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Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionBox 1:

Factories: Ronsons: nd
Fairground exhibition, Whitechapel Gallery: 1979 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Fairs: Toy fair: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Fairs: Victorian military fair, Victory Club: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Families: Acton family, Pentwyn, Cardiff: 1978 (by Steve Benbow)
Farming: Agricultural workers: nd
Farming: British Tractor Pulling Association and East Sussex Young Farmer's Club: 1980
Farming: Christmas trees being harvested: 1974 (by David Newell Smith)
Farming: Combine harvester, Cambridge: 1984 (by David Mansell)
Farming: Dairy farm: 1964 (by David Newell Smith)
Farming: Deer farming: 1981 (by Chris Gregory)
Farming: Fachongle Isaf farm, Newport, Pembrokeshire: 1975 (by Tony McGrath)
Farming: 1980 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Farming: Foot and mouth disease: 1961 (by Tom Weir)
Farming: Foot and mouth disease, Hampshire: 1967 (by David Newell Smith)
Farming: Hop-picking, Yalding, Kent: 1962 (by Colin Jones)
Farming: Horse-drawn farming: 1979 (by Mike Charity)
Farming: J Howell Jones Farm: nd (by Geoffrey Charles)
Farming: Leek growing: 1964 (by David Newell Smith)
Farming: Oswestry farm where farmer contracted disease from rats: 1970 (by Neil Libbert)
Farming: Plough champs: 1979 (by Derek Millward)
Farming: Ploughing: nd
Farming: Lockwood Locktronic potato selector: 1978 (by Hugh Routledge)
Farming: Reed cutter: 1968 (by Chris Smith)
Farming: Turkey farm: 1968 (by Chris Smith)
Farming: Winter barley harvest, Bulmer, Suffolk: 1981 (by Ian Bradshaw)

Box 2:
Fashion: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: 1987 (by Suresk Karadia)
Fashion: BHS: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Black women's hairstyles: 1980 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Bovver boots: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Brazilian fashions in London: 1966 (by Sally Soames)
Fashion: British fashion: nd (by Richard Mildenhall)
Fashion: British fashion: nd (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Canvas bag: 1976 (by Chris Smith)
Fashion: Price cutting at Chloe: 1980 (by Lorrie Graham)
Fashion: Denim jeans: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Dior dress: The New Look 1947 from the Victoria and Albert Museum: 1970 (by David Newell Smith)
Fashion: Fans at a Wham concert: 1983 (by Mike McQueen)
Fashion: Fashion for famine: 1985 (by John Wildgoose)
Fashion: Guernsey sweater: 1978 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Fashion: Harvey Nichols Observer fashion promotion: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Harvey Nichols shop window Observer promotion: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Harvey Nichols fashion show: 1983 (by Jim Rice)
Fashion: Hat: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Caberat: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Jewellery: nd
Fashion: Afro hair care: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Leg warmers: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Lords shop and 3 designers: Martin Sinock, Georgina von Etzdorf and Jonathan Docherty: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Fashion: Paris fashions: 1977
Fashion: Paris fashion collections: Thierry Mugler and Claude Montana: nd (Rex Features)
Fashion: Royal College of Art: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Scarf Observer offer: nd
Fashion: St Martins School: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Sunglasses: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Fashion: Suzanne, New York: nd
Fashion: Sweaters: 1976 (by Neil Libbert)
Fashion: Tailors shop in Saville Row: 1987 (by John Wildgoose)
Fashion: Tesco fashion show: 1985 (by Tony Prime)
Fashion: Tower Bridge lads fashion story: 1984 (by John Hodder)
Fashion: Recreating Tudor: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Fashion: Women: 1982 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Festivals: The band at Windsor: 1978 (by Tony Prime)
Festivals: Beer festival, Alexander Palace: 1980 (by Sue Adler)
Festivals: Dickensian fayre: 1980 (by Tony Prime)
Festivals: GLC Thames Day: 1985 (by Judah Passow)
Festivals: GLC Thames Day: 1983 (by Steve McMillan)
Festivals: Folklore festival, Middleborough: 1985 (by Allan Glenwright)

Box 3:
Festivals: Commonwealth Games arts festival: 1986 (by David Liddle)
Festivals: DH Lawrence festival: 1980 (by Derek Millward)
Festivals: Dickens festivals, London: 1982 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Festivals: Edinburgh festival: Sankai Juku Kinkan Shonen: 1982
Festivals: Edinburgh festival: Kinkan Shonen
Festivals: International Eisteddfod, Llangollen, Wales: 1972 (by Paul Hill)
Festivals: International Summer Fiesta, Kempton Park: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Festivals: Great Windsor Park festival: 1972 (by David Newell Smith)
Festivals: Guru Puja: 1973 (by Tony McGrath)
Festivals: Guru Puja: 1973 (by Tony Prime)
Festivals: Hong Kong festival, Battersea: 1980 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Festivals: Festival of Light: 1971 (by David Newell Smith)
Festivals: In London street: 1973 (by Tony Prime)
Festivals: May Day celebrations at Barbican: 1982 (by John Hodder)
Festivals: National Festival of Mime, Rayners School for Deak and Dumb: 1980 (by Lorrie Graham)
Festivals: Festival of mime: nd
Festivals: Festival of many cultures: 1980 (by Tony Prime)
Festivals: Festival of many cultures at Covent Garden: 1978 (by Neil Libbert)
Festivals: Reading pop festival: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Festivals: Richmond jazz festival featuring the Rolling Stones: 1964 (by David Newell Smith)
Festivals: Shadwell Park, London: nd (by Sue Adler)
Festivals: Southwark Shakespeare festival: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Festivals: Thamesday including Ken Livingstone releasing balloons: 1982 (by Mike McQueen)
Festivals: Thamesmeed festival of human power: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Festivals: Victorian steam rally: nd
Festivals: National waterways festiva: 1988 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Bank of America and Lloyds bank Holborn: 1987 (by By David Harden)
Finance: Bank brochures: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Demonstration outside seminar on Manx banking: 1983 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Bank of England: 1979 (by Nobby Clark)
Finance: Bank of England new issues: 1982 (by Neil Libbert)
Finance: Bank of England: 1980 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Banque Nationale de Paris: 1983 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: Natwest bank, Isleworth: 1984 (by David Mansell)
Finance: Natwest World Money Centre, Threadneedle Street: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Accounts brochures: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Investment managers of Baillie Gifford: 1984 (by David Liddle)
Finance: British Petroleum (BP) London HQ: nd (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Britannia Trust Fund: 1979 (by Lorrie Graham)
Finance: Burtons: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Cavendish Guaranty Trust: 1982 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Chicago Mercantile Exchange: 1980 (by John Hodder)
Finance: CMG investment: 1979 (by Nobby Clark)
Finance: Group of Chartists: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: GT Management: 1979 (by Nobby Clark)
Finance: Investment Unit Trust: 1978 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Finance: Investment Unite Trust pamphlets: 1977 (by Nobby Clarke)
Finance: International Trust Services (ITS): 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Lloyds committee: 1980 (by Arthur Foster)
Finance: M&G Investments: 1980 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Money: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Money market dealing room: 1986 (by John Wildgoose)
Finance: Tower securities BV, Amsterdam: 1984 (by Michael Gillard)
Finance: Venture capital report: 1980 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Women Mean Business Award: 1983 (by Tony Prime)

Box 4:
Finance: Banks: Banque du Rhone: 1982 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: Banks: Barclays: 1979 (by Nobby Clark)
Finance: Banks: Store cards: 1978
Finance: Banks: Childes Bank, Fleet Street 1982 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Banks: National Savings: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: London Commodity Exchange: 1987 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Banks: Bank of America: 1980 (by Nobby Clark)
Finance: Banks: Inside a bank: 1980
Finance: Abbey National Building Society: 1981 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Companies: Freshwater House: 1984
Finance: Companies: AGM of National Freight Carriers, Wembley Conference Centre: 1984 (by David Mansell)
Finance: Coins, £1: 1983 (by Steve Macmillan)
Finance: Companies: Gainsborough Holdings: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: "Buy Now Pay Later", Money Observer: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: SITAC: 1984 (by David Liddle)
Finance: Charterhouse Japhet/Hambros Bank Ltd./Rothschild House: 1984 (by David Mansell)
Finance: A Challenge to British Industry, London Enterprise Agency: 1982 (by Hugo Moss)
Finance: SSAP-16. Inflation Accounting - New mandatory standard for large companies: 1980 (Tony McGrath)
Finance: Aberystwyth Co-op, [Terence Jones], Gwyn Jenkins, David Bates: 1981 (by John Hodder)
Finance: BRITOIL: 1982 (by Neil Libbert)
Finance: Scottish Assurance: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Companies: House of Fraser AGM, Prof. Roland Smith: 1984
Finance: Companies: [Hawbe] Whital Holdings, John Whitecross, Kenneth Talbot, Robert [Hawker]: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: Prolific Investment:1985 (by John Wildgoose)
Finance: Cazenove: Stock Brokers, John Kemp-Welch (left), Anthony Forbes (right), David Mayhew (centre): 1986 (by Neil Libbert)
Finance: Companies: Scottish & Newcastle bid: 1988 (by J Bown)
Finance: Companies: Saatchi & Saatchi: 1987 (by R Mildenhall)
Finance: Companies: Metal box AGM: 1989 (by J Chapman)
Finance: Companies: Consgold AGM, Rudolf Agnew: 1989 (by J Wildgoose)
Finance: Companies: Blue Arrow Peronel Services: 1988 (by D Harden)
Finance: Companies: B.P. share offer: 1987 (by R Mildenhall)
Finance: Companies: B.P. share offer: 1987 (by D Miller)
Finance: Companies: James Capel House, U.B.S, Phillips & Drew and others; 1989 (by D Miller)
Finance: Companies: British Aerospace Share application deadline: 1985 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: Quilter Goodison Share Shop, Debehams & City Investment Centre, Finchley: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: GT (Unit Trust Managers of the Year), [Mark] Giles, Phillip Gray, Peter Dew, Roger Yates: 1983 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Stock Exchange Index: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Commercial Unit Trust: Framlingtons: 1981 (by Alex)
Finance: Companies: Ladbrokes: nd (by John Hodder)
Finance: Johns & Mattney Bank, and at 4, Buttrils Rd, Barry, S. Glamorgan: 1985 (by Ben Gibson)
Finance: P & O meeting: 1984 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Building Societies: Woolwich: 1987 (by S Adler)
Finance: Building Societies: Halifax: 1988 (by B Gibson)
Finance: Burma Oil AGM, Glasgow: 1985 (by David Liddle)
Finance: Brown Shipley: Paul Talbot, Marlin Trowell, Guy Croft of Brown Shipley: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Money £50: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: EXCO International, Richard Lacy, John [Grim], John Irvine, William Matthews, Richard Worthington, James Cheetham: 1981 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Finance: Stockbroking: Margetts & Addenbrooke, East Newton, Gordon Harvey, John East, Bill Hands: 1980
Finance: Interest rate sign: 1984 (by Mike McQueen)
Finance: Interest rate sign: 1983 (by Mike McQueen)
Finance: Meeting: 1982
Finance: Money Extra, Save & Prosper salesman: 1982
Finance: Prudential Assurance: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Deloitte, Haskins & Sells: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Hepworths: 1980 (by Allan Glenwright)
Finance: Banks: Harrods Trust Bank & Hawes Bank: 1982 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Money/taxes: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Money: $1, 50 Francs, DM20, 1000 Yen, 20 Swiss Francs, £5: nd
Finance: Money: £1 coins: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: Stafford Robert & Partners: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Risk Assurance: 1980 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Raleigh Board of Directors, Ian Phillips, Alan Oakley, Sandy Roberts, Dennis Hensley: 1977 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Legal & General: Walter Bynorth, Ted Davis & Jim Robinson of Legal & General: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Children's piggy bank: nd (by Eamonn McCabe)
Finance: Observer (Investment) Unit Trust Award: 1986 (by Roger Hutchings)
Finance: Jaguar - first day of share dealings at Stock Exchange: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Finance: Nat West Bank Foreign Exchange: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Money: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: George V gold sovereigns: nd
Finance: Money: Sterling Notes: 1982 ( by Steve MacMillan)
Finance: Money Observer: Norwich Union, Hugh Scurfield, John [Baster], Ken Hurst: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Building Societies: 1984
Finance: Share Shops: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Johnson Mattney, Video Film JMB Story: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Banks: Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Morgan Guaranty: 1980 (by Arthur Foster)
Finance: Banks: Coutts & Co: 1982 (by John Hodder)
Finance: Clearing Banks: nd
Finance: Brittania Invest, Robert Dellow, Joan Windberg, Stuart Goldsmith, Alan Maidment, Bryan Quinton: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Credit card & VISA: 1987 (by David Harden)
Finance: Hoare Govett: 1982 (by David Mansell)
Finance: Hong Kong Business Delegation, protesting rent increase: 1980 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Finance: Ian Allen sponsored train from Paddington: 1982 (by David Mansell)
Finance: International Monetary Fund, the new I.M.F building: nd
Finance: Browne Shipley: Peter Coster, Derek Godfrey, Jim Gilchrist, Robbie Graham, David Anslow, Richard Putnam: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Money Observer: Computer Business Expansion Schemes: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Banking SIB: nd

Box 5:
Finance: SGB rejects Beazer: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Companies: Lonrho AGM: 1989 (by J Chapman)
Finance: Lonrho meeting in Glasgow: 1983 (by David Liddle)
Finance: STC press conference city job, Lord Keith: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Money Observer: MLA Investment Centre: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Companies: TSB AGM: 1987 (by David Liddle)
Finance: AGM of Standard Chartered PLC: 1987 (by John Wildgoose)
Finance: Sir Christopher Hogg of Courtaulds presents the Observer Investor of the Year Awards, Boardroom: 1987 (by Allan Titmuss)
Finance: Money Observer: Investor of the Year 85, Sir Godfrey Messervy & Graham Besson: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Investors Mercantile: nd
Finance: Tower Fund Managers: 1979 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Finance: Bank: TSB: 1980 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: E.C.U's, currency: nd (by Frank Spooner)
Finance: Euro-Tunnel share sale: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Money: Gold bars: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Swiss House, Swiss Re insurance: 1987 (by D Harden)
Finance: Companies: Warburg: 1987 (by David Harden)
Finance: Hoare Govett, Mr West: 1980 (By Sue Adler)
Finance: Wage earners with "perks": 1976 (by Tony McGrath)
Finance: Financial Crisis: rush to buy drinks before prices go up, after budget announcement: 1968 (by David N Smith)
Finance: BIG BANG rehearsal at Stock Exchange: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Stock Exchange, Rehearsal for BIG BANG: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Finance: Capel Stockbrokers: 1977 (by Neil Libbert)
Finance: Stock Exchange: Crane lifted into position to place new equipment in tower: 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Britain - Stock Exchange: nd (by Neil Libbert)
Finance: Money Observer: Stock Exchange floor incl. Roy Bennett of Shepherd & Chase: 1986 (by Roger Hutchings)
Finance: Stock Exchange: 1987 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Finance: Stock Exchange: Peter Minchin: 1980 (by Sue Adler)
Fire: Prevention: Tests on flame-proof material: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Fire: At North Wales National Park near Conway: 1980 (by Chris Gregory)
Fire: Anne Hathaway's cottage at Stratford-Upon-Avon after it had caught fire: 1969 (by Paul Hill)
Fire: Fire on board HMS Victoria Aircraft carrier at Portsmouth: 1967 (by Roy E. West, Hampshire Telegraph)
Fire: Bradford City FC fire from TV: 1985 (by Roger Hutchings)
Fire: 40 year old fire, Edinburgh: 1985 (by David Liddle)
Fire: Milford Haven Oil Refinary: 1983 (by Ben Gibson)
Fire: Fire at MOD offices in Whitehall (Scottish National Liberation Army claimed it): 1985 (by Tony Prime)
Fire: Oil tanker Pacific [Colony] on fire off the Isle of Wight: 1970 (by Chris Wood)
Fire: Oil tanker Pacific [Colony] on fire off the Isle of Wight: 1970 (by Roger Smith)
Fire: B.E.A. fire: 1963 (by Colin Jones)
Fire: Bishopsgate Goods Yard fire: 1964 (by Colin Jones)
Fire: Bowaters, London: 1968 (by D.N Smith)
Fire: People/types: Firemen at Alexandra Palace: 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Fire: People/types: Firemen: 1966 (by David Davies)
Firesides: nd (by Chris Smith)
Fireworks: 1977 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Fireworks: Firework Display, City of London Festival: 1966 (by David Newell Smith)
Fireworks: Wilf Scott, Martin Smiley: 1980 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Fireworks: 1982 (by Steve Macmillan)
Fish: 1971 (by David N Smith)
Fish: Fish monitoring treatment near Chester: 1985 (by Ben Gibson)
Fish: Aquarium show at Royal Horticultural Society's Old Hall, London, winning perch Ctenopoma Kingsleyae: 1976 (by Neil Libbert)
Fish: Carp at London Zoo: 1981 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Fish: Young salmon being innoculated against furunculosis, Clacham, Argyllshire: 1983 (by David Liddle)
Fishing: Ullapool Mackerel fishing fleet: 1979 (by Ken MacPherson)
Fishing: Fishermen, Bognor Regis: 1981 (by John Hodder)
Fishing: Oyster fishing, Loch Fyne, Scotland: 1982 (by David Liddle)
Fishing: Hull trawler & crew, being sold to New Zealand: 1982 (by Allan Glenwright)
Fishing: Strike at Peterhead: 1981 (by Ken MacPherson)
Fishing: Cockles: 1987 (by Ged Murray)
Fishing: Mussels: Fishermen work to restock mussel beds in Conway Estuary, N Wales: 1976 (by Ray Green)
Fishing Industry: nd (by A Forster)
Fishing Industry: North Shields: 1982 (by Allan Glenwright)
Fishing Industry: Fishermen from Filey "dumping" in sea: 1977 (by Allan Glenwright)
Fishing Industry: Boardwashers Co-op: nd (by Allan Glenwright)
Fishing Industry: Hull: 1980 (by Arthur Foster)

Box 6:
Fishing Industry: Hull: 1979
Fishermen: Fishermen at Brixham, Devon (The Lobster Pot Cafe): 1962 (by Stuart Heydinger)
Fishermen: Whitby: nd (by Ray Green)
Flowers: nd
Flowers: Flower show at Westminster: 1975 (by David N Smith)
Flowers: Chelsea Flower Show: 1968 (by Mike Stroud)
Flowers: Daffodils: 1967 (by David N Smith)
Flowers: Helston Flora Day: 1965 (by David N Smith)
Flowers: House plants - Cacti, Worfield Gardens, Bridgeworth: 1962 (by Colin Jones)
Flowers: Orchid Show: 1985 (by Nick Rogers)
Flowers: Indoor plants: 1962 (by Colin Jones)
Flowers: Wild Daffodils growing at Loymill, Farndale, North Yorkshire Moors: 1984 (by Laura Richter)
Flowers: Japanese flower arrangements, Professor Nakamura: 1968 (by David N Smith)
Flowers: Kew, Bicentenary (orchids): 1989
Flowers: Royal Windsor Rose show: 1966 (by David N Smith)
Flowers: Tulips, Spaldin: 1961
Flowers: Tulips: nd (by Jane Bown)
Food/Drink: Beer: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Food/Drink: Beer, Bread: 1979 (by Tony Prime)
Food: Breadmaking at the Food Information Centre: 1965 (by David Newell-Smith)
Food: Cereals: 1971 (by Tony McGrath & C Smith)
Food: Chefs at Dorchester for "Foodie": 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Food: Cheeses at Neal's Yd, Covent Garden: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Pocky chocolates: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Food/Drink: Coca-cola: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Food/Drink: Coffee: 1972 (by [Tarquin Shadeburg])
Food: Confectionary, Smarties/Rowntrees: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Eggs: nd (by John Hodder)
Food: Shortages: Queues for bread during bakery dispute: 1977 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Food: Shortages: Queues for bread: 1977 (by Tony Prime)
Food: Shortages: Birds Eye depot, Sydenham: 1979 (by Tony Prime)
Food/Drink: Tea tasting, London Tea Centre: 1983 (by John Hodder)
Food: R & R Bakery, Harlesden: 1983 (by Mike McQueen)
Food: Bread: home-baked bread: 1978 (by Gary Woodhouse)
Food/Drink: Coca-cola tin: 1982 (by John Hodder)
Food/Drink: Coca-cola labels: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Food: Six foot madeira cake by Colin Wilson: 1961 (by Stuart Heydinger)
Food/Drink: Distillers bottles: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Food/Drink: Tasting panel for new Coca-cola: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Fruit: Apples: 1977 (by Nobby Clark)
Food/Drink: Tennents lager: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Bread: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Fruit: Kiwi fruit: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Food: Hamburgers: nd
Food: Sweets: Skullcrushers: 1983 (by David Liddle)
Food: Prawns: Water in prawns: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Bubblegum blowing record attempt: 1985 (by Judah Passow)
Food: Students Union Food Fair: 1960
Food: International Food Symposium, Oxford: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Food: Food and rising prices: 1972 (by David N Smith)
Food: Local residents food co-operative in Covent Garden: 1974 (by Angela Dean-Drummond)
Food/Drink: Nescafe jar: 1974 (by Tony McGrath)
Food: Grape harvest in Hamble, Hampshire: 1970 (by Ian Cook)
Food: Slimming foods: 1971 (by Chris Smith)
Food: Salt cellar: 1981 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Food/Drink: Tea bags: 1971 (by Chris Smith)
Food/Drink: William James and Henry Thompson, tea tasting: 1971 (by David N Smith)
Ford & Firestone: Workers: 1960 (by Jack Esten)
Foster Parents: 1967 (by David N Smith)
Foster Parents: Association of Foster Parents meeting in London: 1963 (by David Sim)
Founder's Day: Royal Hospital, Chelsea: 1964 (by Stuart Heydinger)
Funeral: Sikh funeral of Mr J.P. Singh: 1967 (by Tony McGrath)
Funeral: Kelso Cochrane, Notting Hill Gate: 1989

Box 7:
Funeral: Funeral of Frank Ivers: 1961 (by Pat Ward)
Furniture: 1987 (by Neil Libbert)
Furniture: Furniture Restoration Co, Delta Initiative, Bridport, Devon: 1983 (by Tony Prime)
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