Ref NoOBS/6/9/2/6/W
TitlePicture library files for personalities beginning with W
Extent12 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of prints of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Waddington, David
Waddington, Leslie
Wade, Joe
Wade, Lord
Waggoner, Dan (Set by Jane Bown)
Wagman, William
Wagner, Gillian (Set by Jane Bown)
Wagner, Wolfgang
Wagoner, Dan (Set by Jane Bown)
Wagou, Dragou
Wain, John (Including sets by Peter Keen and Godfrey Macdominic)
Wainright, Alfred
Wainwright, Hilary
Wainwright 3rd, Loudon
Wainwright, Martin (Staff)
Wainwright, Richard (Including set by Jane Bown)
Waite, Terry
Wajda, Andzej
Wakefield, Richard (Set by Jane Bown)
Wakeham, John
Wakelam, Stephen
Wakeman, Rick
Walcott, Derek (Including set by Eamonn McCabe)
Walden, Brian (Including set by Jane Bown and an illustration by an unknown artist)
Walden, George
Waldegrave, William (Including set by Jane Bown and Neil Libbert)
Walesa, Lech
Walford, Glen
Walford, Peggy
Walker, Sir Alan (Set by Sally Soames)
Walker, Alice
Walker, Bill (Including set by Jane Bown)
Walker, David
Walker, George A
Walker, Harold
Walker, Martin (Staff)
Walker, Patrick G

box 2:
Walker, Peter
Walker, Rob
Walker, Rodney
Walker, Rudolph (Including set by Jane Bown)
Walker, Sarah
Walker, Tim (Staff)
Walker, Tony
Wall, David
Wall, Jeff
Wall, Max (Including set by Peter Johns)
Wall, Michael
Wall, Pat
Wallace, Babel (Set by Jane Bown)
Wallace, Colin
Wallace, George
Wallace, Irving
Wallace, James
Wallace, John (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wallace, Marjorie (Author) (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wallace, Marjorie (Miss World)
Wallace, Naomi
Wallace, Vivienne
Wallenda, Karl
Waller, Robert James
Walley, Joan
Walley, Richard
Wallfisch, Rafael
Wallinger, Mark
Wallis, Bill (Including set by Neil Libbert)
Wallis, Edmund A (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wallis, Hal (Set by Karsh)
Walmer, Christian
Walmsley, Christopher
Walmsley, Nigel
Walser, Martin
Walsh, Dermot (Set by Houston Rogers)
Walsh, John (Including set Jane Bown)
Walter, Harriet
Walter, Natasha
Walter, Richard (Staff)
Walters, Sir Alan
Walters, Ian
Walters, Julie
Walters, Peter (Including set by Jane Bown)

box 3:
Walters, Sam (Including set by Jane Bown)
Walton, Cedar
Walton, Stephen
Walton, Sir William (Including Jane Bown and Erich Auerbach)
Wambaugh, Joseph
Wa Wamwere, Koigi
Wanamaker, Sam
Wanamaker, Zoe
Wandor, Michelene (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wang, Wayne
Warburg, Frederic (Set by Godfrey Macdominic)
Wapshott, Nicholas (Staff)
Warchus, Matthew (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward, Christopher
Ward, Claire
Ward, David (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward, Dorothy (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward, Ian (Set by Eamonn McCabe)
Ward, Dame Irene
Ward, Judith
Ward, John
Ward, Mrs Kate (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward, Lalla (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward, Peter
Ward, Rachel
Ward, Ronald
Ward, Simon (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward-Jackson, Adrian (Set by Jane Bown)
Ward-Jackson, Barbara (Staff)
Ward-Jouve, Nichol
Ward-Thomas, Pat (Staff)
Ward-Thompson, Graham (Set by Jane Bown)
Warhol, Andy (Sets by Lorrie Graham, Frank Martin, John Wildgoose, Martin Argles and Kenneth Saunders and E Hamilton West)
Waring, Sir Bertram (Set by Lotte Meitner-Graf)
Warlock, Derek (Set by Jane Bown)
Warner, David (Including sets by Neil Libbert and David Newell Smith)
Warner, Deborah
Warner, Jeremy
Warner, Keith
Warner, Marina
Warnock, Baroness Mary (Including set by Jane Bown)
Warrell-Thompson, Anthony
Warren, Earl (Sets by Jane Bown and Karsh)
Warren, Kenneth
Warren, Tony

box 4:
Warwick, Diana
Washington, Denzel
Wass, Sir Douglas (Set by Jane Bown)
Wassenstein, Wendy (Set by Jane Bown)
Watanabe, Yoko
Waterhouse, Keith
Waterman, Fanny
Waterman, Pete
Waters, Elsie and Doris (Set by Don McPhee)
Waters, Felur (Set by Jane Bown)
Waters, Les
Waterson Sam
Waterstone, Tim
Watkins, Alan (Staff)
Watkins, Lovelace
Watkins, Paul
Watkins, Susan
Watkinson, Lord
Watkinson, David (Staff)
Watson, David
Watson, Catherine (Staff)
Watson, Graham (Set by Jane Bown)
Watson, Dr James
Watt, Tom
Watteu, Natasha
Watts, Andre
Watts, Janet (Staff)
Watts, John
Watts, Murray
Waugh, Auberon (Including sets by Jane Bown and Nobby Clark)
Waugh, Daisy (Set by Jane Bown)
Waugh, Evelyn (Including sets by Jane Bown, Karsh, and Mark Gerson)
Wavell, General Archibald (Set by Karsh)
Wavell, Stuart (Guardian Staff)
Wax, Ruby
Wayne, John (Set by Kenneth Saunders)
Weale, Sally (Staff)
Wearing, Gillian (Set by Jane Bown)
Wearing, Michael (Set by Neil Libbert)
Weatherill, Bernard (Including set by Jane Bown)
Weathers, Felicia
Weaver, Sigourney (Set by Nobby Clark)
Webb, Anthony (Set by Peter Johns)
Webb, Colin
Webb, Justin
Webb, Kaye
Webb, Marti (Set by Jane Bown)
Webb, Bill (Staff)
Weber, Beate
Webley, Mrs (Set by Jane Bown)
Webster, Martin
Webster, Paul
Webster, Paul (Guardian Staff)
Webster, Paul (Observer Staff)
Webster, Ronald (Set by Bryn Campbell)
Webster, William
Wedgwood, Lady (Set by Jane Bown)
Weeks, Honeysuckle (Set by Jane Bown)
Weeks, Judith (Set by Jane Bown)
Weetch, Kenneth
Weidenfeld, Lord (Sets by Jane Bown, Peter Keen and Sue Adler)

box 5:
Weighell, Sidney
Weight, Prof Carel
Weightman, J G (Michael Peto)
Weinberg, Steven
Weinburger, Caspar
Weinstock, Lord
Weir, Gillian
Weir, Judith
Weir, Richard (Including set by Jane Bown)
Weiss, George
Weisselberg, Tom (Set by Jane Bown)
Weisz, Rachel
Weizman, Ezer
Welch, Elizabeth (Including set by Jane Bown)
Welch, Julie (Staff)
Welch, Raquel (Sets by David Newell Smith and Peter Johns)
Welch, Robin
Weldon, Fay (Including sets by Jane Bown, Nobby Clark, John Reardon, Richard Mildenhall and Peter Johns)
Welensky, Sir Roy (Including sets by Jane Bown, Stuart Heydinger and Phillip Jones Griffiths)
Welensky, Ron
Welford, Heather (Staff)
Welland, Colin
Wellbeloved, James
Weller, Denise
Weller, Walter
Welles, Orson (Sets by Jack Nisberg and Michael Peto)
Wells, H G (Sets by Karsh and E O Hoppe)
Wells, John
Welsh, Irvine (Including set of transparencies)
Wenders, Wim
Wenham, Brian (Set by Jane Bown)
Wenner, Jann (Set by Karsh)
Wentworth, Richard
Werner Henze, Hans
Wertenbaker, timberlake (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wertmuller, Lena
Wesker, Arnold
Wesley, Mary (Including set by Jane Bown)
West, Harry
West, Morris
West, Dame Rebecca
West, Sam (Sets by Jane Bown, Martin Goodwin and Eamonn McCabe)
West, Stephen (Set by Jane Bown)

box 6:
West, Timothy (Including sets by Jane Bown and Nobby Clark)
Westbrook, Mike & Kate (Including set by Jane Bown)
Westminster, Duke of
Weston, Garfield (Including set by Jane Bown)
Weston, Simon (Including set by Jane Bown)
Weston, Willard (Set by Karsh)
Wexham, Brian (Staff)
Wexler, Haskell (Set by Neil Libbert)
Weymouth, Lord
Wezensky, Roy
Wha-Chung, Kyung
Wharton, Michael (Set by Jane Bown)
Wheat, Sue (Guardian Writer)
Wheeler, Charles
Wheeler, Kenny
Wheeler, Sir Mortimer (Set by Bryn Campbell)
Wheeler, Sarah
Wheeler, Tony
Wheen, Francis (Staff)
Wheldon, Huw (Including sets by Jane Bown and Peter Keen)
Whewell, Harry (Guardian Staff)
Whicker, Alan
Whiley, Jo (Set by Eamonn McCabe)
Whishaw, Anthony
Whitaker, James
Whitaker, Forest
Whitburn, Vanessa, (Including set by Jane Bown)
Whitby, Anthony
White, Aidan
White, Chris
White, Edmund (Including set by Jane Bown)
White, Baroness
White, Lord Gordon
White, Hannah (Set by Jane Bown)
White, Jim (Staff)
White, Marco Pierre (Including set by Jane Bown)
White, Michael (Including sets by Jane Bown and Nobby Clark)
White, Michael (Staff)
White, Patrick
White, Phyllis
White, Willard (Including set by Eamonn McCabe)
Whitehead, Sir Edgar
Whitehead, Rachel (Including set by Jane Bown)
Whitehouse, Mary (Including set by Jane Bown)
Whitelaw, Billie (Including set by Jane Bown, Nobby Clark and Michael Peto)

box 7:
Whitelaw, William (Including sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith, Bryn Campbell, Don McPhee and un-named illustration)
Whiteley, G (Staff)
Whiteley, RIchard
Whiteread, Pat (Set by Jane Bown)
Whiteread, Rachel
Whitfield, June
Whitfield, Patrick (Set by Jane Bown)
Whiting, John (Image by David Sim)
Whiting, Leonard
Whitlam, Gough
Whitney, John (Including set by Jane Bown)
Whittaker, Sheila
Whittam-Smith, Andreas
Whittle, Sir Frank
Wigg, Lord (Including set by Jane Bown and David Newell Smith)
Whitty, Larry (Including set by Jane Bown)
Whylie, Dwight
Wicks, Ben (Staff)
Widdecombe, Ann (Including set by Jane Bown)
Widdecombe, Gillian (Staff)
Widerberg, Bo
Widgery, David (Jane Bown)
Wiesel, Elie (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wiggin, Jerry
Wigley, Dafydd
Wilbur, Bob
Wilby, Peter (Staff)
Wilcox, Desmond
Wilcox, Paul (Staff)
Wilcox, Paula
Wild, David
Wild, Jude E
Wilde, Dee Dee
Wilder, Billy (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilder, Gene
Wilding, Michael
Wilkins, Gordon (Staff) (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilkins, Margaret (Set by Jane Bown)

box 8:
Wilkinson, Alan
Wilkinson, Peter
Wilkinson, Tom
Wilkonirski, Binjamin
Willard, Barbara
Willetts, David (Including set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Andy
Williams, Prof Bernard
Williams, Mrs Betty
Williams, Bruce
Williams, Clifford
Williams, Emlyn (Theatre) (Including set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Emlyn
Williams, Dr Eric
Williams, Evelyn (Set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Francis (Staff)
Williams, Gordon
Williams, rev H A (Set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Hugo
Williams, Joe
Williams, John
Williams, Kenneth
Williams, Kit (Including set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Laverne (Including set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Len
Williams, Linda (Set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Lindy
Williams, Louise (Staff)
Williams, Michael
Williams, Nigel (Including set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Pat (Staff)
Williams, Percy (Set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Richard (Staff)
Williams, Richard (Illustrator)
Williams, Robin (Including set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Archbishop Rowan (Set by Jane Bown)
Williams, Shirley (1967-81) (Including sets by Don McPhee, Neil Libbert, Frank Martin, Kenneth Saunders and an unsigned illustration)
Williams, Shirley (1982) (Including sets by Jane Bown and Neil Libbert, and an unsigned illustration)
Williams, Simon
Williams, Tennessee (Including sets by Jane Bown and Peter Johns)
Williams-Ellis, Anabel (Set by Peter Johns)
Williams-Ellis, Clough
Williamson, Prof Bob (Set by Jane Bown)
Williamson, David
Williamson, Malcolm
Williamson, Matthew
Williamson, Nicol
Williamson, Peter (Set by Jane Bown)
Williamson, Richard (Set by Jane Bown)
Williamson, Sonny 'Boy' (Set by Ray Green)
Williamson, Steve
Williamson, Sir Tom (Including sets by Don McCullin, Michael Peto and Philip Jones Griffiths)

box 9:
Willis, John
Willis, Miss (Set by Jane Bown)
Willis, Norman (Including sets by Jane Bown, Don McPhee, Dennis Thorpe, Roger Hutchings and Judah Passow)
Willis, Paul
Willis, Robert (Set by Peter Keen)
Willner, Hal (Richard Mildenhall)
Willock, Colin (Staff)
Willocks, Tim (Set by Jane Bown)
Willsher, Brian
Wilmer, Clive
Wilmot, Gary (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilmot-Sitwell, Peter (Including set by Jane Bown)
Winfrey, Oprah
Wilson, AN (Including sets by Jane Bown and Eamonn McCabe)
Wilson, Sir Alan (Don McCullin and Stuart Heydinger)
Wilson, Alexander (Sets by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Alfred (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Amrit (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Andrew (Staff)
Wilson, Angus (Including sets by Jane Bown and David Sim)
Wilson, August
Wilson, Brian (Including set by Murdo MacLeod)
Wilson, Charles (Newspaper editor)
Wilson, Charles, (Set by Karsh) (US Defence Secretary)
Wilson, Christopher
Wilson, Prof Colin
Wilson, Colin (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, David (Staff)
Wilson, Des (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Gerald
Wilson, Gerald 7 Gareth (Set by Frank Martin)
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Harold (1960-63) (Including sets by Don McCullin and Phillip Jones Griffiths)

box 10:
Wilson, Harold (1964-1966) (Including sets by Stuart Heydinger, Colin Jones, David Newell Smith, Peter Johns, Sally Soames, Ian Berry and Ray Green)
Wilson, Harold (1967-69) (Including sets by David Newell Smith, Stuart Heydinger, Bryn Campbell, Neil Libbert and Chris Smith)
Wilson, Harold (1970-73) (Including sets by Jane Bown, Peter Johns, Frank Martin, David Newell Smith, Bryn Campbell)
Wilson, Harold (1974) (Including sets by Jane Bown, Peter Johns, E Hamilton West, Don McPhee, David Newell Smith, Frank Martin, Kenneth Saunders, Neil Libbert, Anthony Vincent, and Derek Cattani)
Wilson, Harold (1975) (Including sets by Peter Johns, Robert Smithies, Kenneth Saunders, E Hamilton West, Frank Martin and Don Mcphee)
Wilson, Harold (1976) (Including sets by Peter Johns, Frank Martin, E Hamilton West, Eamonn McCabe, Kenneth Saunders and Don McPhee)

box 11:
Wilson, Harold (1977-95) (Including Memorial Service)
Wilson, Jaqueline
Wilson, Kevin (Staff)
Wilson, Lisa (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Mary (Including sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith, E Hamilton West, Peter Johns and Kenneth Saunders)
Wilson, Max (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Paul (Staff)
Wilson, Paul (Staff)
Wilson, Sir Richard (Cabinet Secretary)
Wilson, Richard (Actor)
Wilson, Richard (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Richard (Staff)
Wilson, Robert (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Robert Anton (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Sandy (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Scottie (Set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Snoo (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wilson, Tony (Set by Ged Murray including transparencies)
Wilton, Penelope (Including set by Nobby Clark)
Wiltshire, Stephen
Wincer, Simon
Winchester, Simon (Including set by Jane Bown)
Windsor, Barbara (Including sets by Neil Libbert and Peter Johns)
Wing, Anna
Winn, Denise (Set by Jane Bown)
Winner, Michael (Including sets by Jane Bown, Eamonn McCabe and E Hamilton West)
Winstanley, Michael (Including set by Jane Bown)
Winston, Dr Robert (Including sets by Frank Martin and Eamonn McCabe)
Winstone, Ray
Wint, Guy (Staff)
Winter-Bottom, Michael
Winters, Bernie
Winters, Shelley
Winterson, Jeanette (Including set by Jane Bown)
Winton, Tim (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wintour, Charles
Wintour, Eleanor (Set by Jane Bown)*
Wintour, Patrick (Staff)
Wireko, Joe (Set by Jane Bown)
Wisdom, Norman (Including set by Don McPhee)
Wise, Audrey (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wise, Ernie
Wise, Robert
Witheroe, John
Withers, Bill
Witt, Rev Howell (Set by Jane Bown)
Wiwa, Ken
Wodehouse, P G (Agency)
Wodiczko, Krzysztof
Woerner, Manfred

box 12:
Wogan, Terry (Including set by Jane Bown)
Woldridge, Max (Observer writer)
Wolf, Naomi
Wolf, Rita
Wolfe, Brian (Set by Tony McGrath)
Wolfe, Tom
Wolfenden, Lord John
Wolff, Dr Charlotte
Wolff, Prof Heinz
Wolff, Tobias
Wolfit, Sir Donald
Wolfit, Margaret (Set by Jane Bown)
Wolfson, Sir Brian (Including set by Sally Soames
Wollaston, Sam (Guardian staff)
Wolmar, Christian (Set by Jane Bown)
Womack, Cecil and Linda
Wombles, The
Wonder, Stevie (Sets by Tony Prime and Allan Titmuss)
Wong, David
Wontner, Sir Hugh (Set by Ian Bradshaw)
Woo, John
Wood, Charles
Wood, David
Wood, Deirdre
Wood, Derek (Set by Jane Bown)
Wood, Sir Fred (Including sets by Jane Bown, Eamonn McCabe and David Newell Smith)
Wood, Georgie
Wood, Hugh
Wood, John (Including set by Nobby Clark)
Wood, Sir Ken (Set by Sally Soames)
Wood, Michael
Wood, Mrs Muriel (Set by Jane Bown)
Wood, Peter
Wood, Bishop Richard (Set by Jane Bown)
Wood, Tricia
Wood, Victoria
Wood, Wilfred
Woodcock, Clive (Guardian staff)
Woodcock, George (Set by Robert Smithies)
Woodcock, George (Including sets by David Newell Smith, Neil Libbert, Tony McGrath, Eric Wadsworth and Peter Johns)
Woodcock, Leonard
Woodeson, Nicholas (Portarit by Richard Mildenhall)
Woodford, Guy
Woodham, Dai (Set by Jane Bown)
Woodhead, Chris
Woodhead, Leslie
Woodhouse, Adrian (Set by Jane Bown)
Woodhouse, Barbara (Including set by Jane Bown)
Woodhouse, Gary (Staff)
Woodlawn, Holly (Including set by Jane Bown)
Woodrow, Bill
Woodrow Wyatt, Lord (Including sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith and David Sim)
Woods, Donald (Including Eamonn McCabe and Peter Johns)
Woodvine, John

box 13:
Woodward, Bob (Set by Neil Libbert)
Woodward, Edward (Including set by Peter Johns)
Woodward, Joanne (Including set by Eamonn McCabe)
Woodward, Louise
Woodward, Peter (Set by Jane Bown)
Woodward, Roger (Set by Tony McGrath)
Woodward, Sarah
Woof, Emily (Set by Dod Miller)
Woolas, Phil
Wooldridge, Susan
Woolf, Lord
Woolf, Virginia (Including old damaged print)
Woollacott, Martin (Guardian Staff)
Woolton, Lord (Including sets by Jane Bown and Karsh)
Wootton, Baroness (Including sets by Peter Keen and Jane Bown)
Wordsworth, Barry
Worlock, Derek
Worrall, Denis (Including set by Jane Bown)
Worral-Thompson, Anthony
Worrell, Trix
Worsley, Sir William (Set by Peter Keen)
Worsthorne, Peregrine (Including sets by Jane Bown and Eamonn McCabe)
Worth, Harry
Worth, Irene (Including sets by Jane Bown and Peter Johns)
Worthy, Johnny
Wouk, Herman (Sets by Jane Bown and Karsh)
Wozencraft, Kim
Wrigglesworth, Ian
Wright, Bob (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wright, Frank Lloyd (Karsh)
Wright, George (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wright, Gordon (Set by Jane Bown)
Wright, Dr Helena (Set by Tony McGrath)
Wright, Ian (Staff)
Wright, Jonathan (Set by Jane Bown)
Wright, Jules (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wright, Nicholas
Wright, Patrick
Wright, Sir Peter (Including sets by Jane Bown and Richard Mildenhall)
Wright, Peter (Set by Jane Bown)
Wright, Robert
Wright-Penn, Robin
Wright, Ronald
Wroe, Martin (Staff)
Wrong, Henry (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wurtzel, Elizabeth
Wyatt, Robert
Wyatt, Will (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wykeham, Lady Barbara (Set by Jane Bown)
Wyman, Bill
Wyndham, Francis
Wyndham, Joanna (Set by Jane Bown)
Wyngarde, Peter (Including set by Jane Bown)
Wyn Jones, Ievan
Wynne, David
Wynne, Greville
Wynne Jones, Diane
Wynn Ellis, Nesta
Wyszynski, Cardinal (Set by Karsh)
Access StatusOpen

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