Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/1/S
TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter S
Extent14 boxes (12 standard, 2 oversize)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with S:

Box 1:
Sauna Baths: Hackney
Science: Various
Science: Auto Radio Graph: Visualization of DNA
Science: Engineering: Blood Flow Monitor: Plymouth Polytechnic
Science: Fusion Experiment
Science: Magnetic Levitation
Science: Sleep Research
Science: Plymouth Marine Laboratories: Plankton
Science: Graduates
Science: Experiments: World's First Biocoil [all over-sized]
Science: Genetic Engineering [all over-sized]
Science: Artificial Skin
Science: ICI Research Laboratory
Science: Fishing Experiment on The Thames: Held by G.L.C: 1968
Science: Research: Lab at Mortlesham, Suffolk
Science: Scientology Experiment: Scientologists' International Congress at Croydon
Science: Research: Ozone Layer: Laserbeam in Aberystwyth, Wales
Science: Radio Telescopes [9 over-sized]
Science: Sound & Vibration Research
Security: Various [2 over-sized]
Security Precaution Special Branch Men outside Claridges: President Nixon's Visit To London
Security: Plain-Clothes & Uniformed Police at Visit of Jimmy Carter to England
Security: Surveillance Cameras
Self Defence
Sewage & Sewers [5 over-sized]
Sex: Transvestites
Ships: Abdul Aziz
Ships: "Agility"
Ships: Airymouse
Ships: HMS Albion
Ships: Amsterdam: Salvage Story
Ships: HMS: Andromeda
Ships: HMS: Ariadne
Ships: Argo: The Great River Race
Ships: HMS: Ark Royal

Box 2:
Ships: Athina, Aziz Bhatti, Bahia Baen Suceso, Baltiya, Shoush, Sierra, Sir William Hardy,
Ships: Barges [1 over-sized]
Ships: Battle Boats of The UK
Ships: The Beagle
Ships: HMS Belfast
Ships: Yachts: Blood Hound
Ships: Brecon
Ships: Brigantine [all over-sized]
Ships: Brilliant
Ships: British Spirit [all over-sized]
Ships: Camilla
Ships: Canberra
Ships: Carmania & Franconia
Ships: Carrick
Ships: Clipper Ships [2 over-sized]
Ships: Coracles [all over-sized]
Ships: Costa Riviera: Italian Cruise Liner
Ships: Crown Princess: Cruise Liner
Ships: Cutty Sark: Chris Smith: June 1969
Ships: La Dedaigneuse
Ships: Devonia
Ships: HMS Devonshire
Ships: Disasters including Darlwin, Longhope Lifeboat,
Ships: Dredgers
Ships: Disasters: Montlouis: Radioactive Waste [all over-sized]
Ships: HMS: Discovery
Ships: HMS Dolphin: Sailors in Survival Suits [all over-sized]
Ships: Doreen May [all over-sized]
Ships: Dynaship model
Ships: Aircraft Carriers: HMS Eagle
Ships: Earl William: Home Office Detention Centre: Afghan & Tamils
Ships: Frigate: the Falmouth
Ships: Ferocity
Ships: Ferries
Ships: Ferries: The Mersey Ferry [2 over-sized]
Ships: Ferries: Between Egypt & Jordan
Ships: Ferries: Sealink
Ships: Ferries: Spirit of free enterprise
Ships: Ferries: Large Prints [all over-sized]
Ships: Figureheads [all over-sized]
Ships: Firefly Tideaway Race
Ships: Sailing Ships: Foudroyant
Ships: France
Ships: Frederika
Ships: 'Fri'
Ships: 'Golden Hinde'
Ships: Gondolas
Ships: Gondola champs 1981
Ships: Hirosa
Ships: 'S.S Honeymoon'
Ships: Hovercraft: General
Ships: Hovercraft: Sea Cat
Ships: Hydrofoil

Box 3:
Ships: Ilan Voyager
Ships: Illiria
Ships: HMS Invincible [1 over-sized]
Ships: "Kaskelot" [all over-sized]
Ships: Kharg
Ships: S.S Kinder
Ships: Lifeboats: R.N.L.I
Ships: East Goodwin Lightship
Ships: H.M.S London
Ships: Mary Rose Salvage [2 over-sized]
Ships: Megara
Ships: Malcolm Miller [all over-sized]
Ships: Minesweepers in Red Sea
Ships: Mirosa
Ships: Monarch
Ships: Myrna
Ships: Nasos 1
Ships: 'Nonsuch' [1 over-sized]
Ships: S.S. Olympic
Ships: Pacific Glory
Ships: Petros: Cypriot Ship
Ships: Queen Elizabeth II
Ships: Renfrew Ferry
Ships: Rainbow Warrior: Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Organisation
Ships: Ross Kelly
Ships: Royalist: Square Rigger
Ships: Russian
Ships: Sailing Ships: Various
Ships: Salvage: General
Ships: Salvage: Roman Ship
Ships: Sea Sheperd
Ships: Cardigan Bay: Cae Nest Shipwreck [all over-sized]
Ships: Studland Bay: Spanish Wreck
Ships: Shipwrecks: Wallachia Shipwreck [all over-sized]
Ships: 'Sir Winston Churchill' [2 over-sized]
Ships: 'Skyron' [2 over-sized]
Ships: 'Spirit Of London'
Ships: Steamers [all over-sized]
Ships: Submarines [3 over-sized]
Ships: Submarines ('HMS Conqueror')
Ships: Submarines (Polaris-Class)
Ships: Model Ships
Ships: Tall Ships Race (1989)
Ships: Tall Ships Race (Festival Of Sail) (1975)
Ships: Tall Ships
Ships: Tankers [all over-sized]
Ships: Tugs
Ships: Trinity Light Boats for Sale at Portsmouth
Ships: Trawlers [14 over-sized]
Ships: Titanic
Ships: Tankers (Universe Ireland)
Ships: Oil Tankers (Laid Up in Norway) [all over-sized]
Ships: Turbinia: First Turbine-powered Boat
Ships: HMS Victory
Ships: Viking Warship [all over-sized]
Ships: HMS Warrior

Box 4:
Ships: Waverley
Ships: Windmill Boat Ships [1 over-sized]
Ships: Wherry Sailing Craft
Ships: Whaling Ships
Ships: Yachts: Fiona and Overyaction
Shoppers [3 over-sized]
Shops: Algerian Coffee Shop
Shops: All-Night Shopping
Shops: Austin Reed
Shops: Asprey
Shops: Athena
Shops: Bakeries
Shops: Baskin- Robbins Ice Cream
Shops: Bentalls
Shops: BHS
Shops: Biba
Shops: Body Shop
Shops: Bookshops: Various
Shops: Bookshops: Second-Hand
Shops: Boots
Shops: Brent Cross
Shops: Burtons
Shops: Butchers [2 over-sized]
Shops: Butler's Coffee Shop
Shops: Byte
Shops: Castle Mall Shopping Centre, Norwich
Shops: Christmas Shopping
Shops: Church Vestments
Shops: Closed
Shops: Davidoff Cigar Shop, St. James St.
Shops: Debenhams
Shops: Delicatessens
Shops: D.H Evans
Shops: Dickins & Jones
Shops: Disney Store, Regent St
Shops: Ealing Shopping Centre
Shops: Escom
Shops: Fast Frame, Walthamstow
Shops: Fortnum & Mason

Box 5:
Shops: Gaia Arts & Crafts Shop
Shops: Gamages
Shops: Gerards
Shops: Gucci
Shops: Habitat
Shops: Hacketts Clothiers
Shops: Harrods
Shops: Harvey Nichols
Shops: Heal's
Shops: Hermes: Scarf Demonstration
Shops: Hyper Hyper: Kensington
Shops: Jaeger
Shops: John Collier
Shops: Jones Bros
Shops: Laura Ashley
Shops: Liberated Lady
Shops: Liberty's: London
Shops: Littlewoods
Shops: Metrification
Shops: Marks & Spencers [3 over-sized]
Shops: Malls: Mulberry Tree Shopping Mall
Shops: Men's Clothing
Shops: Mobile Shops: Sandwell Food Co-op
Shops: Monsoon
Shops: Mothercare
Shops: Newsagents
Shops: Oakland
Shops: Oasis
Shops: Old shop fronts
Shops: Oliver Burgess
Shops: Our Price
Shops: Pawnbrokers
Shops: Pet City
Shops: Peter Jones
Shops: Precincts: King Road
Shops: Precincts: St Peters, Oldham
Shops: Pret-A-Manger
Shops: Pharmacy
Shops: Queensway
Shops: Radio Rentals
Shops: Recession
Shops: Red Or Dead
Shops: Reject Shop
Shops: Richards
Shops: Sales: Oxford St. Sales Before Christmas
Shops: Sales: January Sales
Shops: Sales: 2 [7 over-sized]
Shops: Sales: Harrods [2 over-sized]
Shops: Sales: John Lewis [1 over-sized]

Box 6:
Shops: Scotcade
Shops: Shoe Shops: Various
Shops: Shoppers (Pre-VAT 15%)
Shops: Simpsons: Piccadilly [all over-sized]
Shops: Sony
Shops: Spymaster [all over-sized]
Shops: Street Stalls: Farringdon Street Book Stall
Shops: Superdrug
Shops: Supercentre: GEM
Shops: Supermarkets general
Shops: Supermarkets: Asda
Shops: Supermarkets: 'Out of This World'
Shops: Supermarkets: Safeway
Shops: Supermarkets: Savacentre
Shops: Supermarkets: Somerfield
Shops: Supermarkets: Tesco
Shops: Supermarkets: Trolleys
Shops: Sunday Shopping
Shops: Tailors [over-sized]
Shops: Texas: Homecare
Shops: Tie Rack
Shops: To Let
Shops: Treasure World
Shops: Various
Shops: Videoshops
Shops: Virgin Megastores
Shops: Virgin Wedding Shop

Shops: Voodoo Shop
Shops: W.H.Smith
Shops: Warehouse
Shops: Waring & Gillow
Shops: Westbury Guns
Shops: Woolworths
Shops: All night shopping
Shops: Christmas Shopping [1 over-sized]
Skateboarding [6 over-sized]
Skiing: General
Skulls [12 over-sized]
Smoking: Teenagers
Social Security
Social Services: Community Care (Lack of Funds)
Social Community Service Volunteers
Social Work: Community Service for Young Offenders
Social Services: Britain: Ethnic Switchboard
Social Services: Kingsthorpe Children's Home
Social Services: Dane Court House
Social Services: Old Persons Home
Social Workers: Group Workers Working with Sex Offenders
Social Work: Albany Settlement, Deptford
Social Work: Blackfriars settlement
Societies: Bronthe Society
Societies: Chiltern Society [all over-sized]
Societies: Cliff Bonfire Society
Societies: English Civil War Society
Societies: Secret Society
Societies: Literary & Philisophical Society
Societies: Dylan Thomas Society
Societies: Max Wall
Societies: Morgan Horse Society: Hyde Park
Societies: Nottingham Robin Hood Society [1 over-sized]
Societies: Raymond Chandler Society
Societies: 20th Century Society
Space: Missiles: Patriot
Space: Missiles: Spearfish Torpedo
Space: Missiles: Swingfire Anti-Tank Missile [1 over-sized]
Space: Missiles: Stingray
Space: Missiles: Tigerfish
Space: Missiles: Blood Hound Missiles
Space: Rockets: "Apollo"
Space: Rockets: Russian Models on Exhibition at Earls Court
Space: U.S.A: Star Wars Project [all over-sized]

Box 8:
Spectators: Miscalleneous
Sport: 1960 - (Large Prints) [22 over-sized]
Spying: Various
Spying: Bugging Devices
Spies: MI5
Stamps: Stamp Auction: Stanley Gardens, Strand
Stamps: London International Stamp Exhibition July 1960
Stamps: Various
Statues: General
Steam Engines [all over-sized]
Steel Industry
Steel Industry: British Steel 'Anchor' Project, Scunthorpe
Steel: Co Steel: Sheerness, Kent
Steel Industry: British Steel Margam Works: Port Talbot
Steel Industry: Ravenscraig [2 over-sized]
Steel Industry: Redcar [6 over-sized]
Steel Industry: Special Steel of Sheffield [1 over-sized]
Steel Industry: Scunthorpe [2 over-sized]
Steel Industry: Sheffield
Steel Industry: Shotton Steel Works
Stonework: Masonry [1 over-sized]
Street Entertainment [4 over-sized]
Street Traders: Church St, Manchester
Strikes: Miscallaneous: A - Z

Box 9:
Strikes: Various: 1983
Strikes: Various: 1984
Strikes: Various: 1987
Strikes: Ambulance Operators, Durham: 1973
Strikes: Ambulance Services: 1989
Strikes: ASLEF: 1982
Strikes: Baildon, Yorkshire
Strikes: Bakers: 1977: Bread Queues
Strikes: Pilots (BUA): BALPA Holding Ballot: 1968
Strikes: BPCC: 1983
Strikes: British Leyland: Toolmakers: 1977
Strikes: British Telecom: 1987
Strikes: Building Industry
Strikes: Chrysler: 1973
Strikes: Civil Service Union: 1981
Strikes: Container Drivers Dispute
Strikes: Council Workers: 1970 [5 over-sized]
Strikes: Dockers: 1989
Strikes: National Dock Strikes: 1970 - 72
Strikes: Dock Strike: Liverpool Docks: 1967
Strikes: Dockers on Strike: London
Strikes: Doctors: 1990
Strikes: Dockers: Liverpool: Christopher Thomond & Andrew Testa Pics [All over-size]
Strikes: Dunlop Picket: Labour Disputes
Strikes: Dustmens Strike: 1969
Strikes: Dustmens Strike: 1970s
Strikes: Electricity Workers Strike: 1970
Strikes: Firemans: Fire Duty: 1977
Strikes: Firemen: 1993
Strikes: Fishermen: French Fishermen Blockade: 1994
Strikes: Ford Workers
Strikes: Ford Strike, Halewood & Miscellaneous Car Strikes

Box 10
Strikes: Ford Workers: 1988
Strikes: Fortes: 1974
Strikes: French Trawlers at French Ports
Strikes: Garners Steak House
Strikes: General
Strikes: GMWU Laggers at Texaco Refinery, Pembroke
Strikes: GPO: 1971
Strikes: Grunwick Dispute: 1977 [3 over-size]
Strikes: Hopkinsons T.G.W.U
Strikes: Hammersmith Hospital
Strikes: British Industry: Health/Hospital Workers: 1982
Strikes: Hospital Strikes: Ancillary Workers
Strikes: Isle of Grain Power Station: Laggers Union
Strikes: Miners: 1961
Strikes: Miners: 1970
Strikes: Miners: 1972
Strikes: Miners: 1984 [4 over-size]
Strikes: Miners: 1984 - 85 [22 over-size]
Strikes: Murphy Strike: Tunnel Service: Finsbury Park
Strikes: Nalgo: 1989
Strikes: Newspapers: Times Dispute N.G.A
Strikes: Newspapers: Times: 1978
Strikes: Messenger Group: 1983
Strikes: Newspaper: Wapping Dispute: 1986 - 87
Strikes: Nottingham Post: N.U.J
Strikes: N.U.J at BPC
Strikes: N.U.J: The Times
Strikes: Labour Disputes N.U.P.E Picket against Closure of St. Benedicts
Strikes: NUPE: Coventry
Strikes: Nurses: 1988
Strikes: Oil Tanker Drivers T.G.W.U: 1979

Box 11
Strikes: Overseas
Strikes: Pilkington: Workers
Strikes: Porters: 1963
Strikes: Post Office: 1987
Strikes: Postal Strikes: 1988
Strikes: Post Office: 1989
Strikes: Postal Dispute: 1993
Strikes: Public Services: Transport, Postmen Etc.
Strikes: Public Services: Rubbish In Liverpool
Strikes: Public Services: Camden Social Workers: 1991
Strikes: Keeton & Sons
Strikes: Rail Strike: 1993 [1 over-size]
Strikes: Rail Strike: 1995
Strikes: Reynolds Chain Factory: Women Engineering Workers
Strikes: Seamens Strike
Strikes: Seamens Strike: Southampton Docks
Strikes: Seamen 1988 - 1989 [4 over-size]
Strikes: Stablehands at Newmarket
Strikes: Steel Strike: ISTF: 1980
Strikes: Teachers on Day Strikes in London: 1969
Strikes: Teachers N.U.T: 1973
Strikes: Teachers: 1985 - 86
Strikes: T.G.W.U [1 over-size]
Strikes: Timex: 1993
Strikes: Trico-Folberth: Women's Strike for Equal Pay
Strikes: Trawlermen: Hull
Strikes: Trawlermen Against Cheap Imports
Strikes: Trawlermen March 1966
Strikes: Waterworkers: 1983
Strikes: Year of Discontent: 1979 [1 over-size]
Strippers [1 over-size]

Box 12
Students (+1 oversize)
Suicide: Girl 'Phoning' The Samaritans
Survival Courses: In Scotland
Swimming: Bathing in The Thames
Swimming Pools: Various
Access StatusOpen
Social Services

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