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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter W
Extent4 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionPrints from the Observer picture library on subjects beginning with W:

Box 1
Wars: Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
Wars: World War II [2 over-sized]
Wars: World War II (Anniversaries [50th Anniversary Of Battle Of The Atlantic])
Wars: World War II (Anniversaries Of D-Day) [5 over-sized]
Wars: World War II (A-Bomb Hiroshima & Nagasaki)
Wars: World War II (VE Day [Annivesaries]) [4 over-sized]
Wars: World War II (VJ Day Celebrations 1995)
Wars: World War II (Pillbox At Rickmansbury, Hertfordshire)
Wars: World War II (Sherman Tanks) [7 over-sized]
Wars: Veterans (Gallipoli)
Wars: Veterans (Falklands War Veterans Reunion) (Pictures By Stuart Griffiths) [all over-sized]
Washhouses [all over-sized]
Water (general) [1 over-sized]
Water: Dowsing School (Traditional Water-Finders Tool)
Water: Lowermoor Treatment Plant, Bodmin Moor
Water: Ennerdale Waterworks
Water: National River Authority Officials at work
Water: Private Supply, Upper Spring Farm, West Yorkshire
Water: Thames Water
Weather: Heat wave, Britain 1983
Weather: Floods (General)
Weather: Gale Damage
Weather: Floods In South Wales
Weather: Fog
Weather: Floods (1982)
Weather: Heat waves
Weather: Heat wave (1990)

Box 2:
Weather: August Bank Holiday
Weather: Drought (General)
Weather: Drought (1984) [all over-sized]
Weather: Floods (Wales [1990])
Weather: Rain [10 over-sized]
Weather: Floods [5 over-sized]
Weather: Floods (Lincolnshire)
Weather: Floods (Thames Flood Barrier)
Weather: Snow
Weather: Snow (Animals In Snow)
Weather: Snow (Snow Clearing)
Weather: Snow (Snow In Inverness, January 1978)
Weather: Snow (Trains And Aeroplanes In Snow)
Weather: Snow (In May)
Weather: Storms (1987) [22 over-sized]
Weather: Storms (1988)
Weather: Storms (1989)
Weather: Storms (1990)
Weather: Storms (1993)
Weather: Storms (General)
Weather: Stormy Clouds [all over-sized]
Weather: Sunshine
Weather: The Old Man Weather Vane
Weather: General [2 over-sized]
Weather: Windy
Weather: Winter
Weather: Winter (1986)
Weather: Winter (1987)
Weather: Winter (1990s)
Weather: Snow [8 over-sized]

Box 3:
Weddings (1) up to 90s
Weddings (2)
Whisky: Teachers Distillery
Windmills: Pictures By John Wildgoose [all over-sized]
Windmills: Pictures By David Mansell
Window Cleaning
Wine: Beaujolais Nouveau
Wine: General [2 over-sized]
Wine: Bars
Wine: Bottle Openers
Wine: Poisoned Wine Scandal
Wine: Press
Wine: Tasting
Wine: Vineyards
Women: Businesswomen
Women: Feminists (Suffragettes)
Women: GI Brides
Women: Indian
Women: Liberation
Women: Models
Women: Mothers
Women: Office Workers
Women: Red Lion Setters
Women: Sari Squad*
Women: Self-Defence
Women: Single Mothers
Women: Southall Black Sisters
Women: General (+ 7 oversize)

Box 4
Women: Working Mothers
Woods And Forest
Wood Preserver
Work: Barleymow Workspace
Access StatusOpen
TermWars (events)

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