Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/6/N
TitlePicture library files for personalities beginning with N
Extent5 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of prints of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Nabokov, Vladimir (Includes set by Peter Keen)
Nadal, Raphael (not tennis player)
Nagano, Kent (By Dennis Thorpe)
Nagy, Phyllis
Nail, Jimmy
Naipaul, VS (Including sets by Peter Keen and John Reardon)
Nair, Devan (By Jane Bown)
Nairn, Ian (Staff)
Naish, Bronwen
Nally, Mike (Staff)
Namboodiripad, E.M. Sankaran (By Michael Peto)
Namier, Sir Louis
Napier, John
Napier-Bell, Simon
Napper, Alison (By Jane Bown)
Narayan, Jaya Prakash (By Jane Bown)
Narayan, R.K. (Including set by Jane Bown)
Narayan, Rajan (By Jane Bown)
Nardini, Daniela (By Andrew Testa)

Box 2
Narizzano, Silvio (By Eamonn McCabe)
Narromore (By Jane Bown)
Nasrin, Taslima
Nasseibeh, Sari
Nasser, Gamal Abdel (Including picture by Karsh)
Nathen, Sarah (By Jane Bown)
Nation, Terry (by Frank Martin)
Naughtie, James (Staff)
Naughton, Bill (By Don McCullin)
Naughton, John
Navasky, Victor
Navrozov, Andrei (Guardian writer)
Nawiasky, Mechtild (Staff)
Naylor, Gloria
Naylor, Janet
Naylor, Jim
Naylor, Margot (Staff)
Nazareth, Isobel
Nazir-Ali, Michael (Dr.)
Njabuld, Ndebele
N'Dour, Youssou
Neagle, Anna (Including sets by Jane Bown and Peter Johns)
Neal, Gub
Neal, Gerry
Neame, Christopher
Neave, Airey
Neave, Rikki
Needham, John (Including set by Jane Bown)
Needham, Joseph (By Jane Bown)
Needham, Richard
Needham, Sabrena
Needle, Jan (By Dennis Thorpe)
Needler, Harold (By Colin Jones)
Neel, Alice (By Robert Maplethorpe)
Neeson, Liam
Negoda, Natalya
Negroponte, Nicholas
Nehru, Pandit (Including sets by Neil Libbert)
Nehru, Jawaharlal
Neil, Andrew (Including set by Jane Bown)
Neil, Hildegard
Neil, Lucy
Neil, Ron
Neill of Bladen, Lord (Q.C.)
Neizvestny, Ernst (By Ida Kar)
Nekrasov, Viktor
Nelligan, Kate (Including sets by Neil Libbert and Kenneth Saunders)
Nellist, Dave
Nelmes, Stanley
Nelson, Lord (By Jane Bown)
Nelson, Ralph
Nelson, Richard
Nelsson, Richard (Staff)
Nelsova, Zara
Nemeth, Miklos
Nemon, Oscar
Nepal, King and Queen of
Nerina, Nadia
Neruda, Pablo (By Chris Smith)
Nesbitt, Cathleen
Nesbitt, Robert (By Robin Laurence)
Nesin, Aziz
Nestor, Pam
Netanyahu, Benjamin
Netherlands, Royal Family of (Including sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith and Tony McGrath)
Neto, Augustinho
Nettleford, Rex (Prof.)
Neuberger, Julia (Including set by Jane Bown)

Box 3
Neudecker, Mariele
Neuhaus, Denise (By Jane Bown)
Neustatter, Angela
Neveux, Georges
Neville, Charles
Neville, Elizabeth (By Jane Bown)
Neville, John (Including sets by Jane Bown and Angus McBean)
Neville, Richard
Neville-Jones, Dame Pauline
Nevin, Charles (Staff)
New Kids On the Block Fans
Newby, Eric
Newby, P.H. (By Peter Johns)
Newell, Mike
Newell-Smith, David (Staff)
Newman, G.F.
Newman, Bishop Jeremiah
Newman, Kenneth (Sir) (Including Jane Bown)
Newman, Nanette (By Frank Martin)
Newman, Paul
Newman, Randy
Newman, Rob
Newman, Sidney (Including set by David Sims)
Newsam, Peter (Inclusing set by Jane Bown)
Newsome, Lloyd
Newton, Anthony
Newton, Eric (Staff)
Newton, Gordon (By Jane Bown)
Newton, Helmut (Including set by Nobby Clark)
Newton, Mike
Newton-John, Olivia (Including sets by Jane Bown and Tony McGrath)
Ngakone, Albertina (Dr.)
Ngo-Dinh-Nhu (By Jane Bown)
Nglow, Euan
Ngugi Wa Thiong o * (by Jane Bown, 1984)
Nguyen Khank, General
Nguyen Van Thieu, President
Niarchos, Stavros
Nicholl, Duncan
Nichol, Helen
Nichol, Jim
Nichol, Noleen
Nicholas, David
Nicholas, David
Nicholas, Jeremy (By Kenneth Saunders)
Nicholls, Patrick
Nichols, Dandy
Nichols, Grace
Nichols, Mike
Nichols, Peter
Nichols, Ross
Nicholson, Ben (By Bill Brandt)
Nicholson, Brian (Staff) (Including set by Jane Bown)
Nicholson, Sir Brian
Nicholson, Caroline (Staff)
Nicholson, Dido
Nicholson, Emma
Nicholson, Geoff (Staff)
Nicholson, Mavis (By Jane Bown)
Nicholson, Nigel (Including set by Jane Bown)
Nicholson, Norman (By Jane Bown)
Nicholson, Rosemary (By Jane Bown and Sue Adler)
Nicholson, William
Nicolls, Janet
Nicols, Maggie
Nicolson, Ben
Nicolson, Harold (Sir) (By Jane Bown and Howard Coster)
Nicolson, Nigel (By Jane Bown and Peter Johns)
Nickell, Rachel Jane

Box 4
Niesewand, Peter
Nightingale, Virginia
Nijinska, Romola
Nikolayev, Andrian (Major) (By Karsh)
Nittve, Lars
Nitze, Paul (Including set by Karsh)
Niven, David
Nixon, Donald (By Jane Bown)
Nixon, Kay (By Jane Bown)
Nixon, Vivian
Nils, Nobby
Nilsen, Dennis
Nilson, Anton
Nilsson, Birgit (Sets by Jane Bown, Peter Johns and Don Morley)
Nims, Jerry (Dr.)
Nin, Anais
Ninagowa, Yukio
Nisbet-Smith, D.
Nixon, Richard (Including set by Jane Bown and a Gibbard illustration)
Nkomo, Joshua (Including set by Jane Bown)
Nkosi, James (Lewis) (By Jane Bown)
Nkrumal, Kwame (Including set by Peter Keen)
Noakes, John
Noakes, Vivian
Noble, Adrian
Noiret, Philippe
Nolan, Anna (Set by Jane Bown)
Nolan, Lord
Nolan, Sydney
Nolte, Nick
Nond, Luigi (Set by Erich Auerbach)
Noon, Jeff (Set by Dennis Thorpe)
Nooteboom, Cees
Norden, Dennis
Norfolk, 16th Duke of (Set by Anthony Vincent and Eric Wadsworth)
Nordli, Odvar (Set by Jane Bown)
Norfolk, 17th Duke of (Sets by Jane Bown and Neil Libbert)
Norman, Sir Arthur (Including sets by Jane Bown and Tony McGrath)
Norman, Bary (Including set by Eamonn McCabe)
Norman, Frank
Norman, Howard (Set by Jane Bown)
Norman, Jessye (Including sets by Jane Bown, Peter Johns and Frank Martin)
Norman, Philip (Including set by Nobby Clark)
Norrington, Roger
Norris, Steven (Including sets by Antonio Olmos and Martin Argles)
Norrish, hilary (Set by Jane Bown)
Norstein, Yuri
North, Dick
North, Robert
Northern, Michael
Norton, Deborah (Set by Peter Johns)
Norton, Jim
Norton, Mary (Set by Angus McBean)
Norton-Taylor, Richard
Norwich, Lord John Julius (Including set by Jane Bown)
Norwood, Mandi
Nott, Sir John (Including set by Jane Bown)

Box 5:
Nott, Lady (Set by Jane Bown)
Nott, Kathleen (Staff)
Noutelle, Lawrence (Set by Jane Bown)
Novak, Kim (Set by Tom Smith)
Novell, Jean Christopher (Set by Jane Bown)
Ntshona, Winston
Nu, U (Including sets by Jane Bown and Tony McGrath)
Nugent, Lucy (Set by Jane Bown)
Nujoma, Sam
Numan, Garry
Numeiry, Gafar (Set by Jane Bown)
Nunn, Trevor (Including sets by Jane Bown, Nobby Clark and Don McPhee)
Nureyev, Rudolf (Including sets by Jane Bown, Peter Johns, Michael Peto, David Sim, Brian Seed, Colin Jones, Neil Libbert, Tony McGrath, Nobby Clark, John Reardon and Richard Mildenhall)
Nuriglia, R C
Nursaw, William (Staff)
Nyerere, Julius (Including sets by Jane Bown and Stuart Heydinger)
Nygh, Anna (Sets by Jane Bown and Nobby Clark)
Nyman, Michael
Nxumalo, Simon (Set by Frank Martin)
Nzo, Alfred
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