Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/1/H
TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter H
Extent11 boxes (9 standard, 2 oversize)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with H

Box 1
Hairdressing (+8 oversize)
Health: Allergies (Hayfever) (all oversize)
Health: Ambulances And Crew
Health: Anaemia
Health: Asthma
Health: Angelman's Syndrome
Health: Hospitals (Beds)
Health: Blood Donors
Health: Blood Pressure
Health: British Medical Association
Health: Care In The Community
Health: Hospitals (Casualty)
Health: Childbirth And Maternity
Health: Cholesterol Testing
Health: Clinics (Cavendish Biomedical Centre)
Health: Clinics (Charter Clinic, Hampstead)
Health: Clinics (Gender Clinic, North London)
Health: Clinics (Harley Street Clinic)
Health: Clinics (Input Pain Clinic, St. Thomas's Hospital)
Health: Clinics (Montpelier Health Centre)
Health: Clinics (Marie Stopes Family Planning)
Health: Clitorectomies [FGM]
Health: Collectives (Lime Grove Practice)
Health: Dental (+1 oversize)
Health: Diets (Waistlines)
Health: Diseases (Agnosia)
Health: Diseases (AIDS [London Lighthouse Hospice])
Health: Diseases (AIDS [World AIDS Day])
Health: Diseases (AIDS)
Health: Diseases (Leprosy)
Health: Diseases (Eczema)
Health: Diseases (Dupuyten's Contracture)
Health: Diseases (Cystic Fibrosis [Pictures By Bob Gannon])
Health: Diseases (National Condom Week)
Health: Diseases (Common Cold)
Health: Diseases (Cerebral Palsy)
Health: Diseases (Cancer)
Health: Diseases (Cancer [Bristol Cancer Help Centre]) (Pictures By Sue Adler)
Health: Diseases (Cancer [Imperial Cancer Research Fund & Cancer Research])
Health: Diseases (Anorexia) (Pictures By Sue Adler)
Health: Diseases (AIDS [Coombe Hospital, Dublin])
Health: Diseases (Multiple Sclerosis) (all oversize)
Health: Diseases (Neurofibromatosis)
Health: Diseases (Skin Diseases [Institute Of Dermatology])
Health: Diseases (Spina Bifida)
Health: Doctors And Students

Box 2
Health: Drugs And Medicines
Health: Drugs (Tranquilliser Addiction) (+6 oversize)
Health: Drugs (Anti-Cancer [Vegetable And Fish Oil])
Health: Drugs And Medicines [Eraldin])
Health: Drugs (Herbal Drugs)
Health: Drugs (Micturin)
Health: Drugs (MSM)
Health: Drugs (Sanudus Pharmaceutical Company)
Health: Equipment
Health: Exercise
Health: Eye-Testing
Health: Eyes (Eyesight Screening Test)
Health: Foetuses
Health: Gloves (Surgical And Surgeons)
Health: Health Workers (Paddington)
Health: Heart Attack Victims
Health: Herbal Remedies (General)
Health: Historical
Health: Homes (Chaucer Care Home For The Rehabilitation Of Alcoholics)
Health: Hospices (+1 oversize)
Health: Hospices (St. Joseph's, Hackney) (+4 oversize)
Health: Hospitals
Health: Hospitals (Administration)
Health: Hospitals (Barking Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Barnet Hospital) (+2 oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Birchill Hospital, Rochdale)
Health: Hospitals (Birmingham Children's Hospital) (+1 oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Breakspear Hospital, Abbots Langley)
Health: Hospitals (Blackberry Hill Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Bristol Royal Infirmary, Sports Accidents Unit)
Health: Food Poisoning (Salmonella)
Health: Hospitals (Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool) (all oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot)
Health: Hospitals (Cardiff Royal Infirmary)
Health: Hospitals (Cassel Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Chadwell Heath Hospital, Essex)
Health: Hospitals (Charing Cross Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Charing Cross Hospital [Maternity Unit])
Health: Hospitals (Consultants And Patients)
Health: Hospitals (Coombe Hospital, Dublin) (Pictures By Paul O'Driscoll)
Health: Hospitals (Daliburgh Hospital, Isle Of South Uist)
Health: Hospitals (Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham)
Health: Hospitals (Dulwich)
Health: Hospitals (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital For Women)
Health: Hospitals (Empty Wards) (all oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Gogarburn Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Gordon Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Great Ormond Street Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Hackney Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Hammersmith Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Herts And Essex Hospital, Bishop's Stortford)
Health: Hospitals (High Barnet Hospital) (Pictures By Antonio Olmos)
Health: Hospitals (The Italian Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (King's Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (King's College Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Leaseman Spastic Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Leeds General Infirmary)

Box 3
Health: Hospitals (Leprosy Hospital, St. Giles, Chelmsford)
Health: Hospitals (Llanarth Psychiatric Hospital, Gwent, Wales)
Health: Hospitals (London Hospital [ENT Unit])
Health: Hospitals (Meals)
Health: Hospitals (Middlesex Hospital) (+1 oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Middlesex Hospital [Broderip Ward])
Health: Hospitals (National Heart Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (North Tees Central Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Oakshott Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Paddington Green Children's Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Park Prewett Hospital, Basingstoke)
Health: Hospitals (Princess Grace Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Private)
Health: Hospitals (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham)
Health: Hospitals (Queen Mary's Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford)
Health: Hospitals (In Need Of Refurbishment)
Health: Hospitals (Riverside Hospital, Fulham)
Health: Hospitals (Royal Dental Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Royal Hampshire Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Royal Hospital For Incurables, West London)
Health: Hospitals (Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh)
Health: Hospitals (Royal Isle Of Wight County Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Royal London Children's Ward)
Health: Hospitals (Royal London Homeopathic Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Royal Northern Hospital, Holloway)
Health: Hospitals (St. Andrew's Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (St. Bartholomew's Hospital) (+5 oversize)
Health: Hospitals (St. Charles' Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (St. George's Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington) (Pictures By Gavin Smith)
Health: Hospitals (St. Thomas' Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (South London Hospital For Women)
Health: Hospitals (Stanley Royd Hospital, Wakefield)
Health: Hospitals (Stoke Mandeville Hospital) (+2 oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Tadworth Court Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Torbay General Hospital, Torquay)
Health: Hospitals (University College Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (University Hospital Of Wales, Cardiff)
Health: Hospitals (West London Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (West Middlesex Hospital) (+5 oversize)
Health: Hospitals (Westminster Children's Hospital)
Health: Hospitals (Whipps Cross Hospital) (Pictures By Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals (Whittington Hospital, Highgate Hill)
Health: Hospitals (Worcester Royal Infirmary)
Health: Keeping Fit
Health: Keeping Fit (Gyms) (+1 oversize)
Health: Keeping Fit (Jogging)

Box 4
Health: Keeping Fit (Step Aerobics)
Health: Lacton House
Health: Lungs
Health: Medical (Equipment For The Gulf War)
Health: Mental Health
Health: Mental Health (Broadmoor Hospital) (all oversize)
Health: Midwives
Health: Nurses (+7 oversize)
Horticulture: Gardens (Mount Pleasant, Northern Ireland)
Horticulture: Picton Gardens, Malvern, National Collection of Michaelmas Daisies
Horticulture: Kyoto Garden, Holland Park (Bob Gannon)
Horticulture: Cable Street Community Gardens
Horticulture: Biddulph Grange Gardens (+2 oversize)
Horticulture: Gardening (Compost heaps, soil)
Housing: Estates (Newquay House, Lambeth)
Horticulture: Flowers (Sunflowers)
Horticulture: Flowers (Orchids) (+6 oversize)
Horticulture: Flowers And Plants (+3 oversize)
Horticulture: Flowers (Daffodils) (+5 oversize)
Horticulture: Chelsea Flower Show (+2 oversize)
Horticulture: Cactus Plants
Horticulture: Bulbs
Horticulture: Allotments
Holidays: Working Holiday On Farm, Wiltshire
Holidays: Working Holidays (Organic Farming)
Holidays: Travel Agents (Japanese And Korean)
Holidays: Travel Agents
Holidays: Tourist Offices
Holidays: Tent City
Holidays: Sunningdale Holiday Estates, Scotland
Holidays: Sinah-Warren Holiday Village, Wayling Island (all oversize)
Holidays: Pontins
Holidays: P&O
Holidays: Motoring Holidays
Holidays: Mobile Homes
Holidays: Holiday Cottages (all oversize)
Holidays: Cruises And Cruising

Box 5
Holidays: Club Méditerranée
Holidays: Children
Holidays: Camping Clubs
Holidays: Butlin's (Adults-Only Weekend)
Holidays: Butlin's
Holidays: Budget
Holidays: Brochures
Holidays: Boating
Holidays: Beaches (+4 oversize)
Holidays: Bed And Breakfasts
Holidays: Beach Huts
Holidays: Various (+5 oversize)
History: Jousting
Hippies: Peace Convoy (1986) (+8 oversize)
Hippies: Peace Convoy (1985)
Hippies: OZ Obscenity Trial (1971)
Health: Therapy (Laughter Therapy, Robert Holden's Laughter Workshop)
Health: Therapy (Anorexics) (Pictures By Sue Adler) (+8 oversize)
Health: Tablets (Vitamins) (+3 oversize)
Health: Surgical (Scalpel)
Health: Stroke Sufferers (Pictures By Andrew Testa) (+4 oversize)
Health: Stress (+4 oversize)
Health: Spiritual Healing
Health: Sperm Bank
Health: Snoring
Health: NUM Scanner
Health: Rehabilitation Centre
Health: Radiation Testing (National Radiological Protection Board)

Box 6
Health: Physiotherapy
Health: Pathology (Department Of Foetal Pathology, Liverpool)
Health: Opticians
Health: Operations (Plastic Surgery [St. Luke's Hospital])
Health: Surgery (Microsurgery)
Health: Operations (Eye Surgery)
Health: Operations (Breast Implants)
Health: Operations (+2 oversize)
Health: Occupational Therapy
Health: Ministry Of Health Challenge Cup
Health: Nursing Homes (Sefon Park Nursing Home)
Health: Nurses (Student Nurses, Shenley Hospital)
Health: Nurses (Self-Defence) (all oversize)
Horticulture: Gardens (Tatton Japanese Garden)
Horticulture: Home Deliveries
Horticulture: Indian Spices
Horticulture: Lilies
Horticulture: National Garden Festival (Gateshead)
Horticulture: RHS Garden (Wisley)
Horticulture: Plants (Umbrella bamboo)
Horticulture: Vegetables
Horticulture: Gardens (Ornaments & statues)
Household Items: Various
Houses: General (1)
Houses: General (2)
Housing: Houses (Colour)
Housing: Houses (Bed & Breakfast Accomodation)
Housing: Birmingham
Housing: Bristol (Estelle Park)
Housing: Cheap Houses
Housing: Houses (Conservatories)
Housing: Houses (Gyroscode Cooperatives)
Housing: Cottages (+2 oversize)
Housing: Council Houses
Housing: Council Houses (Private)
Housing: Council Houses (Local Authority Painters & Decorators)
Housing: Houses (Residents, Crescent End Road, Rotherham)
Housing: Flats (Demolished)
Housing: Houses (Flats, Doorbells)
Housing: Estate Agents
Housing: Estate Agents (Squatting Estate Agency)
Housing: Estates (Various)

Box 7
Housing: Estates (Aylesbury Estate, Southwark)
Housing: Estates (Beckenham)
Housing: Estates (Branch Hill, Camden)
Housing: Estates (Broadwater Farm, London)
Housing: Estates (Brunton Wharf, Limehouse)
Housing: Estates (Castlemilk Housing Investment Project, Glasgow)
Housing: Estates (Castle Vale Estate) (Andy Hall)
Housing: Estates (Ceewood Estate, Witney)
Housing: Estates (Clapton Park, London)
Housing: Estates (Dalton Estate, Huddersfield)
Housing: Estates (Doddington Estate, Battersea)
Housing: Estates (Dulwich)
Housing: Estates (Elgin Estate, Paddington)
Housing: Estates (Fulham Court)
Housing: Estates (Cockroach Infestation, Greenland House, Stepney)
Housing: Flats (Oak & Elder Flats, Birkenhead)
Housing: Estates (Gurnos Estate, Merthyr Tydfil)
Housing: Estates (Hackney)
Housing: Estates (Hulme Estate, Manchester) (+1 oversize)
Housing: Estates (Hyde Park Estate, Maida Vale)
Housing: Flats (Kensington)
Housing: Estates (Kingsmead Estate, Hackney)
Housing: Estates (Leeds) (+1 oversize)
Housing: Estates (Marquess Estate, Islington)
Housing: Estates (Moorpark Estate, Glasgow)
Horticulture: Garden Centres
Housing: Flats (Inspections) (all oversize)
Housing: Flats (Deptford)
Housing: Flats (Thurleigh Court)
Housing: Flats (Dawsons Heights, East Dulwich)
Housing: Flats (Council Workers)
Housing: Flats (Chatham)
Housing: Flats (Camden)
Housing: Flats (Crag Head, Bournemouth)
Housing: Flats (O'Donnell Court, Bloomsbury)
Housing: Flats (Alexandra Road, Camden)
Housing: Flats (General) (all oversize)
Housing: Estates (Woodchurch Estate, Birkenhead)
Housing: Estates (Woodberry Down Estate)
Housing: Estates (Wolverhampton)
Housing: Estates (Treviot Estate) (Pictures By Gavin Smith)
Housing: Estates (Tower Hamlets)
Housing: Estates (Spa Green Estate, Roseberry Avenue)
Housing: Estates (Setchell, Bermondsey)
Housing: Estates (Ronan Point)
Housing: Estates (Portsdown Park, Portsmouth)
Housing: Estates (Peabody)
Housing: For Sale Signs
Housing: Estates (Mozart Estate, Queens Park)
Housing: Georgian
Housing: Glasgow
Housing: Haunted

Box 8
Housing: Homeless (+3 oversize)
Housing: Homeless (Accomodation And Hostels)
Housing: Homeless (Pictures By Tony McGrath)
Housing: Homeless (Pictures By Don McCullin)
Housing: Homeless (Bangladeshis)
Housing: Homeless (Bangladeshi Family, Temporary Accomodation, Tower Hamlets)
Housing: Homeless (Bengali Family) (Pictures By Roger Hutchings)
Housing: Homeless (Bed And Breakfast)
Housing: Homeless (St. Mungo's Housing Centre)
Housing: Homeless (Hostels)
Housing: Homeless (Hostels [Jackie Wirt])
Housing: Homeless (Housed By Local Government)
Housing: Homeless (Newcastle) (all oversize)
Housing: Kirkby
Housing: Mansions (To Be Destroyed, Bramhill, Manchester)
Housing: Mobile Homes
Housing: House Names
Housing: Mortgages
Housing: Houses (Nutfield House, Hertfordshire)
Housing: Houses (Prince Of Wales Crescent)
Housing: Provincial House Group
Housing: Houses (Retirement Homes, Stapleton, Bristol)
Housing: Houses (Scofield Road, Warwickshire)
Housing: Houses (Isle Of Dogs)
Housing: Houses (Slums And Poverty) (+1 oversize)
Housing: Houses (Solar-Powered)
Housing: Southern Rental Centre
Housing: Squatters (+4 oversize)
Housing: Squatters (Kilner House)

Box 9
Housing: Squatters (1960s)
Housing: Squatters (Stamford Hill Estates)
Housing: Surveys
Housing: Terraced Houses (Barnesbury)
Housing: Thamesmead (set by Jane Bown)
Housing: Victorian Tenements, Old Kent Road
Housing: Second Homes (Wales)
Housing: Westminster Scandal
Housing: Eviction And Repossessions
Hunting: Manhunting
Access StatusOpen
Medical Centres
Residential Estates
Homeless People

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