Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/1/F
TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter F
Extent11 boxes (8 standard, 3 oversize)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with F:

Box 1
Face Painting
Fairs (+2 oversize)
Fairs: Appleby Horse Fair (+3 oversize)
Fairs: Asian Fair, Bradford
Fairs: Battersea Funfair
Fairs: Blackheath Fair
Fairs: Craft Fairs (Cardiff [1994]) (all oversize)
Fairs: Exhibition At Whitechapel Gallery
Fairs: Gems And Minerals (Swiss Cottage)
Fairs: Glastonbury Fair
Fairs: Lilliput Lane Annual Collectors' Fair (1994)
Fairs: Margate Amusement Park (+3 oversize)
Fairs: Otmoor
Fairs: Roundabout (all oversize)
Fairs: Syon Park Craft Fair
Fairs: Toy Fairs
Fairs: Toys
Fairs: Toy Fairs (Olympia) (Pictures By Gary Calton)
Fairs: Victorian Fayre And Steam Rally (all oversize)
Fairs: Victorian Military Fair
Fairs: Wellington Country Fair
Fashion: Up To 1979
Fashion: 1980- (all oversize)
Fashion: 1989-
Fashion: 1993- (+1 oversize)
Fantasy: Treasure Trap Club (all oversize)
Fashion: Alternative Fashion Show
Fashion: Bangladeshi
Fashion: Bovver Boots Fashion Agency
Fashion: Bras And Underwear (+5 oversize)
Fashion: Bridal And Ball Gowns (London Fashion Week, 1990)
Fashion: British Designer Show (1990)
Fashion: British Fashion Week (1988)
Fashion: Children's Fashion
Fashion: Premier Children's Wear Fashion Exhibition (1992)
Fashion: Chloe
Fashion: Clothes (Anti-Radiation Slip)
Fashion: Counterfeit
Fashion: Fashion For Famine
Fashion: Fur And Fake Fur
Fashion: Hair (+4 oversize)
Fashion: Hats And Gloves
Fashion: ICA Cabaret (Street Fashion)
Fashion: Jackets (Leather Jackets)
Fashion: Jaeger

Box 2
Fashion: Jeans (+2 oversize)
Fashion: Leg Warmers
Fashion: Men's
Fashion: Models
Fashion: Nails
Fashion: St. Martin's School Of Art (all oversize)
Fashion: Shawls
Fashion: Shoes (Trainers) (+1 oversize)
Fashion: London Fashion Week (1988) (+2 oversize)
Fashion: London Fashion Week (1994-1995) (+4 oversize)
Fashion: London Fashion Week (1995-1996) (Pictures By John Reardon And Andy Hall) (+2 oversize)
Fashion: Tailors (+3 oversize)
Fashion: Thea Porter
Fashion: Tower Bridge Road (all oversize)
Fashion: London Fashion Week (1998) (Pictures By John Reardon And Gary Calton)
Fashion: Shows (Fashion For The Year 2000)
Fashion: Shows (RSPCA Fashion Show, Regent's College, London) (1992)
Fashion: T-Shirts
Fashion: Swimwear
Fashion: Trousers (Levi Dockers) (Pictures By John Reardon) (all oversize)
Festivals: African Village Festival (all oversize)
Festivals: Anglo-Latin American Festival, Battersea Park (1992)
Festivals: Armada Festival
Festivals: Arundel Festival (Natural Theatre Company)
Festivals: Asian Festivals (Mela, Bradford)
Festivals: Battle Of Trafalgar Re-Enactment, Portsmouth (Pictures By Andy Hall) (1996)
Festivals: Beer Festivals (Camra) (+5 oversize)
Festivals: Beer Festivals (Roundhouse)
Festivals: Billingham International Folklore Festival (1983)
Festivals: Brighton Festival
Festivals: Brighton Festival (Children's Parade, 1998) (all oversize)
Festivals: British Sausage Festival (1994)
Festivals: Camden Community Chinese Festival
Festivals: Camden Lock Easter Festival (1985)
Festivals: Covent Garden Festival (1995)
Festivals: Covent Garden Festival (Recycled Fashion Show, 1992) (Pictures By Dod Miller)
Festivals: Christmas Festival, London (Members Of 1st Foot Guards) (1988)
Festivals: Napoleonic Association (Day Of Living History, 1989)
Festivals: Commonwealth Arts Festival
Festivals: Country And Western Festival
Festivals: Covent Garden Festival
Festivals: Dickens Festival (+5 oversize)
Festivals: Dollhouse Festival
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1978) (1) (all oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1978) (2) (all oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1980) (all oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1981) (all oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1982) (all oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1985-1986) (+10 oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1987) (all oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1988) (+7 oversize)
Festivals: Edinburgh International Science Festival (Bubble Workshop At Glasgow Dome Of Discovery)
Festivals: Eisteddfod Festival, Wales
Festivals: Glasgow Garden Festival (1987) (all oversize)

Box 3
Festivals: Garden Festival, Stoke-On-Trent (1986)
Festivals: Film Festivals (Cannes) (+7 oversize)
Festivals: Festival Of Colours (Hindu Festival)
Festivals: Festival Of Britain (by Jane Bown)
Festivals: Glasgow Garden Festival (1988) (all oversize)
Festivals: Garden Festival, Gateshead
Festivals: Garden Festival (Liverpool)
Festivals: Garden Festival, Ebbw Vale (1992)
Festivals: Glyndebourne (1982) (all oversize)
Festivals: Hong Kong Festival
Festivals: 10th British Horn Festival, 1989 (Guildhall School Of Music And Drama)
Festivals: 14th British Horn Festival, 1993 (Guildhall School Of Music And Drama)
Festivals: Houseworks (Pictures By Neil Libbert) (1996)
Festivals: D. H. Lawrence
Festivals: Liverpool Garden Festival
Festivals: London Dollhouse Festival
Festivals: Festival Of London, Alexandra Palace (1988) (+2 oversize)
Festivals: Islington Festival (Natural Theatre Company) (1995)
Festivals: London Psychic Festival (Pictures By Dod Miller)
Festivals: Mayfest, Glasgow (1990)
Festivals: Mid-Wales Stampede (all oversize)
Festivals: Anglo-Japanese Festival (Kite Flying)
Festivals: Japanese Festival, Battersea Park (1988) (+4 oversize)
Festivals: Kurdistani New Year Festival (1993)
Festivals: Islington International Street Festival
Festivals: Edinburgh Festival (1994-1995) (+27 oversize)
Festivals: Mime Festival
Festivals: Festival For Mind And Body (1)
Festivals: Festival For Mind And Body (2)
Festivals: Mind, Body, Spirit Festival
Festivals: National Waterways Festival
Festivals: Predictions
Festivals: Psychics And Mystics Fayre
Festivals: Punch And Judy Festival, Covent Garden (1988)
Festivals: Puppets (Covent Garden)
Festivals: Science Festival, Edinburgh (1992)
Festivals: Sherlock Holmes Festival
Festivals: Straw Bear Pagan Festival, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (1991) (Pictures By Edward Sykes)
Festivals: Thamesday, 1983
Festivals: Thamesday, 1988
Festivals: Thamesmead Festival Of Human Power
Festivals: Theatre Festivals (Fringe, 1990) (Pictures By Murdo Macleod)
Festivals: Traditional Folklore, Barbican Centre (+1 oversize)
Festivals: Viking Festival, York
Fibre Optics
Finance: Banque Nationale De Paris
Finance: Bank Of America
Finance: Bank Of England
Finance: Banks (Barclays)
Finance: Banks (BCCI)
Finance: Banks (Chase Manhattan)
Finance: Banks (Child & Co.)
Finance: Banks (Citibank)
Finance: Banks (City Banks) (Pictures By Dod Miller)
Finance: Banks (Continental) (Pictures by Jane Bown)
Finance: Banks (Coutts)
Finance: Banks (European [City Of London HQ])

Box 4
Finance: Banks (First Direct) (all oversize)
Finance: Banks (Harrods Trust)
Finance: Banks (C. Hoare & Co.)
Finance: Banks (Hong Kong Bank Group)
Finance: Banks (Isle Of Man)
Finance: Banks (Johnson Matthey)
Finance: Banks (Lloyds)
Finance: Banks (Midland)
Finance: Banks (Morgan Grenfell)
Finance: Banks (Moscow Narodny)
Finance: Banks (National Westminster)
Finance: Banks (NatWest [Black Wednesday]) (1992)
Finance: Banks (NatWest World Money Centre)
Finance: Banks (Nomura International)
Finance: Banks (Royal Bank Of Scotland)
Finance: Banks (Standard Chartered)
Finance: Banks (TSB [Share Flotation])
Finance: Banks (Union Bank Of Switzerland)
Finance: Banks (United Mizrahi [Finsbury House])
Finance: Building Societies
Finance: Building Societies (Abbey National)
Finance: Building Societies (Guardian Building Society)
Finance: Building Societies (Halifax)
Finance: Building Societies (Nationwide Anglia)
Finance: Business Expansion Schemes
Finance: City (Businessmen) (+1 oversize)
Finance: CBI
Finance: Cash Point Machines (+1 oversize)
Finance: Children (Savings) (+1 oversize)
Finance: Companies (Alromaizan)
Finance: Companies (BP)
Finance: Companies (Britannia)
Finance: Companies (British Aerospace)
Finance: Companies (Britoil)
Finance: Companies (Brown Shipley)
Finance: Companies (Citicorp)
Finance: Companies (Exco)
Finance: Companies (Credit Lyonnais)
Finance: Companies (Equitable Unit Trust Managers)
Finance: Companies (Foreign And Colonial Investment Trust)
Finance: Companies (Foreign And Colonial Unit Trust)
Finance: Companies (Freshwater Group)
Finance: Companies (Gainsborough Holdings)
Finance: Companies (Global Treasury Services, Trading Floor)
Finance: Companies (Gulf Features Services)
Finance: Companies (Hill Samuel)
Finance: Companies (Hoare Govett)
Finance: Companies (International Trust Services)
Finance: Companies (Investors Discount Brokerage)
Finance: Companies (James Capel & Co.)
Finance: Companies (John Govett Investment Trust)
Finance: Companies (Kuwait Investment Office)
Finance: Companies (Lonrho AGM)

Box 5
Finance: Companies (Scottish And Newcastle)
Finance: Companies (Salomons)
Finance: Companies (Saatchi & Saatchi)
Finance: Companies (Prutec)
Finance: Companies (Prolific Investment)
Finance: Companies (Powergen)
Finance: Companies (Polly Peck)
Finance: Companies (Perpetual Fund Management)
Finance: Companies (Norton Solaria) (all oversize)
Finance: Currency (Pobjoy Mint)
Finance: Credit Cards (+1 oversize)
Finance: Companies (SITAC)
Finance: Companies (Shandwicks)
Finance: Companies (SGB Rejects Beazer)
Finance: Companies (Warburgs)
Finance: London Community Exchange
Finance: Futures And Options Exchange
Finance: Euro Tunnel
Finance: Companies (Distillers [Company House])
Finance: Devaluation (1967)
Finance: Insurance (Interest Rates)
Finance: Insurance (WPA)
Finance: Insurance (Sun Alliance)
Finance: Insurance (Prudential)
Finance: Insurance (NCM Credit Insurance Building)
Finance: Insurance (Friends Provident)
Finance: Hong Kong Business Delegation
Finance: London International Financial Futures (Market, Royal Exchange) (+3 oversize)
Finance: Company Reports
Finance: Companies (Woolworths)
Finance: Money (Gold)
Finance: Investments (South-By-Downs Investment Club)
Finance: Investments (Unit Trusts)
Finance: London Business School
Finance: Mag Investments
Finance: Money (+1 oversize)
Finance: Royal Exchange
Finance: Money (Couriers)
Finance: Personal Finance
Finance: Pensions (Maxwell Pensions Fund Meeting, Leeds Civic Hall) (1992)
Finance: Mortgages (Family Falling Behind With Payments)
Finance: Mortgages (Ecology Building Society)
Finance: Mortgages
Finance: Money (Mutilated Notes)
Finance: Money (Gold Bullion Divers)
Finance: Shares
Finance: Share Shop
Finance: Stock Broking (Smith Newcourt Dealing Rooms)
Finance: Stock Exchange (Big Bang)

Box 6
Finance: Venture Capital Report
Finance: Stockjobbers
Finance: Stock Exchange (London) (+1 oversize)
Finance: Stock Exchange (London [Topic Screen])
Finance: Stock Exchange (Glasgow)
Firearms: General
Firearms: Antique
Firearms: Protests And Demonstrations
Fires: Fire Bomb, East London (Pictures By Neil Libbert) (1992)
Fires: Fire At Chemical Warehouse (Pictures By Gary Calton) (1995)
First Aid
Fish: General
Fish: Carp
Fish: Cockles (+4 oversize)
Fish: Dogfish
Fish: Eels
Fish: Crayfish (+4 oversize)
Fish: Elephant Fish
Fish: Lobsters And Crabs (all oversize)
Fish: Mussels (all oversize)
Fish: Salmon
Fish: Shrimp (+2 oversize)
Fires: 1967 (Aircraft Carrier "Victorious")
Fires: 1967 (General)
Fires: Railway (King's Cross Underground [1987])
Fires: Godwin House, Oakley Square, Camden Town (1989)
Fires: New Forest (1989)
Fires: Totnes, Devon (Pictures By John Wildgoose) (1990)
Fires: Windsor Castle (1992)
Fires: British Rail Sorting Office And Goods Shed, Bishopsgate (1964)
Fires: Mount Conway (1980)
Fires: Nightclub, Charing Cross Road (1980) (+7 oversize)
Fires: 1980-1990 (General) (+1 oversize)
Fires: 1973 (Oil Refinery, Stanford-Le-Hope)
Fires: 1971 (Alexandra Palace)
Fire Services: Firemen And Equipment (+4 oversize)
Fire Services: Equipment (Extinguishers)
Fire Services: Montrose Offshore Fire Crew Training Centre
Fires: Bradford City Stadium (1985)
Fires: 1963

Box 7
Fishermen: Elver Fishermen (Pictures By David Mansell) (1996)
Fishing (+1 oversize)
Fish: Shows (Aquarium Shows)
Fish: Zanda
Fish: Trout
Fish: Trigger Fish
Fishing: Herring Fishing (+1 oversize)
Fishing Industry: Aberdeen
Fishing Industry: General
Fishing Industry: Clyde
Fishermen: Southwold Harbour
Fishing Industry: Fish Farms (Cod Breeding)
Fishing Industry: Bognor
Fishing Industry: Barra North Bay
Fishing Industry: Disputes (1993)
Fishing Industry: Filey, Yorkshire
Fishing Industry: Hull (all oversize)
Fishing Industry: Mussel Farming (+1 oversize)
Fishing Industry: Oyster Fishing (all oversize)
Fishing Industry: Peterhead
Fishing: Poaching (Weston-Super-Mare, Wessex Rivers Fisheries)
Fishing: River Thames (+2 oversize)
Fishing: Shrimp Fishing, Morecambe, Lancashire (Pictures By Ged Murray)
Fishing Industry: Shellfish (all oversize)
Fishing Industry: Stornoway
Fishermen: Training Centre, North Shields (+2 oversize)
Fishing Industry: Trawler Fishing
Fishing: Poaching (Salmon Poaching)
Food And Drink (+1 oversize)
Food And Drink: Alcoholic Drinks (+6 oversize)
Food And Drink: Bacon
Food And Drink: Cheese (all oversize)
Food And Drink: Christmas Pudding
Food And Drink: Chocolate (Chocoholics Unanimous)
Food And Drink: Chocolate (Organic)
Food And Drink: Chocolates And Sweets
Food And Drink: Cocoa Bean Markets (Pictures By David Mansell)

Box 8
Food And Drink: Curry (all oversize)
Food And Drink: Eggs (+3 oversize)
Food And Drink: Fish And Chips
Food And Drink: Fruits (+2 oversize)
Food And Drink: Genetic Engineering
Food And Drink: Health Inspectors
Food And Drink: Lucozade (Poison Scare)
Food And Drink: Meals On Wheels
Food And Drink: Meat
Food And Drink: Mobil Shop
Food And Drink: Out Of Date (Foodstuffs)
Food And Drink: Oxford Symposium
Food And Drink: Oysters
Food And Drink: Pies
Food And Drink: Pies (Scottish-Made Pies)
Food And Drink: Posh Nosh (Cooking For All Occasions)
Food And Drink: Pumpkins
Food And Drink: Slimming Foods
Food And Drink: Snack Bar
Food And Drink: Soft Drinks (Mineral Water, Trefriw Wells Spa, Snowdonia)
Food And Drink: Soft Drinks (Coca-Cola & Pepsi)
Food And Drink: Bread
Funerals: Funerals At Sea
Funerals (all oversize)
Furniture: Various
Access StatusOpen
TermFairs (entertainment)
Fishing Industry

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