Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/1/P
TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter P
Extent12 boxes (11 standard, 1 oversize)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with P:

Box 1
Paedophile Information Exchange
Pageantry (Battle Of Hastings Reenactment)
Pageants: Canterbury Tales
Pageants: English Civil War Reenactment
Pageants: English Civil War Reenactment (Battle Of Edge Hill)
Pageants: English Civil War Reenactment (Battle Of Turnham Green)
Pageants: English Civil War Reenactment (Charles I Execution)
Pageants: English Civil War Reenactment (Levellers)
Pageants: Hanging At Newport Pagnall
Pageants: Knights Of Malta, Arundel
Pageants: Medieval Events (Jousting)
Pageants: US Civil War Reenactment
Pageants: Waterloo (Wellington's Army)
Painting And Decorating
Pantomimes: Pantomime Warehouse
Parks: General [3 outsized]
People: General
People: Algerians
People: Americans In London
People: Actors
People: Agony Aunts
People: Asians
People: Asians (Handsworth, Birmingham)
People: Bangladeshis
People: Bikers [3 outsized]
People: Bikers (Hell's Angels)
People: Bikers (Motorcycle Action Group) (Pictures By Neil Libbert)
People: Britons
People: Chelsea Pensioners
People: Chinese
People: East Germans
People: Families
People: Families (End Of The Nuclear Family)
People: Gays, lesbians and transvestites [+ 6 over-size]

Box 2
People: Grandparents
People: Guardsmen
People: Hikers [+ 4 over-size]
People: Homeless At Christmas
People: Homeless (Big Issue Sellers) [+ 1 over-size]
People: Homeless (Christmas Party, 1987) [+ 2 over-size]
People: Homeless (Convent Of St. Anne) (Pictures By Andrew Testa)
People: Homeless (1)
People: Homeless (2)
People: Homeless (3)
People: Homeless (Large Prints) [All over-size]
People: Immigration
People: Immigration In England
People: Immigration (Facing Deportation)
People: Indians [consists of 2 prints showing Native Canadians from the Innu Nation]
People: Japanese Businessman
People: Jews [+ 2 over-size]

Box 3
People: Kuwaiti (Tribute To Armed Forces Cenotaph, 1991)
People: Lovers [+ 5 over-size]
People: Low-Paid
People: Missing (Missing Persons' Bureau)
People: Muslims
People: Marines
People: Nannies [All over-size]
People: 'Old People': General [All over-size]
People: 'Old People': Homes: Victims Of Violence
People: 'Old People': Homes [+ 3 over-size]
People: 'Old People': Homes: Care Assistants
People: 'Old People': Homes: Self Defence Classes [+ 3 over-size]
People: 'Old People': Pensioners: 1 [+ 3 over-size]
People: 'Old People': Pensioners: 2
People: 'Old People': Railton Road Community Centre
People: Parents: Single Parents [+ 2 over-size]
People: Pearly Kings & Queens
People: Phillipino: Domestic Servants In Britain
People: Racist Abuse
People: Retirement
People: St. Johns Ambulance
People: Spielers
People: Samaritans
People: Secretaries
People: Chilean Hunger Strikers

Box 4
People: Suicides: Anonymous
People: Sunbathers
People: Witches
People: Yagua Indians
Phobias [+ 3 over-size]
Photographers [+ 1 over-size]
Photography: Disc Cameras & Films [+ 2 over-size]
Photography: Nobby Clark: Exhibition Portfolio
Photography: Jane Bown: Exhibition
Photography: John Hodder
Photography: Ed Lacey
Photography: Simon Norfolk [All over-size]
Photography: Chris Smith
Physicist Graduates
Pilgrimages: Miscellaneous
Planning: Miscellaneous
Planning: Alton Water Scheme: Shottey Peninsular: South of Ipswich
Plant - A - Tree
Poaching [+ 1 over-size}
Poets: New Generation Poets {+3 over-size]
Poisons: Poisonous Beads
Police: Various: 1 [+2 over-size]
Police: Various: 2
Police: Armed & Body Armour [1 outsized]
Police: Arms Training
Police: Arrests
Police: Black
Police: Camera - Control Car: Staffordshire
Police: Cars
Police: City of London: Security To Combat IRA
Police: Crime: Checking for Tickets at F.A Final
Police: Community Police
Police: Community Police: Blind Pupils From Taiton Mount School
Police: Community Work: With Teenagers
Police: Crime Statistics
Police: Cyclists [All over-size]
Police: Hendon Police College
Police: Metropolitan Police Holding Centre
Police: Horseback
Police: Italian Police British Football Grounds

Box 5
Police: Murder Squads: Detectives At Work: Gavin Smith Pics
Police: Crime: Police Raid in Purley
Police: Search For Billy Holloway: 1962
Police: Physiotherapy: Police Convalescent Home
Police: Crime: Prisoners: Miscellaneous
Police: Crime: Murders: Miscellaneous
Police: Frogmen: Search For Harry Roberts
Police: Crime: Police Helicopter Unit: Observer Aircraft
Police: Missing Persons
Police: Crime: Police Monitoring Equipment
Police: Crime: Police Dogs Trained To 'Sniff Out' Drugs
Police: Crime: Surveillance Oxford St. [1 outsized]
Police: Gerrard Road Police Station, Chelsea
Police: Motor Cyclists: Off Road Bike Squad
Police: HQ Victoria
Police: Godalming Station
Police: Before NF [National Front] march in Lewisham
Police: Frogmen
Police: Horses [2 outsized]
Police: Crime: Police Measures to Combat Soccer Hooliganism in London: 1969
Police: Walshall Child Murders Investigation
Police: Crime: Christine Darby Murder: Cannock Chase
Police: Fraud Squad
Police: Murder Hunts
Police: Camden Lock Station
Police: Transport Police
Police: Liverpool
Police: London: Neighbourhood Watch
Police: Recruiting Scheme
Police: Missing Person Hunt: Martin Duncan Allen
Police: Siege: Balcombe St: 1975
Police: Siege: Northolt & Various
Police: Siege: Libyan Embassy: Includes Bomb Explosion at Heathrow: 1984 outsized][
Police: Siege: Libyan Embassy: Pics by Libyan Photographer [6 outsized]
Police: Siege: Iranian Embassy [1 outsized]

Box 6
Police: Siege: Kurds: Turkish Embassy: 1991
Police: Training: Hounslow
Police: Tracking Device
Police: Truncheons
Police: Uniforms
Police: Women
Police: Women: Dolls
Politics: A - Z
Politics: Britain: Political: Amnesty International
Politics: Animal Liberation Front
Politics: Anti - Nazi League
Politics: British Movement
Politics: Budget Case Study
Politics: Concientious Objectors: Peace Pledge Union
Politics: Conservatives: Conservative Club
Politics: Conservatives: Leadership crisis 1963
Politics: Conservatives: MP's
Politics: Conservatives: Central Office
Politics: Conservatives: Conservative Party Posters
Politics: Conservatives: John Major's Resignation: 1995
Politics: Young Conservatives
Politics: CND
Politics: Socialist Women's Org. Debating
Politics: Despatch Boxes
Politics: Dwarf New Political Party
Politics: Elections: Various
Politics: By-Elections: General [5 over-sized]
Politics: Election: 1959 (Set by Jane Bown)
Politics: Election: 1964

Box 7
Politics: Sir A. Douglas-Home's Whistlestop Tour Of London: General Election 1964
Politics: Elections: 1970
Politics: Elections: 1978
Politics: Elections: 1979-1983
Politics: General Election Campaigns: 1992 (folder)
Politics: General Election: 1997 (folder)
Political: Elections: 1994 (all over-sized)
Political: European Elections (all over-sized)
Political: Elections: Euro Elections: Nottingham: 1989
Political: Elections: Westminster Council Election: 1990
Politics: Fascism
Politics: Friends Of The Earth
Politics: Government Advisors
Politics: Greek Political Prisoner's Letter
Political: Green Party:Jean Lambert & Sara Parkin
Politics: Greenpeace: Various( Incl. Anti - Nuclear Testing)
Politics: Greenpeace: Anti - Fur Film
Politics: Greenpeace: Greenpeace Occupied Brent Spar Oil Platform: 1995
Politics: Greenpeace: Sinking Of Rainbow Warrior
Politics: Indian Elections in Southall: 1990
Politics: Indian Workers Association
Politics: International: Nato
Politics: Labour: Campaign Posters: 1991
Politics: Labour Party: Leadership Contest: 1994
Politics: Labour Party
Politics: Labour Party Rally: 1964
Politics: Labour M.Ps
Politics: Young Liberals
Politics: London Mayor
Politics: Luton By-Election: 1963
Politics: Moslem Parliament: Great Britain

Box 8
Politics: National Front
Politics: Poll Tax
Politics: Posters: General
Politics: Referendums
Politics: Meetings: Road Development & Parkland
Politics: S.D.P
Politics: S.W.P
Politics: S.N.P: Scottish Nationalists
Politics: Nato Summit: 1990
Politics: W.R.P.
Pollution: Air Pollution [7 over-sized]
Pollution: Air Pollution by Aircraft
Pollution: Aluminium & Acid Pollution: Trevia, Cornwall
Pollution: Beaches: Various [5 over-sized]
Pollution: Chemical: May & Baker: Norwich [all over-sized]
Pollution: Coal: Pollution From Coal Heap: Bootle, Merseyside
Pollution: Dolly Blue Factory
Pollution: Dioxin: Derbyshire
Pollution: Fungicide: Crop Spraying: Benlate D.F
Pollution: London Brick Co.
Pollution: Mercury Poison: Surlingham, Norfolk: Phillis Ellis
Pollution: Monkton Coking Plant: Hebburn: Tyne & Wear
Pollution: Pitsea
Pollution: Glamorgan: Pollution Of The River Taff
Pollution: Purle Tip At Barnt Green Worcs. Dept. Of Environment Officials Inspecting The Tip
Pollution: Mercury: Minamata, Japan
Pollution: Kensington Gardens
Pollution: General [1 over-sized]
Pollution: Lead In Petrol Cars
Pollution: Nuclear
Pollution: Oil/ Beaches Of Brittany
Pollution: Oil [folder]
Pollution: Oil: Pipeline Leak: Mersey: 1989
Pollution: Oil Tanker: Amazzone
Pollution: Oil Slick: South Devon
Pollution: Oil Tanker: Exxon Valdez: Alaska: 1989

Box 9:
Pollution: Oil: Braer' Oil Tanker: Quendale, Shetland Islands: 1993
Pollution: Radioactive: Radon [all over-sized]
Pollution: Rivers
Pollution: Rivers: River Brent, River Lea, River Wey, River Mersey
Pollution: Nuclear: River Ribble, Preston: Nuclear Waste Gathers on The Sand Banks Of The River
Pollution: Sewage
Pollution: Smog
Pollution: Toxic Waste: John Wildgoose Pics
Pollution: Toxic Waste
Pollution: Toxic Waste: Ducks Hill Waste Tip: Wareham, Dorset
Pollution: Toxic Waste: Leigh Interests Site: Brownhills
Pollution: Toxic Waste: Newland Hall: Proposed Toxic Waste Dump
Pollution: Toxic: Radioactive Beach: Dalgety Bay, Scotland
Pollution: Toxic Waste: Rhymney Valley, Wales
Pollution: Toxic Waste: Sludge Containing Arsenic, Cyanide & Mercury From a South Wales Waste Tip
Pollution: Toxic Waste: Wath Upon Dearne, Yorkshire
Pollution: Traffic
Pollution: Water [7 over-sized]
Pollution: Water: Blue Green Algae [2 over-sized]
Pollution: Water: Owen Family: Hull
Pools Panel
Post Offices
Post Office: Rural Bus Service
Post Office: Trainee Telephone Engineers [all over-sized]
Postal Service: Federal Express
Postal Service: Various
Posters: Various
Posters: Anti-Nuclear Posters
Posters: Environmentally Friendly
Posters: Nuclear Weapons Freeze Poster [all over-sized]
Pottery: Chinese: Nanking Porcelain
Poverty [8 over-sized]

Box 10:
Prisons: A - Z
Prisons: Ashford Detention Centre
Prisons: Bedford (on Morning of Hanging of James Hanratty)
Prisons: Blakenhurst
Prisons: Blundeston Open Prison
Prisons: Brixton
Prisons: Broadmoor
Prisons: Campsfield Detention Centre
Prisons: Cardiff, Entertaining Handicapped Children
Prisons: Castington Young Offenders Institution: Acrilington, Northumberland [all over-sized]
Prisons: Chelmsford [all over-sized]
Prisons: Durham
Prisons: Eastwood Park: Smallest Cell in The World
Prisons: Feltham Young Offenders Institute
Prisons: Featherstone
Prisons: Food in Prisons
Prisons: Frankland
Prisons: Garth Prison
Prisons: Glenochil Prison: Strathclyde
Prisons: Gloucetser: John Reardon Pics [all over-sized]
Prisons: Grendon Prison [two over-size]
Prisons: Harmonsworth
Prisons: Holloway (Women) [10 over-sized]
Prisons: Lancaster Farms: H.M Young Offenders Institution, Lancaster
Prisons: Landham
Prisons: Lartin
Prisons: Latchmere House: Remand Centre
Prisons: Lewes
Prisons: Leyhill
Prisons: Maidstone
Prisons: Market Harbourough: Gartee Prison
Prisons: Northey
Prisons: Northsea Camp Jail: Open Prison
Prisons: Nottingham
Prisons: Parkhurst, Isle of Wight
Prisons: Pentonville: Comedy Night
Prisons: Pentonville (Before Marwood's Execution)
Prisons: Portland Prison: The Grove: Young Offenders
Prisons: Portladise
Prisons: Preston
Prisons: Prisoners
Prisons: Death Row Prisoners: Support Group (women)
Prisons: Saughton, Edinburgh [all over-sized]
Prisons: Stafford
Prisons: Swansea
Prisons: Verne Prison: Bird Sanctuary
Prisons: Wakefield
Prisons: Strangeways: Includes Riot Pics: 1990

Box 11:
Prisons: Wandsworth
Prisons: Whitemoor, Cambridgeshire
Prisons: Winchester: Kurds: Siege/Riot
Prisons: Winson Green
Prisons: Wormwood Scrubs
Private Detectives
Private Detectives: Women
Privatisation: Malton Lavatory
Prostitutes: Misc [10 over-sized]
Pyschics [3 over-sized]
Public Employment: Dustmen & Street Cleaners
Public Employment: Low Paid Workers: N.U.P.E [2 over-sized]
Punks [2 over-sized]
Punting: Cambridge
Puppets: Various
Puppets: Punch & Judy: Championships: 1991
Access StatusOpen
Homeless People
Post Offices

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