Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/6/C
TitlePicture library files for personalities beginning with C
Extent15 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of prints of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Caan, James
Caballe, Montserrat
Cabot, Bruce
Cabot-Lodge, Henry
Cabrera Infante, G
Caccia, Lord
Cacoyannis, Michael
Cadbury, Sir Adrian
Cadbury, Dominic
Cadbury, Peter
Cadman, Ron
Cadogan, Lucy
Cadogan, Pat
Caduff, Sylvia
Caesar The Geezer
Cafell, Colin
Cage, John
Cage, Nicholas
Caine, Marti
Cairncross, Frances
Cairns, Tom
Cathness, Lord
Calasso, Roberto (Set by Jane Bown)
Calcott, Claude
Calcutt, Sir David
Caldecote, Lord (By Jane Bown)
Calder, Dave (Poet)
Calder, David (Actor)
Calder, John (Including set by Jane Bown)
Calder, Liz (Including one by Jane Bown)
Calder-Marshall, Anne (Including set by Jane Bown)
Calwell, Erskine
Calfox, Sir John
Calill, Carmen
Callaghan, Audrey (Wife of former PM)
Callaghan, Hugh (Set by Jane Bown)
Callaghan, Ian
Callaghan, James (Former PM) Files 1,2,3 (Including sets by Jane Bown, Don McPhee, Peter Johns, E. Hamilton West, Kenneth Saunders)
Callan, Kevin
Callard, Sir Jack
Callas, Maria
Calley, Lt. William
Callil, Carmen (Set by Jane Bown)
Callow, Simon (Sets by Jane Bown, Nobby Clark, Eamonn McCabe, Tony McGrath)
Calman, Mel
Calvert, Kit
Calvert, Phyllis
Camara, Dom Helder
Cambridge, Godfrey

Box 2:
Camden, Anthony (Set by Jane Bown)
Cameron, James (Jounalist)
Cameron, Ken
Cameron, Baron Neil
Cameron, Rhona (Set by Jane Bown)
Campbell, Alastair
Campbell, Anne
Campbell, Beatrix
Campbell, Bryn
Campbell, Cheryl
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Duncan (Journalist)
Campbell, Duncan (Staff)
Campbell, Ffyona (Set by Jane Bown)
Campbell, Gavin
Campbell, Gina
Campbell, Sir Jock
Campbell, John
Campbell, Ken
Campbell, Dr Louise
Campbell, Menzies (MP)
Campbell, Naomi
Campbell, Nicky
Campbell, Roy (Set by Jane Bown)
Campbell, Stuart
Campbell, Tevin (Set by Jane Bown)
Campbell, William
Campion, Jane
Campoli, Alfredo
Camus, Albert (All agency)
Camus, Catherine
Cane, Mary
Canetti, Elias (Set by Michael Peto)
Cannan, Dennis
Cannon, Danny
Cannon, Dyan
Cannon, Lady
Cannon, Leslie
Cannon, Paddy (Including images from Michael Peto, Jane Bown and David Newell Smith
Cannon, Robert
Can, Yo
Capchow, Kate
Capelain, Carlos
Caplan, Gerald
Caplan, Sam Hill
Capo, Remy
Capote, Truman
Capp, Al
Caputo, Philip
Cardinale, Claudia
Cardinal, Marie (Set by Jane Bown)
Cardin, Pierre
Carenal, Ernesto
Caramitrou, Lou
Caradon, Lord (Including set by Don McCullin)
Cara, Irene
Carey, Dr George (Archbishop of Canterbury - Sets by Jane Bown & Nobby Clark)
Carey, Margaret
Carey, Mariah
Carey, Peter (Including set by Jane Bown)

Box 3:
Carluccio, Antonio
Carlton, Mike
Carlson, Joel
Carlisle, Lord
Carlisle, John
Carlisle, Alex
Carmen, George
Carmichael, Stokeley
Carnarvon, Earl of (By Jane Bown)
Carnihan, Tom
Caro, Anthony
Carolus, Cheryl
Caron, Leslie (Set by Jane Bown)
Carpenter, Harry
Carpenter, Humphrey (Set by Jane Bown)
Carr, Allen
Carr, J L (Image by Jane Bown)
Carr, Lord Robert
Carr, Michael
Carras, Lydia
Carre, John le (Including Sets by Jane Bown, Don McCullin, Lorrie Graham and Andreas Heumann)
Carre, Lawrence (By Jane Bown)
Carreno, Jose Manuel
Carrera, Barbara (Set by Jane Bown)
Carreras, Sir Michael
Carreras, Jose
Carriere, Jean Claude
Carriere, Robert
Carron, Owen
Carron, Ian (Staff)
Carsberg, Bryan
Carson, John
Carson, Violet (Set by Don McCullin)
Carter, Angela
Carter, Betty
Carter, Elliott
Carter, Jimmy (Former President of USA)
Carter, Peter (Author)
Carter, Peter
Carter, Philip
Carter, Winifred (Set by Jane Bown)
Carrington, Lord

Box 4:
Carritt, David (Set by Neil Libbert)
Carron, Owen
Carron, William
Cartland, Barbara (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cartlidge, Katrin (Actress)
Cartwright, John
Cartwright, Justin*
Cartwright, Dame Mary
Cartwright, Sarah
Carty, Mairead (Set by Nobby Clark)
Carvalho, Otelo Saraiva de
Carvel, John (Staff)
Carver, Lord
Carver, Raymond (Author)
Casey, James
Caselt-Hayford, Joe
Cash, David (Private Eye)
Cash, Johnny
Cash, William (MP)
Cashman, Michael (Including set by Jane Bown)
Casken, Dr John
Cassavettes, John (Sets by Jane Bown and Chris Smith)
Cassidy, Dr Sheila (Including set by Jane Bown)
Casson, Sir Hugh (Including set by Jane Bown)
Casson, Lewis (Set by Jane Bown)
Casson, Peter
Castellano, Archbishop Mario Ismaele
Castle, Barbara (Including sets by Jane Bown and David Newell Smith)
Castle, John
Castle, Keith (Including set by Jane Bown)
Castle, Roy
Castledine, Annie
Castro, Fidel
Castro, Ramon
Castro, Raul
Catherwood, Sir Fred (Including set by Jane Bown)
Catling, Brian
Catterall, Tony (Set by Jane Bown)
Catto, Henry E
Cattouse, Nadia
Cauldwell, David

Box 5:
Caulfield, Patrick
Caunes, Antoine De (Set by Jane Bown)
Caute, David
Cavalcanti, Alberto
Cavaliero, Roddy (Set by Jane Bown)
Cave, Nick
Cavendish, Anthony (Set by Jane Bown)
Cawley, Winifred
Cazelet, Gillian
Ceausescu, Nicolae
Cecil, Henry
Cecil, Lord David
Cernan, Gene
Chabrol, Claude
Chadburn, Ray
Chadinch, Fiona
Chadwick, Don (Smurfs - Set by Jane Bown)
Chadwick, Fiona (Ballet - all agency)
Chadwick, Helen
Chagall, Marc (Including set by Jane Bown)
Chailly, Riccardo
Chain, Dr Ernst Boris
Chakiris, George (Set by Jane Bown)
Chalayan, Hussein
Chalker, Lynda (MP)
Chalmers, Judith
Chalmers, Neil
Chamberlain, Sir Austen
Chamberlain, Neville
Chamberlain, Richard
Chambers, Clare (Set by Jane Bown)
Chambers, Lucinda
Chambers, Paul
Chamorrow, Violetta
Chan, Jackie (All agency)
Chancellor, Alexander
Chancellor, Anna (Set by Jane Bown)
Chancellor, Sir Christopher
Chand, Nik
Chandos, !st Viscount
Chanel, Coco (Including prints by Cecil Beaton)
Chang, Jung
Chang, Sarah

Box 6:
Channing, Carol
Channing, Stockard
Channon, Paul
Chapell, Mr
Chapin Carpenter, Mary
Chaplin, Ben
Chaplin, Charlie
Chaplin, Christopher
Chaplin, Geraldine
Chaplin, Victoria
Chapman, Ben
Chapman, Carl
Chapman, Graham
Chapman, Herbert
Chapman, Ian
Chapman, Jake & Dinos
Chapman, Leslie
Chapman, Patsy (By Jane Bown)
Chapman, Rod (Staff)
Chapman, Roger
Chapple, Baron Frank
Charap, Ellen Kuhn (Staff)
Charial, Jean Andre (By Jane Bown)
Charisse, Cyd (By Jane Bown)
Charles, Craig
Charles, Eugenia
Charles, Franklyn
Charles, Prince (Not Royalty)
Charles, Ray
Charlesworth, Sarah
Charlton, Philip (By Jane Bown)
Charlton, Suzanne (By Jane Bown)
Charnin, Martin
Chase, Carl
Chase, Chevy
Chataway, Christopher
Chater, Gordon
Chater, Tony (By Jane Bown)
Chatterjee, Upamanyu (By Jane Bown)
Chatto, Beth
Chatwin, Bruce (Including set by Jane Bown)
Chaudhary, Vivek (Staff)
Chaudhuri, Anita (Staff)
Chaudhuri, Nirad (Including set by Jane Bown)
Checkland, Michael (Including set by Jane Bown)
Chee-Hwa, Tung
Cheek, Mavis (Set by Jane Bown)
Cheeseman, Peter
Cheetlaim, Anthony (Including set by Jane Bown)
Chenevix-Trench, Anthony
Cheney, Senator Dick
Cheraside, Linda
Cherkassky, Shura
Chermayeff, Serge
Cherry, Neneh
Cheshire, Captain Leonard
Chesshyre, Bob (Staff)
Chester, Charlie
Chevalier, Maurice (portrait by Tony McGrath)
Chhachhi, Shebha

Box 7:
Chiba, Mr K
Chichester, Francis
Chichester-Clark, James (Portrait by Tony McGrath)
Chikuaidze, A D
Childers, Erskine
Childs, Derrick Rigby
Childs, Toni
Chidgey, David
Chidzero, Dr Bernard
Chiepe, Gaositwe
Chi-Minh, Ho (All agency)
Chipp, David
Chippendale, Peter (Staff)
Chipperfield, Dick
Chipperfield, Mary
Chirac, Jacques
Chichester, Sir Frances
Chilton, Edmond
Chimes, Julie
Chin, Tsai
Chipanga, Andreas (By Jane Bown)
Chissano, Joaquim
Chitnis, Lord
Chitty, Letitia
Chiume, M K K (By Michael Peto)
Chohan, Dr Jagjit Singh
Cho-liang, Lin
Chomsky, Noam
Choo, Jimmy
Chorlton, Penny (Staff)
Chorzempa, Daniel
Chowdhury, Apala (Staff)
Christian, Terry
Christiansen, Arthur
Christiansen, Helena
Christie, Agatha
Christie, George
Christie, John
Christo (Including set by Jane Bown)
Christoff, Boris (Set by Jane Bown)
Christie, Julie (Including set by Jane Bown)
Christmas, Linda (Staff)
Christy, Naomi
Christy, Des (Staff)
Chuck, Charlie (Set by Jane Bown)
Chunn, Louise (Staff)
Church, Senator Frank
Church, Richard
Church, Tony
Churchill, Caryl (Including set by Jane Bown)
Churchill, John Spencer (Winston Churchill's nephew)
Churchill, Randolf (Winston Churchill's son)
Churchill, Sir Winston

Box 8:
Churchill, Sir Winston (Funeral)
Churchill, Winston (Grandson of Sir Winston Churchill)
[Chuttow-Brock, Gary]
Cilento, Diane (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cimino, Michael
Cippola, Joseph
Cisneros, Sandra
Cisse, Jeanne-Martin
Citrine, Lord (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cixous, Helene
Clancarty, Lord (By Eamonn McCabe)
Clapton, Eric
Clare, Dr Anthony (Including set by Jane Bown)
Clare, George (Set by Jane Bown)
Clare-Hunt, Gabrielle
Clark, Alan (Including set by Jane Bown & Eamonn McCabe)
Clark, Brian
Clark, Colin (Set by Jane Bown)
Clark, Daniel
Clark, David (Including set by Jane Bown)
Clark, Eric (Staff)
Chichester-Clark, Major James
Clark, Joe (Staff)
Clark, Dr Jonathan
Clark, Sir Kenneth (Including set by Cecil Beaton)
Clark, Michael
Clark, Dr Paul W
Clark, Victoria (Staff)
Clark, William (Staff)
Clark, Alan (Staff)
Clarke, Alan
Clarke, Arthur C
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Gillian (Including set by Jane Bown)
Clarke, Jane
Clarke, Jay (Set by Jane Bown)
Clarke, John Cooper (Set by Jane Bown)
Clarke, Judge Jonathan (Set by Jane Bown)
Clarke, Ken (1&2)

Box 9:
Clarke, Kenny
Clarke, Liz (Staff)
Clarke, Margi
Clarke, Peter (Staff)
Clarke, Stanley
Clarke, Tom (By Jane Bown)
Clarkson, Jeremy
Clarkson, Wensley
Clary, Julian
Clash, The
Clavel, Maurice
Clavell, James
Claverie, Sophie
Clay, John
Clayton, Jack (Set by Jane Bown)
Clayton, Lucy
Clayton , Sylvia
Cleary, Mick (Staff)
Cleave, Maureen (Set by Jane Bown)
Cleaver, Eldridge
Cledwyn, Lord
Cleese, John
Clegg, Professor Hugh (Including set by Eamonn McCabe)
Clement, Dick
Clements, Anne
Clements, Dick
Clements, Julia OBE
Clements, Patrick
Clerides, Glafkos
Cleveland, Carol
Cleverdon, Douglas
Clewlow, Carol
Clifford, Gay
Clifford, Max (Including set by Jane Bown)
Clifford, Tim
Cline, Sally (Set by Jane Bown)
Clinton, Bill (Also with Hillary)
Clinton, George
Clinton, Hillary
Clinton-Davies, Stanley (Set by Jane Bown)
Clissit, Ben (Staff)
Clore, Charles
Close, Frederick (Set by Jane Bown)
Close, Glenn
Clouston, Erlend (Staff)
Clowes, Daniel
Clowes, Peter
Clutterbuck, Sir David
Clutton-Brock, Guy
Clwyd, Anne
Clyne, Rod (Staff)
Cobb, Richard (Set by Jane Bown)
Cobbold, Marika
Coburn, Jane
Cochrane, Jonnie
Cocker, Jarvis
Cocker, Joe
Cockerell, Christopher
Coco The Clown
Cocteau, Jean (All agency)
Coffey, Denise
Cordon, Michael
Coe, Jonathan
Coe, Peter
Coe, Sebastian
Coggan, Donald (Former Archbishop of Cantebury)
Cohan, Bob
Cohen, Bernard

Box 10:
Cohen, Sir Jack
Cohen, Janet
Cohen, John and Mark
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Nick
Cohen, Norman
Colbert, Claudette
Cole, Barr
Cole, Bob
Cole, Bruce
Cole, George
Cole, John (Staff)
Cole, Lord
Cole, Lloyd
Cole, Peter (Editor Sunday Correspondent)
Coleman, John & Audrey (& Jean Waddell)
Coleman, Omette
Coleman, Terry (Staff)[uploaded to the grid]
Coleridge, David
Coleridge, Nicholas
Coleridge, Peter
Coles, Joanna (Staff)
Colgan, Michael
Colicos, John (Including set by Jane Bown)
Collange, Christine
Collee, John
Collett, Linda
Collette, Toni (Set by Eamonn McCabe)
Collier, J G
Collier, Lesley
Collings, Rex (By Eamonn McCabe)
Collins, Aletta
Collins, Barry
Collins, Canon (Including set by Jane Bown)
Collins, Cecil (Set by Jane Bown)
Collins, Denise
Collins, Eamonn
Collins, Gerard
Collins, Hugh
Collins, Jackie
Collins, Joan
Collins, Judy
Collins, Mark
Collins, Mike (All agency)
Collins, Pauline (Including set by Jane Bown)
Collins, Rosmary (Staff)
Collins, Stella
Collins, Van
Collins, Warwick (Set by Jane Bown)
Collins, William
Collis, John Stewart
Collister, Christine
Collor De Mello, President Fernando
Colombani, Jean-Marie
Colombo, Joe
Colquhoun, Keith (Staff)
Coltrane, John
Coltrane, Robbie (Including set by Jane Bown)
Colver, Hugh
Coluille, Billy

Box 11:
Colvin, Sheila
Comfort, Dr Alex
Composers Quartet
Condon, Paul
Condry, William
Cofino, Joe (Staff)
Conlon, Gerard
Connell, Elizabeth
Connell, Mandy
Connelly, Edward
Connelly, Rosmary
Conner, Angela
Connery, Sean
Connoly, Billy
Connor, Linda (Set by Jane Bown)
Connor, Tony
Conrad, Peter
Conran, Jasper
Conran, Paul
Conran, Shirley (Sets by David Bailey and Jane Bown)
Conran, Terence
Constantine, Suzannah
Contijoch, Alberto
Conti, Tom
Conville, David
Conway, Glen
Conway, Cardinal William
Cogan, Steve
Cook, Barbara
Cook, Charles (Staff)
Cook, Dave
Cook, Peter
Cook, Robin
Cook, Roger
Cook, Stephen (Staff)
Cook, Tony
Cooke, Alistair
Cooke, Sir John Fletcher (Set by Jane Bown)

Box 12:
Cookridge, E H
Cookson, Catherine
Coolidge, Martha
Coombes, Valerie (Set by Jane Bown)
Coon, Caroline (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cooper, Cary
Cooper, Dennis (Set by Jane Bown)
Cooper, Lady Diana
Cooper, Felice
Cooper, Dame Gladys (Set bby Jane Bown)
Cooper, Gordon
Cooper, Heaton
Cooper, Helen
Cooper, Imogen
Cooper, Jilly (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cooper, Lettice (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cooper, Lord
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Neil
Cooper, Roger
Cooper, Rosmary
Cooper, Tim
Cooper, Tommy
Cooper, William
Cooper, Yvette
Coote, Anna (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cope, Wendy
Copland, Aaron
Coplans, John
Copley, Paul
Copping, Bernard
Coppola, Francis Ford
Copsey, Sheila (Staff)
Coral, Bernard
Corbett, Bernie (NUJ)
Corbett, Harry H. (Portrait by Colin Jones)
Corbett, Ronnie
Corbett, William
Corbusier, Le
Corbyn, Jeremy
Corbyn, Piers
Corddell, Philip
Corder, Michael
Core, Philip
Corfield, Sir Kenneth
Cork, Sir Kenneth (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cork, Roger
Cormack, Patrick
Cornfeld, Bernie (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cornish, Winsome-Grace
Cornwell, Charlotte (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cornwell, Patricia (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cornwell, Peter (Set by Jane Bown)
Cornwell, Suzanne (Set by Jane Bown)
Coronel, Ricardo (Set by Jane Bown)
Corre, Joe (Set by Jane Bown)
Correa, Charles
Corri, Adrienne
Corrigan, Mairead
Corrigan, Peter (Staff)
Corsaro, Frank
Corso, Gregory (Including set by Jane Bown)
Corston, Jean
Cortazar, Julio
Cortes, Joaquin
Cosby, Bill
Cottle, Gerry
Cottrell, Richard
Coulter, Paddy
Coupland, Douglas
Courreges, Andre
Course, John (Staff)

Box 13:
Court, Joan
Courtauld, George (By Don McCullin)
Courtenay, Tom
Cosgrave, Liam
Costello, Elvis
Costello, J A (By Karsh)
Cott, Tim
Cottisloe, Lord
Cousins, Frank
Cousins, Jane
Covington, Julie
Coward, Noel
Coward, Ros
Cowell, Simon
Cowin, Jill
Cowper, Heather
Cox, Alex
Cox, Brian (Actor)
Cox, Brian
Coyne, Eileen
Coyne, John (Staff)
Crabbe, Pauline
Crabtree, Tom (Staff)
Crace, Jim
Craddock, Fanny
Craddock, Sir Percy
Cragg, Tony
Craig, Amanda
Craig, Charles
Craig, Dr David
Craig, Wendy
Craig, William
Craig-Martin, Michael
Craigle, Jill
Cran, James
Cranborne, Lord
Crane, Adrian & Richard
Crane, Robin
Cranham, Jerry
Cranham, Kenneth
Cranko, John
Crankshaw, Edward (By Jane Bown)
Craven, Gemma
Craven, John
Craven, Wes
Cravic, Zoran
Crawford, Cindy
Crawford, Michael
Crawley, Aidan
Crawley, Christine
Crawley, Suzan
Crawshaw, Richard
Craxi, Bettino
Cray, Robert
Crayshaw, Sir William (Set by Jane Bown)
Crazy Gang
Crasey, John
Creegan, David (Set by Nobby Clark)
Creegor, Vivien
Creer, Erica
Cregan, David
Cregeen, Peter (Set by Jane Bown)
Creme, Benjamin
Cribbins, Bernard
Crichton, Charles
Crichton, Michael (Including set byJane Bown)
Crick, Dr Francis
Crickhowell, Lord (Formally Nick Edwards MP)
Crimp, Martin
Crisp, Quentin (Including set by Jane Bown)

Box 14:
Critchley, Julian
Croasdell, Gerald
Cressman, Harry (Set byJane Bown)
Cresswell, Norman (Set byJane Bown)
Crew, Michael
Cribb, Joseph
Croce, Benedetto (Agency)
Croft, David
Croft, Giles
Croft, Michael
Crofton Brown, Robert
Croll, Dona (Set byJane Bown)
Cromer, Lord
Cromwell, Oliver (Skull of)
Cronenberg, David
Crook, Dr William
Crooks, Dorrett (Set byJane Bown)
Crosbie, Annette
Crosbie, Eileen
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, John (Staff)
Crosland, Anthony
Cross, Geoffrey
Cross, Gillian (Including set byJane Bown)
Crosse, Gordon
Crossley, Paul
Crossman, Bob
Crossman, Richard (Set byJane Bown)
Crow, Sheryl
Crowe, Dame Sylvia
Crowfoot Hodgkin, Prof Dorothy
Crowley, Bob
Crowley, Graham
Crowley, Jeananne (Set byJane Bown)
Crowley, Vivian
Crowther, Brian (Staff)
Crowther, Ian (Staff)
Crowther, Leslie
Crowther, Lord (Including set byJane Bown)
Crozier, Adam
Crozier, Brian
Crozier, Eric (Sets byJane Bown and Eamonn McCabe)
Cruickshank, Andrew
Cruickshank, Dan
Cruise, Julee
Cruise, Tom
Crum, Robert
Crum, Ann (Set byJane Bown)
Crumley, James
Cruttwell, Hugh
Cruz, Celia
Cruz Smith, Martin
Cryer, Barry
Cryer, Bob
Crystal, Billy
Cuckney, Sir John (Set byJane Bown)
Cudlipp, Lord Hugh (Including set by Michael Peto)
Cuenod, Hughes
Cuer, Chantal
Cukor, George (Including image by Bob Willoughby)
Cullen, Gordon
Cullin, Ted
Cullman, Hugh
Culmer, Terry
Cumberlege, Lady
Cumming, Alan
Cummings, Constance
Cummings, Samuel
Cuneo, Terence
Cunningham, Alan
Cunningham, Sir Charles
Cunningham, Geroge
Cunningham, Dr Jack (Including set byJane Bown)
Cunningham, John (Staff)

Box 15:
Cunningham, Merce
Cunningham, Roseanna (Set by Murdo MacLeod)
Cupitt, Don
Curley, Carlo
Curphy, Marrianne (Staff)
Curran, Sir Charles
Currie, Austin
Currie, Edwina (Including set byJane Bown)
Curry, David
Curry, John
Curry, Tim
Curson, Ted
Curteis, Ian
Curtin, John
Curtis, Bronwyn
Curtis, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Lorraine
Curtis, Tony
Curzon, Sir Clifford
Cusack, Cyril
Cusack, Joan
Cusack, Niamh
Cusack, Sinead
Cusden, Norman
Cushing, Peter
Cushman, Robert
Cusian, Albert
Cusk, Rachel
Cussins, Manny
Cussons, Neil
Cuthbert, Mandy
Cuthbert, Rosalind
Cutler, Bruce (By Annie Leibovitz)
Cutler, Horace
Cutler, Ivor
Cutmaster J
Cutting, Pauline (Including set by Jane Bown)
Cuttsin, Simon
Cvitanovich, Frank
Cyprien, Michael
Czyrek, Jozef
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