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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter R
Extent9 boxes (8 standard, 1 oversize)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with R:

Box 1:
Rabbit Catchers
Racial Attacks (+2 oversize)
Race Relations: Anti-Nazi League Headquarters
Race Relations: Black People In Britain (+5 oversize)
Racial Violence: Plumstead (Pictures By Dod Miller)
Racial Violence: Whitechapel (Mukhtar Ahmed) (+2 oversize)
Racial Violence: Lewisham Riots
Racial Violence: Southall
Racial Violence: Sparrow Farm Estate, Hounslow
Racial Violence: St. Paul's District, Bristol (+1 oversize)
Radio Programmes: The Archers
Radio: BBC Foreign Service
Radio: Stations (+5 oversize)
Radio: Radio Clyde
Radio: Radio Mercury
Radio: Radio Caroline
Radio: Melody Radio
Radio: Heartland Radio
Radio: Capital Radio
Radio: BBC Radio 5
Radio: BBC Radio 1 (DJs)
Radiation: Body Scanner (+2 oversize)
Railways: General
Railways: Pictures By John Wildgoose (+2 oversize)

Box 2:
Railways: Accidents
Railways: Accidents (1986)
Railways: Accidents (Bridge Collapsed Deptford, 1992)
Railways: Accidents (Children Electrocuted On Overhead Cables, 1993)
Railways: Accidents (Nr Cowden Railway Station, 1994)
Railways: Accidents (Southall Train Crash, 1997)
Railways: Accidents (Wanstead Park Station, 1995)
Railways: Accidents (Bourne End, Hertfordshire, 1995)
Railways: Accidents (Stafford) (Pictures By Gary Calton) (1996)
Railways: Advertising
Railways: Anniversary ('Thomas The Tank Engine', 50 Years)
Railways: Bluebell Railway Preserved (Pictures By Roger Bamber)
Railways: British Rail Properties
Railways: British Rail 100 Year Anniversary
Railways: Carlisle (+30 oversize)
Railways: Channel Tunnel Route One (Rail Link)
Railways: Channel Rail Link (Peckham)
Railways: Commuters (+1 oversize)
Railways: Crime (Rape On Train)
Railways: Decline Of British Rail (Photos By Norman Lomax)
Railways: Diamond Rail Crossing Newcastle
Railways: Diesel Bus
Railways: Docklands Light Railway
Railways: Great Central Railway (Pictures By Jez Coulson)
Railways: Guards And Staff
Railways: Hotels
Railways: Stephenson's Invicta
Railways: Hovertrain (Pictures By Chris Smith)
Railways: Level Crossing
Railways: Locomotive Roundhouse
Railways: Waterloo East Bridge
Railways: March Line Closure
Railways: National Railway Museum
Railways: Passengers
Railways: Night Mail
Railways: Railway Privatisation

Box 3:
Railways: Stations (Brighton)
Railways: Stations (Brickett Wood)
Railways: Stations (Belmont, Sutton)
Railways: Stations (Battersea)
Railways: Stations (Attercliffe Road, Sheffield)
Railways: Stations (Alresford)
Railways: Signal Box, St. Albans (+6 oversize)
Railways: Sale (Lavender Line Up For Sale)
Railways: Stations (Cricklewood Depot)
Railways: Stations (Denmark Hill)
Railways: Stations (Euston)
Railways: Stations (Godley East)
Railways: Stations (Ledbury)
Railways: Stations (Liverpool Street, Manchester, World's Oldest Station)
Railways: Stations (Liverpool Street, London)
Railways: Stations (London)
Railways: Stations (Moreton-In-Marsh)
Railways: Stations (Oxford)
Railways: Stations (Paddington)
Railways: Stations (Roydon) (+3 oversize)
Railways: Stations (St. Pancras) (+1 oversize)
Railways: Stations (Stockport)
Railways: Stations (Stratford Locomotive Works)
Railways: Stations (Victoria)
Railways: Stations (Waterloo)
Railways: Stations (Waterloo International)
Railways: Stations (Willesden Junction)
Railways: Stations (Waverley, Edinburgh)
Railways: Trains (all oversize)
Railways: Trains (Commuter Trains)
Railways: Trains (Commuter Trains [Faulty Doors])
Railways: Trains (Deerstalker Sleeper)
Railways: Trains (Diesel)
Railways: Trains (Eurostar)
Railways: Trains (First Class Travel)
Railways: Trains (Freight Trains)
Railways: Trains (Gatwick Express)
Railways: Trains (High Speed Trains) (+1 oversize)

Box 4:
Railways: Trains (Mussolini's Coach)
Railways: Trains (Orient Express)
Railways: Steam (Queen Victoria's Royal Coach)
Railways: Royal Train
Railways: Trains (Steam) (+15 oversize)
Railways: Trains (Steam [Flying Scotsman])
Railways: Trains (Steam [The Golden Arrow])
Railways: Trains (King George V) (+1 oversize)
Railways: Trains (Mallard)
Railways: Trains (Mid-Hampshire Watercress Line) (+1 oversize)
Railways: Trains (Steam [Rally At Rainhill, Liverpool])
Railways: Trains (Royal Scotsman [Murdo Macleod])
Railways: Steam Trams, Telford
Railways: Tram, Dudleys Black Country Museum (all oversize)
Railways: Vale Of Rheidols, Aberystwyth (Pictures By Bill Robinson)
Railways: Trains (Steam [Worth Valley, Keighley, Yorkshire]) (all oversize)
Railways: Wensleydale Rail Action (Pictures By Gary Calton) (all oversize)
Railways: London Underground (1) (+1 oversize)
Railways: London Underground (Closures)
Railways: London Underground (Rotherhythe Station)
Railways: London Underground (Tottenham Court Road)
Railways: London Underground (Tufnell Park)
Railways: Tyneside Underground
Railways: Underground Stations (Baker Street) (all oversize)
Railways: Underground Stations (Covent Garden)
Rambling: Photos By Richard Smith
Recycling (+ 4 oversize)
Redevelopment: General
Redevelopment: Chelsea Harbour Development (all oversize)
Redevelopment: Coin Street Development
Redevelopment: Isle Of Dogs (Cascades Development) (+5 oversize)
Redevelopment: King's Cross
Redevelopment: Paddington Basin (all oversize)
Redevelopment: Walsall (Pictures By Andy Hall)
Reed Cutting, Norfolk
Reform Centres: Scrubbs, Manchester

Box 5:
Refugees (+3 oversize)
Refugees: General
Refugees: Afghan
Refugees: Central American In USA
Refugees: Bosnian
Refugees: Argentinian & Bosnian
Refugees: Cambodian
Refugees: Cuban
Refugees: Kampuchean In Thailand
Refugees: Kenyan Asians In Paris
Refugees: Kurds (+2 oversize)
Refugees: Liberian, Red Cross Office, Freetown
Refugees: Oxfam (includes a set by Jane Bown)
Refugees: Ogaden, Ethiopia & Somalia
Refugees: Political Organisations
Refugees: Refugee Centre, Holy Cross Centre Trust
Refugees: Serbian (includes a s et by Jane Bown)
Refugees: Somalian
Refugees: Tamil
Refugees: Tibetan In North London
Refugees: Tristan Da Cunha (includes a sets by Don McCullin and Jane Bown)
Refugees: East African (Uganda & Kenya)
Refugees: Vietnamese In England (includes a set by Jane Bown)
Refugees: Vietnamese In Hong Kong (Boat People)
Refugees: Yugoslavian
Refugees: Zimbabwe

Box 6:
Religion: Miscellaneous (Non-Conformist Church Of Wales, St. George's Camberwell etc.)
Religion: Anglican (Faith In The City)
Religion: London's Heathrow Airport Chapel
Religion: Anglican/RC Permanent Joint Commission Conference
Religion: Benedictine Monks
Religion: Bishop Of London (Pictures By Andy Hall)
Religion: Black Churches
Religion: London Buddhist Tet Celebrations & Boat People
Religion: Buddhism (Zen Buddhist Monks)
Religion: Catholics (Death Of Pope) (+3 oversize prints of a painting by Daphne Pollen)
Religion: Catholicism (+2 oversize)
Religion: Catholicism (Nuns) (+7 oversize)
Religion: Crucifix
Religion: Christian Crusaders (Praying For Romania, Trafalgar Square)
Religion: Christian Resources (Pictures By Andy Hall)
Religion: Christian Sects (The Family)
Religion: Christianity (Weeping Virgin)
Religion: Christianity (Women [Priests & Vicars]) (+2 oversize)
Religion: Church Of England (General Synod) (+2 oversize)
Religion: Conferences & Assemblies (includes a set by Jane Bown)

Box 7:
Religion: Druids (Midsummer 1980) (all oversize)
Religion: Druids
Religion: Exogesus
Religion: Faith Healing
Religion: St. Giles' Church
Religion: Greek Orthodox Church (all oversize)
Religion: Hindu (Hare Krishna)
Religion: Hindu
Religion: Hindu Festival (Battersea)
Religion: Hindu Festival Of Rathyatra (Pictures By Jane Bown)
Religion: Holy Shroud Of Turin
Religion: Home Of Rest (set by Jane Bown)
Religion: Jehovah's Witnesses (set by Jane Bown)
Religion: Non-Christians Of Other Denominations (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu) (+1 oversize)
Religion: Judaism
Religion: Lambeth Conference And Lambeth Palace Garden Party (+1 oversize)
Religion: Marches (Global March For Jesus) (Pictures By Andrew Testa)
Religion: Grave Of Mary Theresa Collins
Religion: St. Mary's Aldernanbury
Religion: St. Michael's Church, Chester Square
Religion: Monks (+2 oversize)
Religion: Monks (Tibetan Monks)
Religion: Moonies
Religion: Muslims (+3 oversize)
Religion: Muslims (Dervishes)
Religion: The Apocalypse
Religion: Pioneer People Religious Meeting (Pictures By Andy Hall)
Religion: Quakers (all oversize)
Religion: Rastafarians
Religion: Salvation Army (jncludes set by Jane Bown)
Religion: Sikhs
Religion: Transcendental Meditation
Religion: Unification Church Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Religion: Vatican Council, Rome (1964)
Religion: Vicars In Docklands
Religion: Large Prints (all oversize)
Reptiles: Crocodiles (+1 oversize)
Reservoirs (+2 oversize)

Box 8:
Roller Blading
Roller Skating
Riots: Alabama (includes set by Colin Jones)
Riots: Bradford
Riots: Blackbird Leys Estate, Oxford (Pictures By Roger Hutchings)
Riots: Brackehall Estate, Huddersfield
Riots: Handsworth, Birmingham (1985)
Riots: Brixton (+13 oversize)
Riots: Tottenham
Riots: Wood End, Coventry
Riots: Marsh Farm Estate, Luton
Riots: North Shields
Riots: Brixton (1985) (+12 oversize)
Riots: Brixton (1995)
Riots: Handsworth (1985)
Riding Schools
Riots: Miscellaneous (+2 oversize)
Robots (+3 oversize)
Rivers: River Kennett
Rubbish - Skips
Access StatusOpen
TermInterethnic Relations
Ethnic Conflicts
Radio Stations

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