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TitlePicture Library files on Art
Extent5 boxes plus oversize
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
Prints by Guardian/Observer photographers:

Box 1:
Artists: General
African: MOMA Oxford
Art: Arman
Art Nouveau
Bedford Art Centre
Anthony Caro
Cartoons: Various
Adrian Berg (all oversize)
Charles Biederman
William Blake
John Bridgeman
Anne Brodrick
Don Brown
John Buckley (+3 oversize)
Reg Butler (all oversize)
'C' Various (+1 oversize)
Celtic Art
Ceroli (all oversize)
Chagall (all oversize)
Children's Art
Marcus Coates
Common Ground
John Constable
Edward Coster
John Sell Cotman
E. Cucchi (all oversize)
'D' Various
Leonardo Da Vinci
Richard Dadd
Salvador Dali
Richard Deacon (all oversize)
'E' Various (all oversize)
Epstein (+3 oversize)
Estorick: Collection of Modern Italian Art
Exhibitions: Various
Exhibitions: American Art in The 20th Century: Royal Academy of Art: 1993
Exhibitions: Amnesty International
Exhibitions: Andy Warhol
Exhibitions: Arts Council: 1980
Exhibitions: Anish Kapoor
Exhibitions: Athena Exhibition (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Barbican
Exhibitions: British Arts in The 20th Century (all oversize)
Exhibitions: British Art Show: 1990
Exhibitions: British in China
Exhibitions: British Sculpture in The 60s
Exhibitions: British Sculpture in The 20th Century (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Peter Caulfield at Serpentine Gallery
Exhibitions: Christo & Jeanne Claude: Wrapped Volvo
Exhibitions: Devious Devices (+1 oversize)
Exhibitions: Martin Disler, 1991
Exhibitions: Documenta 7 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Dreams of A Summer Night (all oversize)
Exhibitions: English Romanesque (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Forty Years of Modern Art (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Franz Hals 1990
Exhibitions: Fresh Art: 1991
Exhibitions: Gehry Exhibition: 1999
Exhibitions: Genius of Venice (oversize all)
Exhibitions: German Art in The 20th Century
Exhibitions: Alberto Giacometti
Exhibitions: Glagow Great British Art Show
Exhibitions: Andy Goldworthy
Exhibitions: Julio Gonzalez
Exhibitions: Arshile Gorky
Exhibitions: D. Hanson
Exhibitions: Hard Won Image (oversize all)
Exhibitions: Patrick Hayman
Exhibitions: Hayward Annual (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Hayward Gallery: 1986 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Rebecca Horn
Exhibitions: Hungarian Exhibition: Barbican: 1989
Exhibitions: Peter Howson
Exhibitions: Royal Academy (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Belladonna ICA: 1997 (+2 oversize)

Box 2:
Exhibitions: Icons at Royal Academy (all oversize)
Exhibitions: "I Dream of Peace"
Exhibitions: Impressionist Exhibition: McLellan Gallery, Glasgow: 1997
Exhibitions: Art of The Invalid Child
Exhibitions: Ivon Hitchens
Exhibitions: Yves Klein: 1995 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Gerald Lang: The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh: 1993
Exhibitions: Sir Denys Lasdun: 1997 (+3 oversize)
Exhibitions: Toulouse Lautrec Exhibition: Royal Academy (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Tim Lewis Exhibition: Flowers East Gallery
Exhibitions: Like Nothing Else in Tennessee: Serpentine Gallery: 1992
Exhibitions: Allan McCollum: Serpentine Gallery: 1990
Exhibitions: Henry Moore: Royal Academy
Exhibitions: Bruce Nauman Exhibition: 1998
Exhibitions: Neo-Classicism
Exhibitions: New Art at The Tate (all oversize)
Exhibitions: New Contemporaries ICA: 1993
Exhibitions: New Spirit in Painting: Royal Academy
Exhibitions: Orientalists: Royal Academy
Exhibitions: James Pryde: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: 1992
Exhibitions: Post-Impressionists: Royal Academy
Exhibitions: Pre-Raphaelites (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Joan Eardley: RSA Exhibition: Talbot Rico Gallery, Edinburgh: 1988
Exhibitions: Giuseppe Penone: Arolfini Gallery, Bristol
Exhibitions: ICA Gallery: The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment
Exhibitions: Metropolis: Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
Exhibitions: RCA Jays Mews, Kensington (all oversize)
Exhibitions: The Modern Masters: Royal Academy: 1990
Exhibitions: Sculpture: Rosary Cemetary, London (+ 4 oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1979
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1980
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1981
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1983 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1985 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1986 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1987 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1988 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1988: 2 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1989
Exhibitions: Monet in The 90's: The Series Paintings: Royal Academy of Arts, London: 1990
Exhibitions: Royal Academy: Sue Adler Pics (+ 1 oversize)
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1989
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1990
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1991
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1992
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1993
Exhibitions: Royal Academy Summer Show: 1994 (+ 1 oversize)
Exhibitions: Michael Sandle at Whitechapel Art Gallery (+ 1 oversize)
Exhibitions: Sculpture at Hayward: 1973
Exhibitions: Sculpture at Hayward: 1983 (+ 1 oversize)
Exhibitions: Serpentine Gallery: 1985 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: The Sixties in London at The Barbican: 1993
Exhibitions: Smith Gallery & Museum
Exhibitions: Snap At National Portrait Gallery
Exhibitions: Stanley Spencer Exhibitions
Exhibitions: Status of Sculpture ICA: 1990
Exhibitions: Richard Long: Tate Gallery: 1990
Exhibitions: Rebecca Horn: Tate Gallery: 1994
Exhibitions: The Treasure House of Britain Exhibition
Exhibitions: Venice Biennale (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Venice Biennale: 1993
Exhibitions: Vienne: 1880 - 1938 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Bill Viola: Whitechapel Gallery: 1993 (all oversize)
Exhibitions: Watercolour, Highgate
Exhibitions: Boyd Webb: D'Offay Gallery
Exhibitions: Braque: Walker Gallery: Liverpool: 1990
Exhibitions: Walking Circles: 1991
Exhibitions: Store 1990: Whitechapel Open Exhibition
Exhibitions: Joseph Wright of Derby: Tate Gallery: 1990
Exhibitions: Young Contemporaries
Art Fair, Islington: 1997
Barry Fantoni Drawings (put with outsize- not photos)
Bill Feaver
Flemish Carving 1990
For Sale: Contemporary Art Society Market: Neal St, London
Forgery: Vases
Jean-Honore Fragonard
Caspar D. Friedrich
Elisabeth Frink (+ 1 outsize)
Katsura Funakoshi (all outsize)
Gabo (all outsize)
Galleries: Barbican
Galleries:Cork Street
Galleries: Dulwich
Galleries: Edinburgh Modern Art (all outsize)
Galleries: Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art
Galleries: Hayward (+ 1 outsize)
Galleries: Ismaili Centre
Galleries: Kasmin Gallery
Galleries: Leeds Art Gallery
Galleries: Nigel Greenwood Gallery
Galleries: Hayward: Art in Latin America
Galleries: Hayward Gallery: Nam June Paik Video Works (all outsize)
Galleries: Henry Moore Institute
Galleries: ICA (+ 1 outsize)

Box 3:
Galleries: Kettles Yard, Cambridge
Galleries: Kitchen Sink
Galleries: Leeds City Council
Galleries: Manchester: City Art Gallery: L.S Lowry Room
Galleries: William Morris Gallery
Galleries: National Gallery (+3 oversize)
Galleries: National Portrait
Galleries: National Portrait: "The Portrait Now" Exhibition: 1993
Galleries: National Gallery Extension
Galleries: National Gallery of Scotland (+1 oversize)
Galleries: National Gallery of Scotland: Virtue & Vision: 1991
Galleries: Queens Gallery, Buckingham Place
Galleries: Royal Academy: Incl. Sensations, Victorian Fairy Paintings (+2 oversize)
Galleries: Ruskin, Sheffield (all oversize)
Galleries: Saatchi Art Gallery
Galleries: Serpentine Gallery: Rebecca Scott (Fibonacci Petals)
Galleries: Serpentine Gallery (+5 oversize)
Galleries: The Tate
Galleries: Tate Gallery, Liverpool
Galleries: Tate Gallery: Symposium on Destruction (all oversize)
Galleries: Tate Gallery West
Galleries: Tate: Clore Gallery (+ 4 oversize)
Galleries: Tate, Liverpool: Video Positive: 1989
Galleries: Three Six Nine
Galleries: Treadmills Art Mill
Galleries: Whitechapel Art Gallery
Galleries: Zamani
Alfred Gilbert (all oversize)
Vincent Van Gogh
Greyfriars: Stained Glass Windows
'H' Various
Richard Hamilton
Mona Hartoum
Serena de la Hey
David Hockney (+3 oversize)
Augustin Ibarrola
India, Art From
Albert Irvin
Isobel Strachey
John Isaacs
CS Jagger (all oversize)
Gwen John
Allen Jones
Donald Jones
'K' Various
Kabakov: Art Installation: 1998
Anish Kapoor: White Dark III: 1995 (+1 oversize)
Tom Keating (+3 oversize)
Kinetic Art
Robert Koenig: Scupltor
Kokoschka (+ 4 oversize)

Box 4:
'L' Various
Michael Landy
Edward Lear (all oversize)
Line Over London (all oversize)
Sarah Lucas: Exhibition at The ICA: 1997 (all oversize)
Merz: Contempary Art
Mentally Handicapped, Art By
Mexican Art
Joan Miro
Henri Matisse (+2 oversize)
Robert Morris (prints by Ian Cook of Rober Morris Tate Exhibition, 1971)
Sir Alfred Munnings (all oversize)
Murals: Bicycle (all oversize)
Murals: Cantebury Tales/Old Kent Rd By Paul Prestidge
Murals: Kings Cross Mural
Sidney Nolan
'O' Various
'P' Various
E Paolozzi (+ 1 oversize)
Pavement Art
Performance Art
Peter Peri (all oversize)
Picasso (+8 oversize)
Jamie Pitarch
Jackson Pollock
Pop Art (includes set by Jane Bown)
Roy Powell
Prehistoric Art
William Pye (all oversize)
Robert Rauschenberg
Man Ray
Rembrandt: Fake Drawings
Renoir (all oversize)
Joshua Reynolds (all oversize)
Royal College of Art
'S' Various
Saatchi Collection
Paul St. George
Jenny Saville
Schnabel (all oversize)
Scrap Metal Dinosaur
Sculpture: Various
Sculpture: Lightning Field: Floating Sculpture (all oversize)
Sculpture: Magdalena Abakanowicz
Sculpture: Marina Abramowitz
Sculpture: Carl Andre
Sculpture: Art Junkies
Sculpture: Walter Bailey
Sculpture: Stephen Balkenhol
Sculpture: David Begbie
Sculpture: Brighton Arts Festival (+3 oversize)
Sculpture: Lynn Chadwick
Sculpture: Ian Cooper
Sculpture: Tom Cragg
Sculpture: Tony Cragg (all oversize)
Sculpture: Richard Deacon
Sculpture: Family Sculpture Day
Sculpture: Floozie in The Jacuzzi
Sculpture: Flying Swan Sculpture
Sculpture: Mick Kirkby Geddes
Sculpture: Grizedale Forest, Cumbria
Sculpture: Ice (all oversize)
Sculpture: David Kemp
Sculpture: Jannis Kounellis
Sculpture: Anish Kapoor
Sculpture: Jeff Koons
Sculpture: Richard Lawrence
Sculpture: Roger Macdonald

Box 5
Sculpture: David Mach (+3 oversize)
Sculpture: Miro Sculptures
Sculpture: Ron Mueck (+4 oversize)
Sculpture: Nam June Paik
Sculpture: David Nash
Sculpture: Papua -New Guinea Mud Man
Sculpture: Rhino by Robbie Coleman & Gareth Shaw
Sculpture: Peter Rush (Queen Mother)
Sculpture: Nicole Ryan
Sculpture: Port Talbot Sculpture Park
Sculpture: Saatchi Collection
Sculpture: Kinetic Sculpture: John White
Sculpture: Serra Steel Sculpture
Sculpture: Shree Ambaji Divine Mother Goddess
Sculpture: "Signs of Life Sculpture": Kings College, Cambridge
Sculpture: St. George & The Dragon
Sculpture: 'Tree House' by Hamish Black
Sculpture: William Tucker
Sculpture: Halinka Tyszko
Sculpture: Richard Wilson (all oversize)
Sculpture: Bill Woodrow
David Smith (all oversize)
Stanley Spencer
Sri Lanka
Stained Glass
Statues: Ben Gibson Pics (all oversize)
Statues: D.Harden Pics
Statues: Statue of Christ by David McFall (all oversize)
Statues: Ain Ghazel
Statues: Archbishop Makarious (all oversize)
Statues: George & The Dragon
Statues: Early Medieval Statues From York Minster
Statues: Michelangelo's David (+1 oversize)
Statues: Mona, The Moon by Rysbrack
Statues: Mozart by Philip Jackson
Statues: Vishnu Statue
Graham Sutherland (all oversize)
Tapestry (+2 oversize)
Peter Tarrant
Terezin, Art From: Czechoslovakia
Tinguely (all oversize)
Caspar D Friedrich
Tudor Portraits (all oversize)
JMW Turner
"Turner Prize"
Mark Wallinger
Andy Warhol
Westway Murals
John White (all oversize)
Kate Whiteford (all oversize)
A. Wilding (all oversize)
Victor Willing (all oversize)
B Woodrow (all oversize)
Access StatusOpen
Cultural Exhibitions
Art Galleries

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