Ref NoOBS/6/9/3/1/1/B
TitleGeneral subject negatives - B
Extent13 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionBox 1:
Badges: Whale badges
Balloons: Hot air balloon 15th anniversary festival
Balloons: Great Balloon Race, Cunard Hotel
Balloons: Ballooning at Wollaton Park (set by Sue Adler)
Balloons: Naturally British balloon (set by David Mansell)
Balloons: Hot air balloon rally, Bexleyheath
Balloons: Cross channel balloon race (set by Richard Mildenhall)
Balloons: Birmingham Exhibition Centre, aerodynamic balloon (set by Neil Libbert)
Balloons: Hot air balloons at Leeds Castle, Kent (set by Sue Adler)
Baths: Turkish baths (set by Chris Smith)
Baths: Badedas bath salts (set by Ian Bradshaw)
Baths: Public baths (set by Neil Libbert)
Baths: Victorian baths, Glasgow
Bathers in the Serpentine, 1973 (set by David Newell Smith)
Beauty: Razors (set by John Hodder)
Beauty: Beauty contests, Chinatown, 1981 (set by Neil Libbert)
Beauty: Beauty contests, stockings and suspenders (set by Sue Adler)
Beauty: European bodybuilding championships 9set by Tony McGrath)
Beauty: Miss World, 1975
Beauty: Miss World, 1977
Beauty: Miss World, 1984 (set by John Hodder)
Beauty: Miss World, 1978 (set by Tony McGrath)
Beauty: Mr Supercool contest, Russell Square Hotel (set by Sue Adler)
Beauty: Alternative Miss World, 1985 (set by Neil Libbert)
Beauty: Miss World, Kings Cross Hospital
Beauty: Miss World contest, 1971 (set by David Newell Smith)
Beauty: Miss World contest, 1972
Beer (set by John Hodder)
Beer: Camra Beer Festival, Covent Garden, 1975 (set by Chris Smith)
Bells: St Helens Church, Whealhampsted
Bells: Lucitania
Bicycles: Cycling
Bicycles: Cycle drain near Nottingham (set by David Mansell)
Bicycles: Speed contest, Friends of the Earth, Back the Bike Campaign (set by Tony McGrath)
Bicycles: Regents Park (set by Sue Adler)
Bicycles: Cambridge bike sale
Bicycles: New traffic experiment in Portsmouth (set by Tony McGrath)
Bicycles: London-Brighton rally (set by Nobby Clarke)

Box 2:
Birds: Japanese chicken sexing (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds: Condor chick at Chester Zoo (set by Sue Adler)
Birds: Eagle: London Zoo
Birds: Flamigos: London Zoo
Birds: Great Bustard at new breeding ground, Porton (set by Neil Libbert)
Birds: Geese for sale at Sernoaks annual fatstock show (set by Jane Bown)
Birds: Collecting gull eggs
Birds: Herons in Regents Park (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds: Chicken farming
Birds: National Exhibition of Cage and Aviary Birds, Alexandra Palace
Birds: Falcons
Birds: Ducks (set by John Hodder)
Birds: Ducks: crossing Scarborough Whitby Road (set by John Hodder)
Birds: Eagles (set by Ian Bradshaw)
Birds: Falcons (set by Eamonn McCabe)
Birds: Geese: Chinese geese (set by Murdo Macleod)
Birds: Geese (set by Peter Keen)
Birds: Ducks: Battersea Park
Birds: Kestrel at BP building
Birds: Penguins: London Zoo
Birds: Turkeys (set by Chris Smith)
Birds: Oyster Catchers
Birds: Sparrowhawks: Ilford High Road Church (set by Neil Libbert)
Birds: Osprey
Birds: Owls
Birds: Barn owls (set by Sue Adler)
Birds: Parakeets
Birds: Peacocks: Holland Park (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds: Pelican
Birds: Penguins (set by John Hodder)
Birds: Pied fly catcher (set by Tony McGrath)
Birds: Penguins: London Zoo (set by Sue Adler)
Birds: London pigeon fanciers (set by Ian Bradshaw)
Birds: Royal Pigeon Show (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds: Pigeons: Trafalgar Square (set by Jane Bown)
Birds: Penguins (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds: Pigeons: National Pigeon Show, 1961 (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Birds: Pigeons: Pigeon Show, 1966 (set by John Hodder)
Birds: Pigeons: Pigeon Show, 1968 (set by Tony McGrath)
Birds: Pigeons: Racing pigeons old comrades show 1979, Alexandra Palace (set by Tony McGrath)
Birds: Pigeons: Racing pigeons old comrades show 1983 (set by John Hodder)
Birds: Pigeons: Carrying blood samples between Plymouth and Davenport
Birds: Ducks: St James Park (set by Sue Adler)
Birds: Starlings (set by David Mansell)
Birds: Starlings: Bradford (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds: Swans: Black swan, Weymouth, Dorset (set by John Hodder)
Birds: Swans: Bewick swans: Ouse wash (set by David Mansell)
Birds: Swans: Loch Ness (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Birds: Turkeys (set by Ian Bradshaw)
Birds: Swans: Bewick swans, Slimbridge
Birds: Wildfowl Trust, Slimbridge
Birds: Seagulls, Folkestone
Birds: Swans: Whooper swans

Box 3:
Birds: Swans: Oiled swans receiving treatment (set by David Newell Smith)
Birds (set by Chris Smith)
Birds: Caged bird show at Alexandra Palace (set by Chris Smith)
Birds: Swans (set by Peter Keen)
Birds: Turkeys
Birds: Turkeys: guarded by Collies in Devon
Birth control: Condoms (set by Neil Libbert)
Building Society leaflets (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Bush House (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Garbally College
Buildings: Alvar Aalto architects
Buildings: Cathedrals: Southwark Cathedral (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Churches: American Church, London
Buildings: Churches: St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate (set by Chris Smith)
Blackberry picking (set by Jane Bown)
Boats: Boat Show 1975, Earls Court (set by David Newell Smith)
Boats: Boat Show 1974 (set by David Newell Smith)
Boats: Boat Show 1979, Earls Court
Boats: Barge holidays at Malden (set by David Newell Smith)
Bodybuilders: Mr Universe Contest
Bombs: Lithuanian bomb disposal
Bombs: Wheelbarrow remote control bomb disposal (set by Neil Libbert)
Bombs: Explosion: Pringle / Dulwich
Bombs: Explosion: Chelsea Barracks
Bombs: Explosion: Bayswater, London (set by John Hodder)
Bombs: Explosion: Boat Show (set by Neil Libbert)
Bombs: Madame Tussauds
Bombs: Explosion: Old Bailey (set by David Newell Smith)
Bombs: Damage at Olympia (set by Tony McGrath)
Bombs: Aftermath of Birmingham bombings (set by Neil Libbert)
Bombs: Explosion: Victoria Station (set by David Newell Smith)
Bombs: Bomb scare at Bank of England (set by Tony McGrath)
Bombs: Explosion: Oxford Street
Bombs: Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall and Victory Club, Seymour Street
Bombs: Woolwich Barracks (set by John Hodder)
Bombs: Mayfair (set by Neil Libbert)
Bombs: Woolwich Barracks
Bombs: West End
Bombs: Bomb search (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Bombs: Gough Court (set by Sue Adler)
Bombs: Guildford, Maguire family (set by Richard Mildenhall)
Bombs: Scare at Harrods
Bombs: Scare at Scotland Yard (set by Tony McGrath)
Bombs: Explosion: Kensington High Street
Bombs: Hyde Park (set by David Mansell)
Bombs: Bomb factory
Books: Best books of 1973 (set by Chris Smith)
Books: children's Book Show (set by Neil Libbert)
Books: Dirty Work, book cover (set by Eamonn McCabe)
Books: Fanny Hill book trial

Box 4:
Bookmakers (set by John Hodder)
Bookmakers: The Lincoln Race
Bottle banks (set by Eamonn McCabe)
Bowler hatted man
Boxing - Fight fans Tyson v Ruddock, Las Vegas: June 1991*
Breakfast cereals (set by Eamonn McCabe)
Brewing: Butcombe Brewery
Bridges: Causey Arch railway bridge
Bridges: Coalport Bridge
Bridges: Dartford Bridge
Bridges: Great Northern Railway Bridge, Derby
Bridges: Humber Bridge
Bridges: Tower Bridge
Broadcasting: Pirate radio ships: Radio London & Caroline
Broadcasting: Radio One (set by David Newell Smith)
Broadcasting: Radio show (set by Peter Keen)
Broadcasting: Radio Jackie
Bugging devices: Electric microphones
Buildings: Flats: Bournemouth (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Flats: Birkenhead flats less than 20 years old scheduled for demolition
Buildings: Flats: Camden, Alexandra Road flats (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Flats: Camden (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Historic: Goodrich Castle
Buildings: Houses: Terraced houses in Barnesbury, London (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Prince of Wales Crescent housing dispute (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Cheyne Walk, Chelsea (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Houses: Architects
Buildings: Norwegian Chalet (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Mill in grounds of Kiplings House (set by Jane Bown)
Buildings: Arighi, Bianchi and Co. Ltd, Macclesfield
Buildings: ATV offices (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Offices: British Rail Office, Bassingstoke (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Offices: English Electric, Aldwych (set by Jane Bown)
Buildings: Theatres: The Old Vic (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Warehouses, Cutler Street (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: American Embassy
Buildings: Algerian Embassy, staff arriving in London
Buildings: Architecture: Hayward Gallery (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Architecture: Architectural Exhibition, 1961
Buildings: Architecture: Automobile Association Headquaters (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Architecture: Baker Street
Buildings: Asgill House, Richmond, Surrey (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Marylebone Auction Rooms (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: County Hall, Aylesbury (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Flats: Aylesbury Housing Estate (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Balderhead, 18th Century farmhouse, County Durham
Buildings: Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
Buildings: Bank: Baring's Bank, Bishopsgate, London (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Bank: Dorfman's Bank, Park Lane (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Bank: Bank of England Branch, Manchester (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Bank: Mayfair Bank (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Bank: Midland Bank
Buildings: Chamber of Shipping, Baltic Exchange, City of London
Buildings: Barbican site

Box 5:
Buildings: Barbican site (continued)
Buildings: Battle Abbery, Hastings (set by Jane Bown)
Buildings: Barham Workhouse, Suffolk
Buildings: Battersea Technical College
Buildings: BBC House (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: BBC Portland Place (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: BBC Television Centre (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Berkeley College (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: British Museum
Buildings: Burlington Arcade, 150th anniversary (set by Jane Bown)
Buildings: Buckingham Palace
Buildings: Building site at Elephant and Castle (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Building exhibition at ICA (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Bungalows, Wallington, Surrey (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Burras Heath flats (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Building site, Telephone for spectators (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Cambridge, Robinson College (set by Ian Bradshaw)
Buildings: Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool
Buildings: William Burge's Castell Coch, Cardiff
Buildings: Brinkburn Priory
Buildings: Bladon churchyard (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Church in Jews Walk
Buildings: Chesterfield Cathedral (set by Sue Adler)
Buildings: Ely Cathedral
Buildings: Church meeting at Church House
Buildings: Christ Church, Spitalfields
Buildings: Christ Church, Dublin (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Guildford Cathedral
Buildings: Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire (set by Richard Mildenhall)
Buildings: St Clement's, Cheapside (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square
Buildings: Liverpool Cathedrals (set by Ray Green)
Buildings: St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire
Buildings: St Giles Church, Barbican
Buildings: St James the Less, Thorndike Street (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Coventry Cathedral
Buildings: Great Witney Parish Church, Stourport, Worcester
Buildings: Greek Orthodox Church, Camden Town (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Birch Grove, Sussex (set by Stuart Heydinger)

Box 6:
Buildings: Coal Exchange
Buildings: Cottage, Buckinghamshire being renovated (set by Colin Jones)
Buildings: County Hall (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Pelmarsh, Sussex (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Croydon property development
Buildings: Crystal Palace sports stadium
Buildings: Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Daily Mail and Evening News building (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Daily Mail, Northcliffe House (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Daily Mirror, Holborn Circus
Buildings: Daily Mirror, old and new buildings (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Tarsingdon Dam, Derbyshire
Buildings: Danish and West German Embassy
Buildings: Demolished buildings in London (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Demolition of buildings close to Brompton Oratory (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Demolition site, 12 Portman Square (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Diorama Arts Centre
Buildings: The Distillers Co Ltd (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Dominion House
Buildings: Doric Arches, Euston
Buildings: Downing Street
Buildings: Economists Building (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Eresby House, Rutland Gate (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Experimental Housing Structure, students of Architects Association (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Field Study Centre, Epping (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: EMI building, Tottenham Court Road
Buildings: Hanover Gate Mansions (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: 63 Harley Street, 1930s period piece (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Harwell (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford
Buildings: Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High Street
Buildings: Cumberland Hotel Kitchen (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Cumberland Hotel (set by Colin Jones)
Buildings: Morgan Grenfell (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Mount Pleasant Hotel (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Block of flats built with High Alumina cement (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Hilton Hotel, Park Lane
Buildings: Holiday Inn (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Leinster Hote for students (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: London Hotels (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Ivy Bush Hotel Limited
Buildings: Plaza Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester (set by Ray Green)
Buildings: Old Rubber Brynmawr, Gwent (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Paddington factory
Buildings: Great West Road 1930s factories (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Branch Hill Estate, Hampstead (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: 1930s factories, Hay's Wharf (set by Jane Bown)
Buildings: Herman Miller factory
Buildings: Finnish Design Centre (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Setchell Bermondsey (set by Ian Bradshaw)
Buildings: Kirkby flats, near Liverpool (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Piccadilly Circus (set by Eamonn McCabe)
Buildings: Deptford, London, tallest flats (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Islington, high rise flats (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Sandringham Flats, Charing Cross Road (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Foreign Office (set by Nobby Clark)
Buildings: Forge, Gravesend
Buildings: Fornler Street (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Freemasons, Masonic exhibition and temple, Great Queen Street (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Freemasons Hall, Covent Garden (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Flyingdales, early warning radar, Yorkshire

Box 7:
Buildings: Liverpool Cathedral, model and architect, Frederick Gibberd
Buildings: Liverpool Cathedral, model in National Physical Laboratory (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: London churches (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: London Heathrow Airport St George's non-demoninational chapel (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Peterborough Cathedral bells
Buildings: Sir Richard Burton's Mausoleum, St Mary Magdalen Church, Mortlake
Buildings: St Giles, weathercock
Buildings: St Pirans Oratory (set by Arthur Foster)
Buildings: St Brides' Church (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: St James' Church, Smith Square and St Michael Church, Chester Square (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: St John's Wood Church
Buildings: Commonwealth Day Service, St Martin in the Fields
Buildings: Bar in St Mary's Church, Woolwich (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: St Mary's Aldermanbury Church, City of London (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: St Paul's Choir School (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Model of St Paul's Cathedral, save St Paul's appeal (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: St Paul's Cathedral
Buildings: St Peter's Church, Elgin Avenue (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: St Peter's Church, Regent's Place (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Mural on church of St Peter and St Paul, Chaldon, Surrey (set by Sue Adler)
Buildings: Prinknash Abbey incense
Buildings: Quarr Monastery (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: St Stephen's Church, Walbrook, Henry Moore sculpture (set by David Mansell)
Buildings: St Thomas', Winchester
Buildings: Santa Maria Abbey (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Sheffield Cathedral
Buildings: Southwark Cathedral (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Stewkley's Norman Parish Church (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Trinity Square Church, London (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Westminster Cathedral, pray-in (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Winchester Cathedral
Buildings: Worcester church, near Kidderminster
Buildings: Worcester cathedral (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: York Minster
Buildings: Clubs: Leeds Casino
Buildings: Clubs: Liverpool clubs: The Sovereign and The Piccadilly
Buildings: Clubs: Liverpool clubs: The Cavern and Hope Hall (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Clubs: London: RAC, Anthenaeum, Boodle's, Brooks (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Clubs: Marque Jazz Club
Buildings: Clubs: Overseas Visitor's Club (set by Sally Soames)
Buildings: Clubs: Overseas Visitor's Club, Earls Court
Buildings: Clubs: Northern High Pit Club
Buildings: Clubs: Playboy club, London (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Coffee bars, Soho
Buildings: Colleges: Model of St Anne's College, Bedford (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Morley College
Buildings: Crewe House, Curzon Street (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Curzon House Club, playing Chemin de Fer (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Crockfords Club (set by Stuart Heydinger)

Box 8:
Buildings: Clubs: Curzon House Club (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Clubs: Drinking clubs, Soho
Buildings: Clubs: Esmeralda's Barn (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Clubs: Gambling clubs (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Worcester Cathedral (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Dickens House, Broadstairs
Buildings: Clubs: Eel Pie Island (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Fountain House, Aldford House, Park Lane, London (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Clubs: Jockey Club, Newmarket
Buildings: Keir House, Dunbar
Buildings: Kings Head Theatre Club
Buildings: Clubs: Le Kitt, Soho (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Castrol House
Buildings: Cotton, Manchester
Buildings: Chartwell
Buildings: Chell's Estate, Stevenage, new town under construction
Buildings: Chelsea drugstore, London (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Chelsea Barracks (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Cheshunt College, Cambridge
Buildings: Chiswick House
Buildings: Centre Point, Tottenham Court Road (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Carlisle House, Cheyne Row (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Building site
Buildings: Cambridge Circus (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Clubs: Playboy Club
Buildings: Clubs: Playboy Club, Zambesi Club, Salisbury Hotel
Buildings: Raymond Revuebar Casino (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: River Club (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Ronnie Scot Club
Buildings: The Savage Club, King Street, London (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Stevenage Women's Club
Buildings: Working Mens Club, Barnsey and Doncaster (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: White's Club, St James' Street (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Youth Club Workshop
Buildings: Centre Point
Buildings: College of Physicians, St Andrews Place (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Commercial Union building (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Congregational Hall, Farringdon Street, London

Box 9:
Buildings: Foreign Office (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: General Post Office Tower
Buildings: Gardner Centre for the Arts, Brighton (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Chatsworth House (set by Ray Green)
Buildings: Royal Victoria Docks, Deptford
Buildings: Glasgow Civic Centre, model
Buildings: The Grange, Hampshire
Buildings: Gosford Castle, Ireland
Buildings: Centrepoint (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Century House (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: City Golf Club, Bride Lane, Fleet Street (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Churchill College, Cambridge
Buildings: Cliveden
Buildings: Copped Hall, Epping
Buildings: Hampton Court
Buildings: Tong Castle, ice house
Buildings: Grange Park, Hampshire (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Hallmead Day Centre
Buildings: Hazells Hall (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Hopetown House, West Lothian (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Hotels: Albion Hotel (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Hotels: Churchill Hotel (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Hotels: Hotel Marco Polo, Leinster Gardens
Buildings: Hotels: Lygon Arms Hotel, Bletchley (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Hotels: Grand Hotel, Torquay
Buildings: Hotels: London (set by Sue Adler)
Buildings: Hotels: Poignant
Buildings: Hotels: Ritz Casino (set by Sue Adler)
Buildings: Hotels: Royal Garden Hotel (set by Sue Adler)
Buildings: Hotels: Savoy Hotel
Buildings: Hotels: Strathclyde Hotel, Corby (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Audley End House, Saffron Walden, Essex
Buildings: Building societies (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Houses: Abbotswood Garden, Stow on the Wold
Buildings: House of Commons
Buildings: Empty houses (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Houses: Modern design
Buildings: New housing estate at Beckenham (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Houses: Flats, detached, semi detached
Buildings: Tide Mill, Bromley-le-Bow (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Houses: For sale (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Houses: Albany House (set by Richard Mildenhall)
Buildings: Houses: 44 Rochester Place
Buildings: Ditchley Park, Oxfordhshire (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Listed building, Edinburgh
Buildings: Hughendem House, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Buildings: Well House, Eltham
Buildings: School housing in South Wales (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Hume Housing Estate, Manchester
Buildings: Big Ben (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Iraq Airways building (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre: 18th July 1969 (by David N Smith)
Buildings: Kentish Town Council Housing Development Scheme
Buildings: Architecture, Kings Lynn
Buildings: Kings College, Strand
Buildings: King's Road new shopping precinct (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: KLG building, Roehampton Vale (set by Roger Hutchings)
Buildings: Knightsbridge

Box 10:
Buildings: Labour Party country house
Buildings: Demolition site, Leadenhall (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Leeds Castle, Kent
Buldings: Leeds Town Hall
Buildings: Laycock House
Buildings: Jodrell Bank (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Library
Buildings: St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay
Buildings: Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Isle of Scilly
Buildings: Dovercourt Lighthouse, Harwich
Buildings: LCC Chambers (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Peter Scott's Lighthouse (set by David Mansell)
Buildings: Lightmore Project
Buildings: London Metal Exchange (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: London pubs (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Marlborough House
Buildings: MEPC, Park Lane (set by Richard Mildenhall)
Buildings: Chantry House, Victoria (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: MI5, Gower Street
Buildings: MI6, Lambeth
Buildings: Grand Central Mosque, Regent's Park (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: McAlpine building site (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Mains Road, Portsmouth
Buildings: Manchester, condemned property specially painted
Buildings: Old Marconi hut, Chelmsford
Buildings: Mansion House (set by John Hodder)
Buildings: Marlborough House
Buildings: Mecca village service station
Buildings: Modern House, Bushey (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Albert Hall, Mosaic frieze
Buildings: Mottisfont Abbey
Buildings: Myton building site, Ludgate Circus
Buildings: Nash Terrace, Sussex Place, Regent's Park (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: National Theatre, model of National Theatre at the Arts Council, 22 November 1967 (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: NAPP Laboratory, Cambridge (set by Richard Mildenhall)
Buildings: National Front, new headquaters
Buildings: Newcastle, Land Commission offices
Buildings: Newington House, Oxfordshire
Buildings: NIOC House
Buildings: Observer building, Tudor Street
Buildings: Observer building, Queen Victoria Street
Buildings: Trumans Brewery, Brick Lane
Buildings: Modern office block (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Billy Hill's office, Piccadilly and St George's Circus (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Office landscaping, Phoenix Timber Company (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Edinburgh Opera House
Buildings: Protests Office (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Orbit House (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: The Owl, Loughton, Essex (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Paddington
Buildings: Tom Paine's cottage (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Park Lane building site (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Pall Mall Court, Manchester
Buildings: Pontefract
Buildings: Pepys Estate (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: The Pheasantry, Kings Road, Chelsea, Barings Bank, Bishopsgate, The City, New Scotland Yard (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Piccadilly (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Pimlico
Buildings: Old Scotland Yard, Queen's Gate (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Police Headquarters, London (set by David Newell Smith)

Box 11:
Buildings: Pollock House
Buildings: Portland Place, Chinese Legation (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Battersea Power Station
Buildings: Printing House Square (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Prisons: Broadmoor
Buildings: Newburgh Priory
Buildings: Privy Council offices, Whitehall
Buildings: Public conveniences, Cirencester (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Public Records Office, Chancery Lane (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: New Putney swimming pool, Upper Richmond Road
Buildings: Pubs: Black Friar Pub, Blackfriars, London (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Pubs: Kitch, Coventry (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden
Buildings: Packington Estate, Islington (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Imperial College, London
Buildings: Industrial Relations Court
Buildings: Pubs: Public house, 1961
Buildings: Pubs: Public house, Dagenham
Buildings: Pubs: The Merry Fiddlers, Dagenham
Buildings: Pubs: The Paviours Arms (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Pubs: The Rising Sun, Bethnal Green
Buildings: Pub with no beer
Buildings: Public Trustee Office
Buildings: Reconstruction of a Roman granary, Coventry
Buildings: Avaros Restaurant, Kings Road
Buildings: Restaurant
Buildings: German restaurant, Knightsbridge
Buildings: Regent's Park Theatre, refreshment room
Buildings: Lyons, Bacon and Egg
Buildings: Parsons, Fulham Road (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Manzes, Eel and Pie (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: New Rank Motorway Cafe, M6
Buildings: Wimpy Bar, Fleet Street (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Rhodesia House (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Robert Street, Adelphi (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Rosslyn Lodge nursing home (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Restaurants: Chinese
Buildings: Rothschild's office block
Buildings: Royal Academy, security arrangements for France in the 18th century exhibition (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich
Buildings: Roundacre
Buildings: Rumanian Legation
Buildings: Royal College of Art (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Rothschild Banking House
Buildings: Royal Albert Hall (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Royal Festival Hall
Buildings: The Great American Disaster (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Royal Opera House
Buildings: St George Shopping Centre, Preston
Buildings: Sir John Soane's picture gallery, Dulwich (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Southwark architecture
Buildings: Souhward Offset's offices
Buildings: Stanhope Gate (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: State House
Buildings: The Stock Exchange

Box 12:
Buildings: The Stock Exchange
Buildings: Sunday Times, Gray's Inn Road
Buildings: Supplementary Benefit Offices, Tavistock Square (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Swimming baths, Saltley Baths and Stechford Lido
Buildings: Swimming baths
Buildings: Swiss Centre
Buildings: Shopping centre, Chester
Buildings: Seifert Flats (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Serpentine Gallery (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Shell building
Buildings: Shopping development, Doncastesr
Buildings: Social Security Office, Shoreditch (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: St Peter's shopping precinct, Oldham
Buildings: Sissinghurst Castle (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Temple Bar
Buildings: Theatres: The Anchor, Southwark, model of Globe Theatre (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Theatres: Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Theatres: National Theatre
Buildings: Theatres: Royalty Theatre, Kingsway
Buildings: Theatres: Stratford Theatre, Stratford East
Buildings: Theatres: Royal Court Theatre (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Theatres: Globe Theatre, Southwark
Buildings: Theatres: Festival Theatre, Chichester (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Theatres: Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford (set by Peter Keen)
Buildings: Theatres: Windmill Theatre
Buildings: Thorn House, St Martin's Lane
Buildings: Times building
Buildings: Three M House, Wigmore Street (set by Stuart Heydinger)
Buildings: Tolmers Square, Euston (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Towbridge 15th Century timbered hall threatened with demolition
Buildings: Torquay House, Harrow Road
Buildings: Tower of London
Buildings: Toynbee Hall (set by Chris Smith)
Buildings: Technology Development Group Ltd.
Buildings: Tricorn Development (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: Tong Castle (set by Neil Libbert)
Buildings: Unilever House, Blackfriars (set by Bryn Campbell)
Buildings: University of Kent, Canterbury
Buildings: University of Warwick
Buildings: Vickers Building
Buildings: Victoria Street, London
Buildings: Victorian tenements, Old Kent Road
Buildings: Viyella House (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Wandsworth housing being demolished (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Westminster building site (set by Jane Bown)
Buildings: Weekend Television headquaters, Kingsway (set by Tony McGrath)
Buildings: Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner
Buildings: Witanhurst House, Highgate (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: YMCA, Tottenham Court Road, model (set by Tony McGrath)

Box 13:
Buildings: Warehouse, Manchester Piccadilly
Buildings: Witley Court, Worcester (set by David Newell Smith)
Buildings: Wigmore Street
Buildings: Westminster conference centre (set by Neil Libbert)
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