Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/6/I
TitlePicture library files for personalities beginning with I
Extent1 box
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of prints of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Ibsen, Sharon
Icke, David
Igiebor, Nosa
Iglesias, Julio (Including set by Jane Bown)
Ignatieff, Michael (Including set by Jane Bown)
Ikeda, Hayato
Ilana, Caroline
Iluch, Prof Ivan (Sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith and Peter Johns)
Illman, John (Staff)
Ilosa, Mario, Vargas
Imai, Noburo
Imbert, Peter
Imison, Richard
Ince, George
Ingham, Bernard (INcluding set by Neil Libbert)
Inglis, Brian
Inglefield, Sir Gilbert
Inglis, Brian
Inglis, Rob
Inglis, Ruth (Staff)
Ingoldsby, Denis
Ingram, Peter (Set by Jane Bown)
Ingram, Reece
Ingrams, Richard (Including set by Jane Bown)
Inman, John
Innes, Callum
Innes, Mitchel (Set by Jane Bown)
Innes, Neil
Inonu, Ismet
Inverdale, John
Ionesco, Eugene
Iotti, NiIde
Iran, Royal Family (Including sets by Jane Bown, Kenneth Saunders, and agency)
Iran, Shah of (Including sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith and agency, plus negatives)
Ireland, E N
Irons, Jeremy
Ironside, Lady
Irvine, David (Staff)
Irvine, Jim
Irvine, Lord
Irvine, Lucy
Irvine, Michael
Irving, Annie
Irving, Clifford
Irving, David
Irving, Jayne
Irving, John (Including set by Jane Bown and David Sillitoe)
Irwin, James (All agency)
Irwin, Kenneth
Isaacs, Jeremy (Including set by Jane Bown)
Isham, Sir Gyles
Isherwood, Christopher (Including set by Jane Bown)
Ihshiguro, Kazuo (Including set by Jane Bown)
Isitt, Debbie
Iskhakov, Timur
Isozaki, Arata
Issigonis, Alexander (Set by Jane Bown and agency)
Itami, Juza
Itchy Fingers
Ivens, Michael (Sets by Jane Bown and E H West)
Ives, Burl
Ives, Sgt Maj James
Ivory, James (Including set by Jane Bown)
Iwuchuku, Adora
Iyayi, Festus
Izetbegovic, Alija
Izzard, Eddie (Including set by Jane Bown)
Access StatusOpen

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