
Children: Bisto Kids
Children: Child Guidance Centre: White City
Children: Child Labour

Box 7
Children: Clubs: The Arches (+3 oversize)
Children: Clubs: One O'Clock Club
Children: Creche
Children: Crime
Children: "Crime Concern"
Children: Dancers: Various
Children: Deprived (all oversize)
Children: Dyslexic
Children: Driving School: Brands Hatch
Children: At Dulwich Art Gallery
Children: Early Learning Centre: Wood Green
Children: Environment
Children: Fair Play For Children Campaign
Children: Farm At Beaulieu
Children: Homes: Aycliffe: County Durham
Children: School Children: Sports And Games (+3 oversize)
Children: Homes: Bryn Estyn's children's Home, Wrexham
Children: Children's Homes: PIndown
Children: Children's Homes: Stockport
Children: Illegitimate
Children: Mother Fighting Court Order
Children: Nurseries
Children: Playing: Various
Children: Playing: Fun Factory Kids Club
Children: Playing: "Child's Play": Pineapple Studios
Children: Reading
Children: Runaways (all oversize)
Children: School Children: Various: 1 (+3 oversize)

Box 8
Children: School Children: Various: 2 (+1 oversize)
Children: School Children With Behavioural Problems
Children: Disabled School Children
Children: School Children: Foreign Students
Children: School Children: Mock Election: 1992
Children: School Children: Mock Trials Competition: 1994
Children:School Children: Mother's Group (Moat House)
Children: School Children: Upper Sixth Pupils
Children: School Children: Special Needs Schools (+1 oversize)
Children: Scouts & Cubs
Children: Queens Scouts Awards
Children: Skiing
Children: Soviet Children Visiting Britain: 1990
Children: Soviet: Chernobyl: Hospital Treatment in Britain
Children: Street Reach Project
Children: Swimming
Children: Tamil
Children: Theatrical
Children: Siamese Twins
Children: Vietnamese (in Britain)
Children: West Indian
Children: Young Driver of The Year
Chimney Sweeps

Box 9
Cinemas: Various
Cinema: Audiences
Cinema: Observer Film Exhibition: Stars of The British Screen
Cinema: "The Rocky Horror Show"
Cinema: Russian Film Makers in London
Cinema: Studios (+3 oversize)
Circus: Various (+2 oversize)
Circus: Archaos: Chainsaw Circus From France
Circus: Burlesque
Circus: Circus School
Circus: Circus Senso
Circus: Moscow State Circus
Circus: Roberts Brothers
Circus: Schools: Cardiff, Wales (all oversize)
Civil Defence: Various**
Civil Defence: Early Warning System: Blubberhouse Nr. Leeds (all oversize)
Civil Defence: Early Warning System: Oakhanger, nr. Borden Camp (all oversize)
Civil Defence: World War 2 Bunkers Used For Storage: Clapham High Street
Civil Defence: Sirens
Civil Servants (+3 oversize)
Clubs: Various
Clubs: City Golf Club
Clubs: Crockfords: Curzon Street
Clubs: Jazz: Blue Note (all oversize)
Clubs: Barbican: Plymouth
Clubs: "Beluga": Hampstead, London
Clubs: Bouncers
Clubs: Can't Club
Clubs: Cavern Club, Liverpool
Clubs: Chelsea Art Club

Box 10
Clubs: Gentlemans: Various
Clubs: One Tree Island (all oversize)
Clubs: Ritz Ballroom
Clubs: Night Clubs: Various
Clubs: Night Clubs: Russian Night in Knightsbridge (all oversize)
Clubs: Working Men's Club
Coastal Erosion (+8 oversize)
Coffins (+7 oversize)
Coal: Miners: Galas
Common Market: Various
Common Market: Ministers Meeting: June 1977
Common Market: Conference: 1979
Common Market: Conference: 1982
Common Market: EEC Conference: 1992: Edinburgh
Commuters: General
Competitions: Birdman: Eastbourne
Competitions: Bread For Life: 1993
Competitions: Bread For Life: 1994
Competitions: Bread For Life: 1996
Competitions: Brylcreem Boy
Competitions: Chaplin Competition: 1993
Competitions: Conversationalist of The Year: 1988 (all oversize)
Competitions: Debating Competition: 1990
Competitions: 1st World Memory Championships: 1991
Competitions: Miss Asia at The Trade Culture Fair: 1988
Competitions: National Cocktail Competition: Savoy Hotel
Competitions: National Mock Trials: Southwark Crown Court
Competitions: Sega
Competitions: Smile For Safety Week: 1990
Competitions: Write A Novel In One Day (all oversize)
Compeitions: Young Musician Of The Year: 1989

Box 11
Computers: General
Computers: CD-Rom
Computers: Drawing Room
Computers: IBM
Computers: Laptops: Palmtop
Computers: Tempest Surveillance: Proof Portable Computer
Computers: 3-D
Computers: Computer Virus
Computers: Windows 95
Conferences: Abortions: 1966
Conferences: Advertising Conf. Brighton 1963
Conferences: American Lawyers
Conferences: London: Anti-Apartheid: 1982
Conferences: ANC Conference: Hammersmith Town Hall
Conferences: Anti-Racist Alliance: Conway Hall: 1993
Conferences: Black People in Britain: 1975
Conferences: Bosnia Conference At The London School Of Economics: 1993
Conferences: British Association For The Advancement Of Science: 1984
Conferences: Charter: 1980
Conferences: Commonwealth: 1964
Conferences: Commonwealth: 1986
Conferences: 41st Congress Of Communist Party In Britain
Conferences: Conservative: Up To 1969
Conferences: Conservative: 1970 - 79
Conferences: Conservative: 1982
Conferences: Conservative: 1984
Conferences: Conservative: 1989: 1
Conferences: Conservative: 1989: 2
Conferences: Conservative: 1990
Conferences: Conservative: 1992
Conferences: Conservative: 1993
Conferences: Conservative: 1994
Conferences: Conservative: 1995 (+5 oversize)
Conferences: Conservative: 1996
Conferences: Conservative Students: 1991
Conferences: Conservative Women: 1980
Conferences: Women's Conservative: 1993
Conferences: Young Conservatives

Box 12
Conferences: 7 Nation Summit: 1977
Conferences: Economic: Western Economic Summit: Versailles (all oversize)
Conferences: Economic: London Summit: 1984
Conferences: Environment Conference: What On Earth Is To Be Done: 1991
Conferences: European Management Symposium at Davos
Conferences: Euro Conference
Conferences: "Funding For Muslim Schools"
Conferences: G7 Summit: 1991
Conferences: Global Deception: International Conference: Wembley Centre: 1993
Conferences: Green Party: 1988
Conferences: Green Party: 1989
Conferences: Green Party: Wolverhampton: 1990
Conferences: Green Party: Wolverhampton: 1991
Conferences: Headmistresses: Various
Conferences: International PEN Conference: Kings College, Cambridge
Conferences: Islamic Affairs Press Conference
Conferences: Labour: Up To 1979
Conferences: Labour: 1980 - 84
Conferences: Labour: 1989
Conferences: Labour: Black Section: 1989
Conferences: Labour: 1991
Conferences: Labour: 1992
Conferences: Labour: 1993
Conferences: Labour: 1994 (all oversize)
Conferences: Labour: 1995 (all oversize)
Conferences: Labour: Cardiff: 1994 (+1 oversize)
Conferences: Liberal Democrats: 1960 - 69
Conferences: Liberals: 1970 - 79
Conferences: Liberals: 1980
Conferences: Liberals: 1991
Conferences: Liberals: 1992
Conferences: Liberals: 1993
Conferences: Freedom & Responsibility in The Media: 1972
Conferences: Militant Labour: 1993
Conferences: Monday Club: Various
Conferences: Movement For The Ordination of Women
Conferences: N.C.P.T.A
Conferences: NUS
Conferences: NUT: 1993
Conferences: For Parents
Conferences: Philosophy Conference
Conferences: SDP: 1982 (+1 oversize)
Conferences: SDP: 1984
Conferences: SDP: 1985 - 86
Conferences: SDP: 1988
Conferences: Stonehenge: Free Festival
Conferences: TUC: 1960 - 69
Conferences: TUC: 1970 - 79
Conferences: TUC: 1980 - 1990 (+3 oversize)
Conferences: International UFO Conference: 1993
Conferences: UK & USSR: 1961
Conferences: UN Conference On The Pollution Of The Environment: Stockholm

Box 13
Conferences: Vice Chancellors: Cambridge
Conferences: Women's Rights: 1974
Conferences: Women's Rights Against Tory Attacks
Conferences: Zimbabwe/Rhodesia: 1979
Conservation: Biggin Hill: Save The British Countryside (+4 oversize)
Conservation: Bottles & Bottlebanks
Conservation: Brampton Wood, Huntingdon
Conservation: Carmel Woods
Conservation: Camley St Nature Park
Conservation: Canford Heath
Conservation: Cartwheel Walk To Set Up Ecology Community Village (all oversize)
Conservation: Coldingham Sands: Eyemouth: Rampant Marram Grass
Conservation: Crusader Knights: Footpath
Conservation: Deardle Dor Steps: Re-Building (all oversize)
Conservation: Dew Ponds: Truleigh Hill, Shoreham
Conservation: Geese On Islay
Conservation: Gloucester Meadow
Conservation: Green Belt
Conservation: Greenfield Wood, Chilterns
Conservation: Heathrow Airport (all oversize)
Conservation: Hedge Laying
Conservation: Holcombe Moor
Conservation: Inver Bay Nr. Tain, Scotland
Conservation: Ivy Farm: Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire
Conservation: Maryport Harbour, Cumbria
Conservation: Mud Springs: Wooton Bassett
Conservation: Northcrops Village: Cromer, Norfolk
Conservation: Oak Trees
Conservation: Threatened Woodland: Oxleas Wood
Conservation: Rambler's Association
Conservation: Sandwich Bay Nature Reserve (all oversize)
Conservation: Settrington Village: Nr. Malton, North Yorkshire
Conservation: Sherwood Pond, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Conservation: Spring Common, Huntingdon
Conservation: Stapleford Forest
Conservation: Destruction Of Woodland at Gt. Palmstead Farm, Nr. Canterbury (all oversize)
Conservation: Wimpole Hall (all oversize)
Conservation: Land Reclamation Schemes
Contests: The Conversationalist Competition: 1989
Conventions: Archers Convention: Pebble Mill: 1992
Cosmetics: Cosmetic Treatment (all oversize)
Cosmetics: Skin Care For Men: Aramis
Countries: Afghanistan: Civil War (+4 oversize)
Countries: Afghanistan: War: Pics by Arthur Kent
Countries: Afghanistan: War
Countries: Afghanistan (War In Afghanistan) (+4 oversize)
Countries: Afghanistan: Russian Prisoners Of War
Countries: Afghanistan: Tony McGrath Pics: 1980
Countries: West Africa: Drought: David Newell-Smith Pics

Box 14
Countries: Albania: Richard Mildenhall Pics: 1991
Countries: Albania: Richard Mildenhall Pics: 1991: 2
Countires: Albania: Albanian Salutes
Countries: Albania: Gavin Smith Pics: 1993
Countries: Albania: David Stewart-Smith: 1991
Countries: Albania: Shkodra
Countries: Albania: Women
Countries: Algeria: Algiers
Countries: Algeria: Coup d'Etat: Protests: June 1965
Countries: Algeria: War Of Independence: Phillip Jones-Griffiths
Countries: Algeria: War Of Independence
Countries: Angola
Countries: Angola: War Of Independence: Gavin Young Pics: 1
Countries: Angola: War Of Independence: Gavin Young Pics: 2
Countries: Angola: Keith Bernstein
Countries: Anguilla: Neil Libbert: 1979
Countries: Anguilla: British Occupation: 1969
Countries: Antarctica
Countries: Argentina: Various
Countries: Asia
Countries: Australia: Melbourne (all oversize)
Countries: Australia: New South Wales (all oversize)
Countries: Australia: South Australia: Adelaide
Countries: Australia (Sydney)
Countries: Australia: Fires
Countries: Australia: Holidays: Beach Scenes
Countries: Australia: Political
Countries: Australia: Aborigines
Countries: Austria: Salzburg
Countries: Austria: Vienna
Countries: Austria: Romanian Refugees
Countries: Bahamas (1)
Countries: Bahamas (2)
Countries: Bangladesh (1)
Countries: Bangladesh: Roger Hutchings Pics (all oversize)
Countries: Bangladesh: Harriet Logan Pics
Countries: Bangladesh: Children
Countries: Bangladesh: Cyclone Disaster: John Reardon Pics: 1991
Countries: Bangladesh: Floods: John Reardon Pics

Box 15
Countries: Bangladesh: War Of Independence: Tony McGrath Pics: 1971
Countries: Barbados
Countries: Belarus: "Choiniki"
Countries: Belgium: Various
Countries: Belgium: Antwerp
Countries: Belgium: Bruges
Countries: Belgium: Brussels
Countries: Belgium: Brussels: Children
Countries: Belgium: Brussels: Common Market Building
Countries: Belgium: Armed Forces
Countries: Belgium: Waterloo Battlefield: Sue Adler Pics
Countries: Belgium: WW1 Battlefields (all oversize)
Countries: Belize: Army
Countries: Brazil (Rio De Janeiro)
Countries: Brazil (Political) (+1 oversize)
Countries: Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan)
Countries: Burma
Countries: Cambodia
Countries: Canada (Political [Acts Of Parliament])
Countries: Channel Islands (Jersey [Foot And Mouth Outbreak])
Countries: Channel Islands (Sark)
Countries: China (Ian Orr, Szeto Wah, Vietnamese Refugees) (Pictures By Bill Robinson)
Countries: China (Pictures By Adrian Bradshaw)
Countries: China (Pictures By Jane Bown) (all oversize)
Countries: China (Pictures By Nobby Clark)
Countries: China (Pictures By Tony McGrath) (+2 oversize)
Countries: China (Pictures By Bill Robinson)
Countries: China (Hong Kong)
Countries: China (Hong Kong) (Pictures By Sue Adler) (1) (all oversize)
Countries: China (Hong Kong) (Pictures By Sue Adler) (2) (all oversize)
Countries: China (Children) (Pictures By Jane Bown) (+3 oversize)
Countries: China (Hong Kong [Vietnamese Refugees, Illegal Immigrants, Prospective Immigrants]) (Pictures By Sue Adler) (+4 oversize)
Countries: China (Hong Kong) (Pictures By Andy Hall)
Countries: China (Hong Kong) (Pictures By Tony McGrath)
Countries: China (Hong Kong) (Pictures By Nobby Clark) (+4 oversize)
Countries: China (Hong Kong [Finance])
Countries: China (Shanghai)
Countries: China (Children)
Countries: China (Education)
Countries: China (Finance)
Countries: Cuba
Countries: Cuba (Pictures By Paul O'Driscoll)
Countries: Cuba (Health [AIDS Victims])
Countries: Cyprus (Views)
Countries: Cyprus (UN Troops In Buffer Zone, Central Nicosia, 1991) (Pictures By Dod Miller)
Countries: Cyprus (Desecrated Graves) (Pictures By Roger Hutchings) (all oversize)

Box 16
Countries: Cyprus (War Of Independence)
Countries: Cyprus (1964) (Pictures By Don McCullin)
Countries: Cyprus (Turkish Invasion, 1974) (Pictures By Tony McGrath)
Countries: Czechoslovakia (Pictures By David Newell Smith)
Countries: Czechoslovakia (Pollution And Wasteland) (Pictures By Roger Hutchings)
Countries: Czechoslovakia
Countries: Czechoslovakia (Pictures By Roger Hutchings) (+1 oversize)
Countries: Czechoslovakia (Agriculture)
Countries: Czechoslovakia (Politics (Funeral Of Jan Palach)
Countries: Czech Republic (Prague)
Countries: Ecuador (Earthquake) (all oversize)
Countries: Ecuador (Pictures By Ian Bradshaw) (all oversize)
Countries: Ecuador (Pictures By John Wildgoose)
Countries: Egypt (Pictures By Judah Passow)
Countries: Egypt (Cairo) (all oversize)
Countries: Egypt (Demonstrations)
Countries: Egypt (Funerals [President Nasser])
Countries: Egypt: Political: Suez Crisis
Countries: Egypt (Women)
Countries: Eire (+16 oversize)
Countries: Eire (Aran Island, Inishmore) (Pictures By David Mansell)
Countries: Eire (County Clare, Cliffs Of Moher)
Countries: Eire (County Clare [Spar Wells]) (Pictures By John Wildgoose)
Countries: Eire (County Cork) (all oversize)
Countries: Eire (Dingle Peninsula) (all oversize)
Countries: Eire (County Donegal)
Countries: Eire (County Donegal [Glenveagh])

Box 17
Countries: Eire (Dublin) (+1 oversize)
Countries: Eire (County Dublin)
Countries: Eire (Protestant Churches) (Pictures By Sue Adler)
Countries: Eire (County Galway) (Pictures By Richard Mildenhall) (+2 oversize)
Countries: Eire (County Kerry) (all oversize)
Countries: Eire (County Tipperary)
Countries: Eire (County Tipperary [Ballyporeen])
Countries: Eire (County Wicklow)
Countries: Eire (Wexford)
Countries: Eire (Armed Forces)
Countries: Eire (Demonstrations And Riots, 1986) (Peter Robinson Trial, Dundalk)
Countries: Eire (Education [Garbally College, County Galway])
Countries: Eire (Immigration [Cuban])
Countries: Eire (Industry)
Countries: Eire (Industry [Peat])
Countries: Eire (Inishbofin) (all oversize)
Countries: Eire (Orange Lodge March, Tullyallan)
Countries: Eire (Religion [Catholicism]) (+11 oversize)
Countries: Eire (Strikes)
Countries: El Salvador
Countries: El Salvador (Pictures By Paul O'Driscoll)
Countries: El Salvador (Pictures By Colin Smith)
Countries: El Salvador: Children: Baby Trade
Countries: England (Views [General]) (+45 oversize)
Countries: England :Alton (+1 oversize)
Countries: England: Avon (+4 oversize)
Countries: England :Bath (+4 oversize)

Box 18
Countries: England: Bristol
Countries: England: Bristol: Knowle West (Christopher Jones)
Countries: England: Bristol: St Pauls District
Countries: England: Weston Super Mare (+15 oversize)
Countries: England: Bedfordshire: Luton
Countries: England: Bedfordshire: Woburn Abbey
Countries: England: Chester's Threatened Green Belt (D Mansell)
Countries: England :Berkshire: Windsor
Countries: England: Wokingham Town Hall
Countries: England: Berkshire: Uffington House
Countries: England: Berkshire
Countries: England: Berkshire: Slough
Countries: England: Berkshire: Reading: Foxley Wood
Countries: England: Berkshire: Reading: Conservation At Work
Countries: England: Berkshire: Reading (+1 oversize)
Countries: England: Berkshire: Newbury Town Hall
Countries: England: Berkshire: Greenham Common
Countries: Berkshire: Farringdon
Countries: Berkshire: Dorney
Countries: Berkshire: Bright Walton
Countries Berkshire: Brackell Town Centre
Countries: Bracknell: Bracknell (By Richard Mildenhall)
Countries: Berkshire: Aldermaston: Atomic Weapons Resealed Establishment
Countries: Berkshire Aldermaston
Countries: England: Buckinghamshire (+4 oversize)
Countries: England: Milton Keynes (+11 oversize)
Countries: England: Cambridgeshire (+3 oversize)
Countries: England: Cambridgeshire (Andy Hall)
Countries: England: Cambridge
Countries: England: Cheshire (+2 oversize)
Countries: England: Cheshire: Threatened Green Belt
Countries: England:Cheshire : Chester
Countries: England: Cornwall (all oversize)
Countries: England: Cornwall : Charlestown (By J.Wildgoose)
Countries: England: Cornwall: Photos (By Richard Mildenhall) (all oversize)
Countries: England: Cornwall : Falmouth (all oversize)
Countries: England: Cornwall : Looe: Trenant Wood
Countries: England: Cornwall: Lands End (all oversize)
Countries: England: Cumbria: Barrow-In-Furness
Countries: England: Cornwall (+1 oversize)
Countries: England: Cornwall: Tin Mining Heritage: The Mineral Tramways Project Appeal (David Mansell)
Countries: England: Cornwall: Tintagel
Countries: England: Cornwall : Hot Rocks Projects

Box 19
Countries: England: Cornwall: Port Quin: Dartmoor Ponies Graze A North Corwall Clifftop
Countries: England: Cornwall: Penwithick (+2 oversize)
Countries: England: Cornwall: Porthleven
Countries: England: County Durham (+9 oversize)
Countries: England: Padstow
Countries: England: Newquay
Countries:England: Cleator Moor: Cumbria
Countries:England: Cumbria: Lake Distrrict (+8 oversize)
Countries:England: Cumbria : Penryth ( By J.Wildgoose & Richard Smith)
Countries:England: Cumbria : Workington
Countries:England: Derbyshire Views
Countries:England: Derbyshire
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Birchover (all oversize)
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Bolsover
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Buxton
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Calke Abbey
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Chesterfield
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Derwent Dams
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Eyam
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Hathersage
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Peak District National Park
Countries:England: Derbyshire: Tideswell
Countries:England: Devon: Views
Countries:England: Devon: Bideford Pannier Market ( J.Wildgoose) (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: Devon: Exmoor (+4 oversize)
Countries:England: Devon: Exmouth Docks
Countries:England: Devon: South Molton : Exmoor Racing Circuit Battle
Countries:England: Devon : Harberton Ford
Countries:England: Highcross House (all oversize)
Countries:England: Devon: Ilfra Combe
Countries:England: Devon: Plymouth
Countries:England: Devon: Powderham: Yerbeaa Cottage
Countries:England: Devon: Rackenford Moor
Countries:England: Devon: Thurleston North
Countries:England: Devon: Torquay (+2 oversize)
Countries:England: Devon: Winsford (all oversize)
Countries:England: Dorchester: Poundbury (all oversize)
Countries:England: Dorset
Countries:England: Dorset: Bournemouth (+6 oversize)
Countries:England: Dorset: Hardy Country (D Mansell)
Countries:England: Dorset: Bridport: High St Shops Closing Down (Andy Hall) (all oversize)
Countries:England: Dorset: Burton Bradstock
Countries:England: Dorset: Christchurch (R. Bamber)
Countries:England: Dorset: Cerne Giant (all oversize)
Countries:England: Dorset: Corfe Castle (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: Dorset: Dorchester: Poundbury
Countries:England: Dorset: Portland Bill
Countries:England: Dorset: Shaftesbury

Box 20
Countries:England: Dorset: Sherbourne
Countries:England: Dorset: Tyneham Village
Countries:England: Dorset: Views: Various (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: Dorset: Weymouth (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: Durham: New Herrington (+2 oversize)
Countries:England: Essex: Canvey Island
Countries:England: Essex: Clacton (all oversize)
Countries:England: Essex: Colchester
Countries:England: Essex: Epping Forest
Countries:England: Essex: Epping Town Hall
Countries:England: Essex: Finchley Field
Countries:England: Essex: Foulness
Countries:England: Essex: Frinton-On-Sea
Countries:England: Essex: Great Dunmow
Countries:England: Essex: Oser Island (all oversize)
Countries:England: Essex: Rainham Marshland
Countries:England: Essex: Southend
Countries:England: Essex: Stansted
Countries:England: Essex: Walton On Naze
Countries:England: Essex: Willingale Village
Countries:England: Essex: Wivenhue (all oversize)
Countries:England: Essex: Various
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Abby Mill: Tewkesbury
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Cheltenham: G.C.H.Q
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Chipping Norton (all oversize)
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Cotswolds (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Dick Wittington's Old House
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Gloucester
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Forest Of Dean
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Steeple Aston (J. Reardon) (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Stroud: The Stroud Pound
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Woodchester
Countries:England:Hampshire: Alresford
Countries:England:Hampshire: Andover (Andover Village)
Countries:England:Hampshire: Alton
Countries:England:Hampshire: Basing House
Countries:England:Hampshire: Beaulieu: Keeping Marsh
Countries:England:Hampshire: Gosport
Countries:England:Hampshire: Hook
Countries:England:Hampshire: Langstone
Countries:England:Hampshire: New Forest
Countries:England:Hampshire: Peterfield Area
Countries:England Hampshire: Portsmouth
Countries:England:Hampshire: Selbourne (Jane Bown) (+4 oversize)
Countries:England:Hampshire Southampton (all oversize)
Countries:England:Hampshire:Steventon (all oversize)
Countries:England:Hampshire:Twyford Down (J.Wildgoose)
Countries:England:Hampshire: Watership Down (all oversize)
Countries:England:Hampshire: Winchester: Crop Circles (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:Hampshire: Northhanger Farm
Countries:England:Hampshire:Winchester: GDN File Also Inside
Countries:England:Hampshire Southampton
Countries:England:Hampshire:Southampton (J.Wildgoose)
Countries:England:Hampshire: Andover: Amport Village
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Bredon Hill
Countries:England:Gloucestershire: Dick Wittington's Old House
Countries:England:Hereford: Droitwich

Box 21
Countries:England Hereford: Hambury
Countries:England:Hereford: Hemel Hampstead: Little Missendon
Countries:England:Hereford: Great Malvern
Countries:England:Hereford: Leominster
Countries:England:Hereford: Letchworth
Countries:England:Hereford: Penshanger Estate
Countries:England:Hereford: Shobdon Arches Near Leominster
Countries:England:Hereford: Welwyn Garden City
Countries:England: Hereford: Witley Court
Countries:England: Hereford: Worcester
Countries:England: Humberside:Adlingfleet
Countries:England: Humberside:Beverley
Countries:England: Humberside: Hornsea Mere (all oversize)
Countries:England: Humberside: Hull: Playing Fields
Countries:England: Humberside: New Boundary Changes (D Miller)
Countries:England: Isle Of Man: Fires: Summerland
Countries:England: Scilly Isles: St Martin's Fields
Countries:England: Isle Of White
Countries:England:Kent: Bishopsbourne
Countries:England:Kent: Various Views
Countries:England:Kent: Canterbury: River Stour
Countries:England:Kent: Chatham
Countries:England:Kent: Chesterfield Forest
Countries:England:Kent: Deal
Countries:England:Kent: Dean Valley (S. Adler)
Countries:England:Kent: Views: Dolphin Harbour
Countries:England:Kent: Dover
Countries:England:Kent: Dungeness
Countries:England:Kent: Lamberhurst
Countries:England:Kent: Margate
Countries:England:Kent: Sandwich
Countries:England:Kent: Sissinghurst Castle
Countries:England:Kent: Tankerton Spit: "The Street"
Countries:England:Kent: Toys Hill
Countries:England:Kent: Tunbridge Wells
Countries:England:Kent: Well Hill
Countries:England:Kent: Westerham
Countries:England:Lancashire: Various
Countries:England:Lancashire: Blackburn: Environmental Project
Countries:England:Lancashire: Blackpool
Countries:England:Lancashire: Skelmersdale: Trancscendental Meditation Dome
Countries:England:Leicestershire: Leicester
Countries:England:Lincolnshire: Various
Countries:England:Lincolnshire: Belton Hall
Countries:England:Lincolnshire: Louth
Countries:England:Lincolnshire: Market Deeping
Countries:England:Lincolnshire: Skegness:Jolly Fisherman
Countries:England:Lincolnshire: Stamford
Countries:England:London: Living In London In The Ninties
Countries:England:London: Albert Gate
Countries:England:London: Aldwych
Countries:England:London: Aerial Views

Box 22
Countries:England:London: Alexandra Palace
Countries:England:London: Arabs In London
Countries:England:London: Avery Views
Countries:England:London: Baker Street
Countries:England:London: Barbican Centre
Countries:England:London: Barbican: Construction Of.
Countries:England:London: Barnes
Countries:England:London: Bathurst Mews
Countries:England:London: Battersea (+6 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Battersea Park (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Belgravia
Countries:England:London: Benthwick Street
Countries:England:London: Berwick Street Market
Countries:England:London: Bethnal Green
Countries:England:London: Billingsgate
Countries:England:London: Blackwell Tunnel
Countries:England:London: Bloomsbury
Countries:England:London: Bond Street: Old & New
Countries:England:London: British Academy (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Broadgate (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Butlers Wharf:Tower Bridge
Countries:England:London: Buckingham Palace (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Buckingham Palace: Arts & Treasuries
Countries:England:London: Cable Street
Countries:England:London: Camberwell
Countries:England:London: Camberwell (East Street Market)
Countries:England:London: Camden (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Carey Street
Countries:England:London: Carlton Mews
Countries:England:London: Caxton Hall
Countries:England:London: Charterhouse Square
Countries:England:London: Chelsea: Kings Road (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: The City (+3 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Clapham
Countries:England:London: Clapham:53 Cavendish Road
Countries:England:London: Commonwealth Institute (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Conway Hall
Countries:England:London: County Hall
Countries:England:London: Covent Garden
Countries:England:London: Covent Garden: Old Fruit Market
Countries:England:London: Covent Garden: Old Market (Tony McGrath) (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Crown Reach (+3 oversize)

Box 23
Countries:England:London: Docklands (+6 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Dolphin Square
Countries:England:London: Drapers Gardens
Countries:England:London: Draycott Place
Countries:England:London: Dulwich
Countries:England:London: Ealing Studios
Countries:England:London: Eccleston Square
Countries:England:London: Eel Pie Island
Countries:England:London: Eltham
Countries:England:London: Embankment
Countries:England:London: Euston
Countries:England:London: Euston Square
Countries:England:London: Farringdon Road
Countries:England:London: Fleet Street
Countries:England:London: Fulham
Countries:England:London: Fulham Palace
Countries:England:London: Greenwich (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Hackney
Countries:England:London: Hackney: Victoria Park
Countries:England:London: Hampstead & Hampstead Heath (+5 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Hampstead Pond: Nude Swimming
Countries:England:London: Hampton Court
Countries:England:London: Henley-On-Thames
Countries:England:London: Hessel Street: Market
Countries:England:London: Highgate
Countries:England:London: Holland Park
Countries:England:London: Hoxton: Shepardess Walk
Countries:England:London: Hyde Park: Queen Elizabeth Gate
Countries:England:London: Hyde Park (1)
Countries:England:London: Hyde Park (2)
Countries:England:London: Hyde Park Speakers Corner (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Irish Embassy
Countries:England:London: Isle Of Dogs (+5 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Islington (+7 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Ismali centre (all oversize)

Box 24
Countries:England:London: Jockey Club: Portman Square
Countries:England:London: Kensal Green
Countries:England:London: Kensington
Countries:England:London: Kensington Embassies
Countries:England:London: Kew
Countries:England:London: Kew Gardens (+4 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Kew: New Victoria Gate
Countries:England:London: Lambeth
Countries:England:London: Lambeth Palace
Countries:England:London: Leicester Sq
Countries:England:London: Lewisham High Street: Burst Water Main (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Limehouse (Roy Square Development)
Countries:England:London: Lincoln Inn Fields (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Ludgate Hill (Bomb site)
Countries:England:London: Lybian People's Bureau
Countries:England:London: Maida Vale (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Mansion House
Countries:England:London: Mayfair (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Minster Court (Mincing Lane)
Countries:England:London: Moran House
Countries:England:London: Neasden
Countries:England:London: Newham
Countries:England:London: Nine Elms: New Covent Garden
Countries:England:London: Notting Hill
Countries:England:London: Oxford Street (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Peckham
Countries:England:London: Poland Street
Countries:England:London: Portobello Road (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Post Office Tower
Countries:England:London: Potters Bar
Countries:England:London: Petticoat Lane
Countries:England:London: Poultry
Countries:England:London: Putney
Countries:England:London: Queens Gate
Countries:England:London: Regents Park (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Regent Street
Countries:England:London: Richmond
Countries:England:London: Richmond Terrace
Countries:England:London: Royal Academy of Art
Countries:England:London: Royal Albert Hall (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Royal College Of Nursing
Countries:England:London: Royal Exchange
Countries:England:London: Saville Row
Countries:England:London: St James Park (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: St Pancras (+3 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Scratchwood Forest
Countries:England:London: Shepard Market
Countries:England:London: Silvertown
Countries:England:London: Sloane Square & Street
Countries:England:London: Smithfield Market (+8 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Soho (Guardian file also inside)
Countries:England:London: Park Lane
Countries:England:London: Piccadilly & Circus
Countries:England:London: Porchester Terrace

Box 25
Countries:England:London: Soho (Chinatown)
Countries:England:London: South Bank (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Southgate Masonic Centre
Countries:England:London: Southwark (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Spitalfields Market
Countries:England:London: Spitalfields (+7 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Statues (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Stoke Newington & Reservoir (+6 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Swiss Cottage (Includes Market)
Countries:England:London: Strand
Countries:England:London: Syrian Embassy
Countries:England:London: Taggs Island: River Thames
Countries:England:London: The Temple
Countries:England:London: River Thames
Countries:England:London: Thames Flood Barrier (+4 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Throgmorton Street
Countries:England:London: Toilets
Countries:England:London: Tottenham Court Road
Countries:England:London: Tower Of London (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:London: Trafalgar House : CTU Abduction Agency
Countries:England:London: Trafalgar Square : South Africa House
Countries:England:London: Trinity Square
Countries:England:London: Victoria Street (all oversize)
Countries:England:London: Village London
Countries:England:London: Vine Street: Police Station
Countries:England:London: Waltham Forest
Countries:England:London: Wandsworth
Countries:England:London: Waterlow Park
Countries:England:London: Waterloo
Countries:England:London: Wennington Marches
Countries:England:London: West German Embassy
Countries:England:London: West Hampstead
Countries:England:London: Westminster: Houses of Parliament (+6 oversize)

Box 26
Countries:England:London: Westminster: House of Lords
Countries:England:London: Westminster: Houses of Parliament: Security
Countries:England:London: Whitehall & Cabinet Office
Countries:England:London: Woolwich Royal Academy
Countries:England:Lymington Yacht Marina
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: Manchester 1980- (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: Canal Street
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: Moss Side
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: Oldham
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: Salford
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: Tyledesley (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:Greater Manchester: City Centre Project Drop In Project (Ged Murray)
Countries:England:Merseyside: Birkenhead
Countries:England:Merseyside: Booke
Countries:England:Merseyside: Everton (Neil Libbert)
Countries:England:Merseyside: Kirkby
Countries:England:Great Manchester:Manchester 1979
Countries:England:Great Manchester: Wigan
Countries:England:Merseyside: Liverpool
Countries:England:Middlesborough: Seal Sands Teeside (all oversize)
Countries:England:Middlesex: Enfield
Countries:England:Middlesex: Hayes
Countries:England:Middlesex: Uxbridge (all oversize)
Countries:England:Monmouth: Wye Valley (all oversize)
Countries:England:Norfolk: Burnham Market (all oversize)
Countries:England:Norfolk: Cromer (D.Mansell)
Countries:England:Norfolk: Great Yarmouth (all oversize)
Countries:England:Northamptonshire:Canon Ashby House
Countries:England:Northamptonshire:Deene Park
Countries:England:Northumberland: Alnwick
Countries:England:Northumberland: Various: Views (all oversize)
Countries:England:Northumberland: Berwick Upon Tweed
Countries:England:Northumberland: Breamish Valley
Countries:England:Northumberland: Brinkburn Priory
Countries:England:Northumberland: Cambois
Countries:England:Northumberland: Castleside: Agricultural Dwelling: House That Mac Built
Countries:England:Northumberland: Cragside
Countries:England:Northumberland: Flodden Field
Countries:England:Northumberland: Kielder
Countries:England:Northumberland: Norfolk (D.Mansell)
Countries:England:Northumberland: Norwich: Cultural Feature (Andy Hall)
Countries:England:Northumberland: Pics By Frank Herrmann
Countries:England:Nottingshire: Mansfield
Countries:England:Nottinghamshire: Newark
Countries:England:Nottinghamshire: Nottingham
Countries:England:Nottinghamshire: Southwell Minsters
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Various (+1 oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Abingdon: Proposed Abingdon Reservoir

Box 27
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Blenheim Palace (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Oxford
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Chastleton Road
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Cottisford (all oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Dorchester (all oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Ewelme Village
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Great Haseley/Oxon (Sue Adler) (all oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Great Tew
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Kingwood Common
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: The Ridgeway (+2 oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Swalcliffe
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Ludlow (all oversize)
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Coalbrookedale Ironbridge
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Shropshire views: Bridgenorth
Countries:England:Oxfordshire: Church Shelton
Countries:England:People (Various)
Countries:England:Shropshire: Shrewsbury (J Wildgoose)
Countries:England:Somerset: Various (+13 oversize)
Countries:England:Somerset: Cheddar Gorge (D.Mansell) (all oversize)
Countries:England:Somerset: Chilcompton (Crime Wave)
Countries:England:Somerset: East Cokes (all oversize)
Countries:England:Somerset:Frome: Alumionim Bull (all oversize)
Countries:England:Somerset: Glastonbury
Countries:England:Somerset: Glastonbury: Peat Digging (J.Wildgoose)
Countries:England:Somerset: Transport Lorry (Norrow Fitzwarren)
Countries:England:Somerset: Minehead
Countries:England:Somerset: Nunny Castle
Countries:England:Somerset: Porlock Weir (+6 oversize)
Countries:England: Staffordshire: Uttoxeter (all oversize)
Countries:England: Staffordshire: Various
Countries:England: Staffordshire: Peat Bog
Countries:England: Suffolk: Stour Valley
Countries:England: Staffordshire:Winter Salt Mountain
Countries:England: Suffolk: Various
Countries:England: Suffolk: Thorpness (all oversize)
Countries:England: Surrey: Betchworth:
Countries:England: Surrey: Fetcham: Conservation Area:
Countries:England: Surrey: Sutton Place (all oversize)
Countries:England: Surrey: River Way
Countries:England: Surrey:Guildford
Countries:England: Surrey: Reigate
Countries:England: Surrey:Thorpe Park near Chetsey
Countries:England: Surrey:Wimbledon
Countries:England: Sussex: Amberely Brooks
Countries:England: Sussex:Various
Countries:England: Sussex: Ashdown Forest (all oversize)
Countries:England: Sussex: Brighton Pavilion (+4 oversize)
Countries:England: Sussex: Bexhill:De La Ware Paviliion
Countries:England: Sussex: Beachy Head (all oversize)
Countries:England: Sussex: Brighton (+6 oversize)

Box 28
Countries:England: Sussex: Camber Sands
Countries:England: Sussex: Hastings:
Countries:England: Sussex:Herstmonceaux
Countries:England: Sussex: Horsham
Countries:England: Sussex: Swan Shopping Centre (J.Wildgoose)
Countries:England: Sussex: Lewes:
Countries:England: Sussex: Midhurst East Sussex: The South Downs Site Of The Proposed Polo Arena
Countries:England: Sussex: Piddinghue
Countries:England: Sussex: Rye: Views (+4 oversize)
Countries:England: Sussex: Southerham Grey:Quarry, Lewes
Countries:England: Tyne&Wear: Newcastle: Various
Countries:England: Tyneside: Newcastle Quayside: Art Exhibition
Countries: England: Tyne & Wear: Newcastle: The Great North Divide (John Reardon)
Countries:England: Tyne& Wear: Site Of Proposed P.C.B Incinerator Plant At East Howdon
Countries:England: Tyne&Wear: South Shields: South Lighthouse Whitburn
Countries:England: Tyne& Wear: Sunderland (John Reardon)
Countries:England: Tyne& Wear: Wallsend
Countries:England: Tyne& Wear: Wallsend: Willington Quay: Hammerhead Crane
Countries:England: Tyne& Wear: Washington: Penshaw Monument
Countries:England: Tyne& Wear: Bidford On Avon
Countries: England: Views (General) (+7 oversize)
Countries:England: Warwickshire: Ilmington
Countries:England: Warwickshire: Stratford Upon Avon
Countries:England: Warwickshire: Warwick
Countries:England: Warwickshire: West Midlands: Birmingham up to 1979
Countries: England: Weather (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Birmingham
Countries:England: West Midlands: Crime street Watch: Benmore Estate (John Reardon)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Birmingham: Sandwell Attempts City Status
Countries:England: West Midlands: Bourneville Village (Bob Gannon)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Birmingham: Yardley (Joel Chant)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Birmingham (R. Hutchings)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Coventry

Box 29
Countries:England: West Midlands: Coventry: Ashby Canal
Countries:England: West Midlands: Coventry Crisis Intervention Team
Countries:England: West Midlands: Dudley
Countries:England: West Midlands: Dudley: Black Country Museum (Bob Gannon)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Walsal: General (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: West Midlands: Walton On Naze: Lifeboat Crew
Countries:England: West: Wiltshire (+2 oversize)
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Avebury (all oversize)
Countries:England: Wiltshire:Bradford Upon Avon
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Clarendon Court (all oversize)
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Laycock Abbey (all oversize)
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Malborough
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Salisbury& Salisbury Plain
Countries:England: Wiltshire:Warminster: Proposed Site Of Honda Car Park (Chris Jones)
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Stonehenge
Countries:England: Wiltshire: Upper Woodford
Countries:England: Upavon: The Beast Of Salisbury Plain
Countries:England: West Midlands: Wolverhampton
Countries:England: Wrexham: Hope
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Various (+4 oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Amcliffe
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Batley
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Pie&Pea Shop In Batley
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Bempton& Flamborough
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Bardford (+3 oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Bradford: Manningham Mill
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Bransdale Estate
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Cassington: Bleak House: Heathcliffe House
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Cortonwood Colliery
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Dewsbury
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Filey :Beach (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Grisedale
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Harrogate Royal Baths (D Mansell)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Haworth
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Helmsley
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Hickleton
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Hornsea
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Woolen Matting
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Ingleborough: Humphrey Bottom
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Leeds
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Leeds: Kirkstall Valley
Countries:England: Yorkshire: West Yorkshire Playhouse:Town Hall: City Art Gallery (all oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Newburgh Priory
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Penistone Market near Barnsley
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Preston Under Scan
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Ribblehead:Limestone Quarry
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Richmond
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Rosedale Abbey
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Rotherham (all oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Scarborough: Battle For Peasholm Fabric
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Barden Tower
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Scarborough (+8 oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Sheffield

Box 30
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Spen Rigg Near Astrigs (J. Wildgoose)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Swaledale
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Wakefield
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Weighton
Countries:England: Yorkshire:Wensleydale (+1 oversize)
Countries:England: Yorkshire: Whitby (+2 oversize)
Countries: Eritrea (General)
Countries: Eritrea: Ethiopian Prisoners
Countries: Eritrea: Photos By Dan Connell
Countries: Eritrea: Ethiopian Prisoners
Countries: Eritrea: Photos By Paul O'Driscoll (+2 oversize)
Countries: Eritrea: Ethiopian Prisoners Of War (Tom Lansner)
Countries: Eritrea: Photographs By Richard Trench Of Guerillas
Countries: Eritrea: Famine (+1 oversize)
Countries: Eritrea: Guerillas
Countries: Ethiopia: General
Countries: Ethiopia: 1980 (Tony Mcgrath) (+3 oversize)
Countries: Ethiopia: 1974 (Marilyn Kaplan)
Countries: Ethiopia: Ethiopia: Civil War
Countries: Ethiopia (Nick Worrall)
Countries: Ethiopia: C Watson
Countries: Ethiopia: John Reardon (+1 oversize)
Countries: Ethiopia: Famine 1983-1984
Countries: Ethiopia: Civil War (J.Reardon)
Countries: Ethiopia: Demos
Countries: Ethiopia: Drought
Countries: Ethiopia: Famine 1973 (David Mantin)
Countries: Ethiopia:Famine/Drought 1986
Countries: Ethiopia: Famine Refugees : Tigray 1980
Countries: Ethiopia: Famine&Refugees (Mike Wells)
Countries: Ethiopia: Refugees
Countries: Ethiopia:
Countries: Ethiopia: Revolution
Countries: Falkland: General

Box 31
Countries: Falkland: Airports: Mount Pleasant
Countries: Falkland: South Georgia
Countries: Falkland: War Britain Ships (+4 oversize)
Countries: Falkland: Aircraft& Helicopters
Countries: Falkland: Argentine Troops And Prisoners
Countries: Falkland: War (General) (+2 oversize)
Countries: Falkland: War Britain: Return To The UK
Countries: Falkland: War Britain: Victory Parade
Countries: Falkland: War Britain: Women Who Wait
Countries: Fiji: Political: Military Coup May 1987
Countries: Finland: Various (all oversize)
Countries: Finland: Armed Forces: Army
Countries: Finland: Crime: Robbery
Countries: Finland: Demonstrations
Countries: Finland: Demonstrations
Countries: Finland: Fires
Countries: Finland: People
Countries: Finland: Political Diplomatic Relations: Established Baltic States
Countries: Finland: Political: Fascists
Countries: Finland: Strike
Countries: France (General) (1980 - )
Countries: France: Various
Countries: France: Various (2) (all oversize)
Countries: France: Photos By Brian Harris (all oversize)
Countries: France: By R. Bamber
Countries: France: Rhone Valley (Sue Adler)
Countries: France: By (Desmond Balmer) (all oversize)
Countries: France: (Sue Adler)
Countries: France: Opera Comique: Cite De La Musique La Villette
Countries: France: Views: Basque Country
Countries: France: Photos By Robin Laurance (all oversize)
Countries: France: Brittany: Farming By Roger Hutchings
Countries: France: Views: Brittany: Mount St Michel (all oversize)
Countries: France: Camargue (all oversize)
Countries: France: Views: Cahors: Dordogne & Perigord
Countries: France: Colombey Les Deux Eglises
Countries: France: Corsica
Countries: France: Dordogne & Perigord (all oversize)
Countries: France: Deome
Countries: France: Burgundy
Countries: France: Languedoc-Rousillon
Countries: France: Marseille (Roger Hutchings)
Countries: France: Montreuil (S.Mildenhall): The Shakespeare Hotel Run By A Team Of British
Countries: France: Montreuil-Sur-Mer (all oversize)
Countries: France: Musee D'Orsay (all oversize)
Countries: France: Normandy: Mont St Michel (+9 oversize)
Countries: France: Normandy (all oversize)
Countries: France: Normandy: River Seine (B. Robinson)
Countries: France: Normandy: Abbey Of La Luciene (all oversize)
Countries: France: Normandy: Le Havre
Countries: France: Orly
Countries: France: Paris: General (1)
Countries: France: Paris: General (2) (+5 oversize)
Countries: France: Paris (Sue Adler)

Box 32
Countries: France: Paris (David Newell-Smith)
Countries: France: Paris: 2CV Rally (Lina Ahnoff)
Countries: France: Paris: World Cup France: Andrew Testa
Countries: France: Paris: La Cite Des Sciences Et De L'Industry
Countries: France: Paris: Place Dauphine
Countries: France: Paris: Eiffel Tower (+1 oversize)
Countries: France: Paris: Les Halles
Countries: France: Paris : Jacquemard Museum
Countries: France: Paris: Louvre Metro
Countries: France: Paris: Pompidou Centre
Countries: France: Paris: (R.Mildenhall)
Countries: France: Paris: Port Marly
Countries: France: Paris: Pau (J.Reardon)
Countries: France: Paris (Sorbonne)
Countries: France: Paris: Accidents:Train Crash: Paris
Countries: France: Paris: Accidents: General
Countries: France: Motoring
Countries: France: Val D'Isere
Countries: France: South France
Countries: France: Views: Riviera
Countries: France: Reims
Countries: France: Pyrenees
Countries: France: Provence
Countries: France: Perpignan (R.Hutchings)
Countries: France: Anniversaries: Bastille Day Parade
Countries: France: Dockers
Countries: France: Agriculture: Bibliotheque Nationale (R.Mildenhall)
Countries: France: Demo's: French Farmers
Countries: France: Demonstrations 1986: Protests Against Education Changes & Death Of Student
Countries: France: Crime Bombing 1986 (Roger Hutchings)
Countries: France: Chateau's
Countries: France: Cemeteries
Countries: France: Education: Work Exchange Program March 1992: Language Teaching
Countries: France: Holidays: Camping: Brittany
Countries: France: Housing: Slums In Nanterre

Box 33
Countries: France: Industry Wine
Countries: France: Museums
Countries: France: People: BC BG'S (all oversize)
Countries: France: People: Middle Classes In Paris (John Hodder)
Countries: France: Political: Algerian War Independance: Bombings Demo's etc
Countries: France: Political Elections Before 1986
Countries: France: Political: Students May 1968
Countries: France: Political Students: May 1968 (Bryn Campbell & David N.Smith)
Countries: France: Political Referendum May 1969
Countries: France:Prostitution (R.Hutchings)
Countries: France: Religion Carthusian Monastery At Grenoble
Countries: France: Shopping: Duty Free
Countries: France: Shops: Bastille Boutique: Paris
Countries: France: Strikes 1995 (+8 oversize)
Countries: East Germany (Roger Hutchings)
Countries: East Germany (B Robinson)
Countries: East Germany
Countries: East Germany: Border Guards: Romanian Immigrants (Richard Mildenhall)
Countries: East Germany: Views: East Berlin
Countries: East Germany: East Berlin (John Reardon) (all oversize)
Countries: East Germany: East & West Germans On Outings Across The Borders
Countries: East Germany: Erfurt (Geoff Dowen)
Countries: East Germany: Weimar
Countries: East Germany: Agriculture
Countries: East Germany: Armed Forces
Countries: East Germany: Photos By (Roger Hutchings) (all oversize)
Countries: East Germany: Political Fascists
Countries: West Germany:Various
Countries: West Germany: Berlin
Countries: West Germany: Bayreuth
Countries: West Germany: Views (David Newell Smith)
Countries: West Germany: Views
Countries: West Germany: West Berlin (Don McCullin)

Box 34
Countries: West Germany: West Berlin (Don McCullin)
Countries: West Germany: Hamburg (Sue Adler)
Countries: West Germany: Rhine (Sue Adler) (all oversize)
Countries: West Germany: West Berlin : Berlin Air Safety Centre (all oversize)
Countries: West Germany: Berlin West: Views (Don McCullin)
Countries: West Germany: Duisburg (Roger Hutchings)
Countries: West Germany: Engles Kurn Near Cologne (D.Miller)
Countries: West Germany: Frankfurt
Countries: West Germany: Osnabruck: Ethnic Germans Return To Germany
Countries: West Germany: US Armed Forces
Countries: West Germany: Bombing Of British Army At Dussesldorf
Countries: West Germany: Demonstrations & Protests (Bryn Campbell)
Countries: West Germany: Festivals: Munich Beer Festivals
Countries: West Germany: Industry Steel (+4 oversize)
Countries: West Germany: Refugees: East German Refugees
Countries: West Germany: Refugees: Romanian Gypsies
Countries: West Germany: Shops
Countries: West Germany: 1966 Political Coup
Countries: Ghana: Ghana (Colin Legum)
Countries: Gibraltar:Various
Countries: Gibraltar: Armed Forces: British Training
Countries: Gibraltar: Crime
Countries: Gibraltar: Political 1967 Referendum
Countries: Greece: Various (+2 oversize)
Countries: Greece: Alonnisus
Countries: Greece: Athens
Countries: Greece: Corfu-Island Views
Countries: Greece: Views: Kalymnos Island (all oversize)
Countries: Greece: Isle Of Kos (all oversize)
Countries: Greece: Leros: Mental Hospital
Countries: Greece: Views: Island Of Poros
Countries: Greece: Island Of Poros
Countries: Greece: Skopelos (all oversize)
Countries: Haiti: Port Au Prince (Roger Hutchings) (+23 oversize)
Countries: Haiti: Port Au Prince (Roger Hutchings) (all oversize)
Countries: Holland: Flooding (+4 oversize)
Countries: Holland: Gouda (+4 oversize)
Countries: Holland: People: Gypsies
Countries: Holland: Political Meeting: Wild Life Meeting: Amsterdam
Countries: Holland: Political: South Moluccan Crisis: Train Seige
Countries: Honduras
Countries: Hungary

Box 35
Countries: Hungary (Richard Baker)
Countries: Hungary: Budapest (David Mansell)
Countries: Hungary: Paks (N.Thorpe)
Countries: Iceland
Countries: India: Various
Countries: India:
Countries: India (Mike Holland)
Countries: India
Countries: India: Allahabad
Countries: India: West Beng
al: Calcutta
Countries: India: Delhi & New Delhi
Countries: India: Kashmir
Countries: India (New Delhi)
Countries: India:Political Elections 1991 (John Reardon)
Countries: India: Political: Nagaland Struggle For Independance (David Robinson) 1968
Countries: India: Political Independance Struggle (Gavin Young 1961
Countries: India: Political Elections 1989 (John Reardon)
Countries: India: Transport: Railways
Countries: India: Religion: General
Countries: India: Religion
Countries: India: Transport : Not Railways
Countries: India: War: China Border War
Countries: India: War: India-Pakistan Kashmir War 1965
Countries: India (War With Pakistan)
Countries: Indonesia: Various
Countries: Indonesia:Views: Bali
Countries: Indonesia: Earthquakes
Countries: Indonesia
Countries: Iran: Views: Tehran (David N Smith)
Countries: Iran: Armed Forces Weapons
Countries: Iran: War: POW In Iraq
Countries: Iran: Iraq: POW In Iraq
Countries: Iran (People)
Countries: Iran: Women
Countries: Iraq: Arms Exhibition: Baghdad International Exhibition For Military Production

Box 36
Countries: Iraq: Kurds: Iraq/Turkish Border July 1991
Countries: Iraq: Kurds: Peshmerga Guerrillas (all oversize)
Countries: Northern Ireland (Tony McGrath) (+4 oversize)
Countries: Northern Ireland (Antonio Olmos) (+8 oversize)
Countries: Ireland: Arklow: Soap Company
Countries: Iraq: Children & Babies In Hospital: Basra
Countries: Iraq: Marsh Arabs
Countries: Iraq: Refugees: Kurdish Refugees (Julie Flint)
Countries: Iraq (Iran-Iraq War)
Countries: Jordan (Civil War)
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