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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter I
Extent3 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with I

Box 1
Industry: Belling Company Works, Enfield
Industry: Bicycles (Danes)
Industry: Birds Eye
Industry: Brewing (Allied, Romford)
Industry: Brewing (Butcombe)
Industry: Brewing (Brewer's World, Birmingham)
Industry: Brewing (Cameron's Brewery, Hartlepool)
Industry: Brewing (Three Mills Island Distillery Complex, East London)
Industry: Brewing (Gale's Brewery, Horndean, Hampshire)
Industry: Brewing (Trumans)
Industry: Brickworks
Industry: Chemical (Cuprinol Scandal)
Industry: Chemical (Dundas Chemical Company, Dumfries)
Industry: Chemical (Fisons)
Industry: Chemical (Purolite International Ltd.)
Industry: Chemical (Wilton, Teeside)
Industry: Coal Mining (Miners And Collieries)
Industry: Community Industry
Industry: Construction (Builders)
Industry: Construction (General) (+1 oversize)
Industry: Construction (House Building)
Industry: Construction (Water Pipeline) (+5 oversize)
Industry: Cooperatives (Aberystwyth)
Industry: Cooperatives (Equity Shoe Factory)
Industry: Cooperatives (Scottish-Made Japanese Art)
Industry: Demolition
Industry: Engineering
Industry: Engineering (Nuclear Capsules)
Industry: Factories
Industry: Factories (British Chrome Factory, Darlington)
Industry: Factories (JVC)
Industry: Factories (McVities)
Industry: Food
Industry: Food (KitKat Factory, York)
Industry: Furniture Makers (Delta Initiative Ltd.)
Industry: Glass
Industry: Glassblowing (+3 oversize)
Industry: Gluemaking
Industry: Japanese Visit
Industry: Lamppost Manufacturer, Darlington
Industry: Laforge Plasterboard Ltd.
Industry: Leather (Connolly's Leather, Wimbledon) (+3 oversize)
Industry: Microwave Modules Ltd., Liverpool
Industry: Mining (Clay) (Pictures By Ben Gibson) (+7 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Clay) (General)
Industry: Miners (Yorkshire Coal Miners) (Pictures By Ged Murray)
Industry: Mining (Coal, Trapped Miners At Stillingfeet Mine, Yorkshire)
Industry: Mining (Coal, Bentley Colliery) (Pictures By Jane Bown)
Industry: Mining (Coal Miners, Redundant) (+4 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Miners, Liverpool)
Industry: Mining (Coal, Drift Mines)
Industry: Mining (Coalpits) (+4 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Miners, Yorkshire)
Industry: Mining (Coalpits, Blackhall Gallery)
Industry: Mining (Coalpits, Cadeby) (+3 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Cortonwood Colliery) (+1 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Cotgrave Colliery)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Creswell)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Easington) (+1 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Forest Of Dean)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Frickley) (+4 oversize)

Box 2
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Hawthorne)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Hem Heath)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Leadgate)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Rossington)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Maerdy)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Markham Main)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Monkton Hall) (Pictures By Murdo Macleod)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Partial Amnesty For Sacked Miners)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Polmaise)
Industry: Mining (Ridding Drift Mine, South Kirby, Yorkshire)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Sharlston Colliery)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Silksworth, Land Reclamation Scheme)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, South Kirkby)
Industry: Mining (Tower Colliery) (+2 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Trentham)
Industry: Mining (Coal Pits, Tymawr Lewis Methyr) (+1 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Whitemoor Colliery, Selby, Yorkshire)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, Rescue Station, Crossgates, Fife) (+4 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Coal Mining, General)
Industry: Mining (Fluorspar)
Industry: Mining (Gold Mining, Scotland)
Industry: Mining (Gold Mining, Wales)
Industry: Mining (Quarry Mining, Whatley, Somerset)
Industry: Mining (Chilmark, Wiltshire) (+4 oversize)
Industry: Mining (Tin) (+2 oversize)
Industry: Motor Industry
Industry: Motor Industry (Austin)
Industry: Motor Industry (British Leyland) (+3 oversize)
Industry: Motor Industry (British Leyland, Castle Bromwich)
Industry: Motorcycle Industry (Hesketa)
Industry: Motorcycle Industry (Meridien Cooperative)
Industry: Motorcycle Industry (Norton Villiers Triumph)
Industry: Motorcycle Industry (Triumph)
Industry: Motor Industry (British Leyland, Cowley)
Industry: Motor Industry (British Leyland, Longbridge)
Industry: Motor Industry (British Leyland, Solihull)
Industry: Motor Industry (British Leyland, Trucks)
Industry: Motor Industry (Chrysler)
Industry: Motor Industry (Foden)
Industry: Motor Industry (Ford)
Industry: Scotia Pharmaceuticals
Industry: Motor Industry (Talbot Linwood Closure)
Industry: Motor Industry (Talbot Coventry)
Industry: Motor Industry (Rolls Royce)
Industry: Motor Industry (Peugeot)
Industry: Motor Industry (Nissan) (all oversize)

Box 3
Industry: Motor Industry (Lucas)
Industry: Motor Industry (Land Rover)
Industry: Rio Tinto Zinc
Industry: Reed International
Industry: Quarrying (+3 oversize)
Industry: Printing
Industry: Printing newspapers
Industry: Precious metals in the Forest of Dean
Industry: Poppy-making
Industry: Pimms factory, Hackney
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Industry: Paperweights
Industry: Oil
Industry: Motor Industry (Vauxhall)
Industry: Motor Industry (Jaguar)
Industry: Shipbuilding
Industry: Shipbuilding (Austin, Pickersgill & Sunderland Shipbuilders)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Glasgow) (+4 oversize)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Govan)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Harland And Wolf)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Scotland [Glasgow, Clydebank & Upperclyde Shipyards]) (+2 oversize)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Scotland [Glasgow, Scott Lithgow])
Industry: Shipbuilding (Scotland [Marathon])
Industry: Shipbuilding (Sunderland Yard)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Rosyth Royal Dockyard) (Pictures By Murdo Macleod)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Swan Hunter)
Industry: Shipbuilding (Totnes)
Industry: Shipbuilding (UCS)
Industry: Shoes (Clarks)
Industry: Smelting (Brit Aluminium Invergorden)
Industry: Satellite (Barnsley)
Industry: Strikes (General)
Industry: Strikes (1970) (+1 oversize)
Industry: Shipbuilding
Industry: Sugar (Tate & Lyle)
Industry: Timber (Timbmet Ltd.)
Industry: Tobacco (Cigarette Making)
Industry: Toys (Trains)
Industry: Trade Unions
Industry: Trade Unions (Chinese Workers)
Industry: Trade Unions (GCHQ) (all oversize)
Industry: Trade Unions (TGWU [Ballot Rigging])
Industry: Training (Skill Centre)
Industry: Tyres
Industry: Wastepaper (Severnside Wastepaper Merchants, Croydon)
Industry: Watchmaking
Industry: Workers (Black)
Access StatusOpen
Brewing Industry
Chemical Industry
Construction Industry
Motor Vehicle Industry
Trade Unions

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