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TitleGeneral subject negatives - G
Datec1958 - c1992
Extent2 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionBox 1:
Gambling: Fruit machine (phonographic equipment): 1965 (by Tom Smith)
Gambling: Aspinalls Clubs: 1983 (by Mike McQueen)
Gambling: nd (by Tim McGrath)
Gambling: Gamblers: 1966 (by John Hodder)
Games: Computer Games: 1982 (by David Mansell)
Games: Hexagonal Chess: 1979 (by Nobby Clark)
Games: Monopoly Championships, Park Lane Hotel: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Games: 'Murder by Numbers', Hull University students: 1987 (by John Wildgoose)
Games: War Games: In Bedford Corner Hotel, Bloomsbury, London: 1967 (by David Newell Smith)
Games: War Games: In Bedford Corner Hotel, Bloomsbury, London: 1967 (by Chris Smith)
Games: War Games: Third National War Games Convention, Worthing: 1969 (by David Newell Smith)
Games: War Games: Seymour Hall: 1977 (by Tony Prime)
Games: War Games: 1976 (by Tony McGrath)
Gas Explosion: Dovercourt, Essex: nd (by Ray Rushton)
Gasworks: Greenwich Gasworks: 1973 (by David Newell Smith)
Gay Switchboard: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Geographers: 1968 (by Tony McGrath)
Geology: Stalactites: 1972 (by [Evan] Davies)
G.I.'s in Britain: 1958 (by Peter Keen)
Girl Guides: At parade at St Paul's for diamond jubilee celebrations of Ranger Guide section: 1977 (by Tony Prime)
Girl Guides: Girl Guides rally, Albert Hall: 1962 (by Stuart Heydinger)
Glass: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Go-Karts: 1985 (by Ged Murray)
"Gonks": 1964 (by David Newell Smirh)
Government: Bristol Government Training Centre: 1963 (by Michael Peto)
Government: Departments: Foreign Office (Information Research Dept), Riverwalk House, Millbank and Carlton House Terrace: 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Government: Local: Lambeth Councillor: 1981 (by Tony Prime)
Government: Local: Walsall Neighbourhood Offices: 1982 (by Brian Horner)
Graffiti: Election Graffiti: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Graffiti: Eltham: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Graffiti: Knightsbridge Crown Court: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Graffiti: Evening News building after 'AID for lesbians' story: 1978 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Graffiti: Crownstone Road, Brixton, 57 deaths in police custody: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Greenpeace: Air balloon: 1982
Guards: Outside the Bank of England: 1963 (by Stuart Heydinger)
Guns: Mr Jack Fisher, repairer at Churchill Atkin, Grant & Lane: 1974 (by D [Cattani])
Guns: Guns at Cogswell St: 1974 (by Tony McGrath)
Guns: 1971 (by Chris Smith)
Guns: Arms Fair at Cumberland Hotel: 1970 (by Chris Smith)
Guns: Arms Fair at Cumberland Hotel: 1970 (by Ian Cook)
Gypsies: Police brutality and evictions: 1980 (by Derek Millward)
Gypsies: Germany, Bad Hersfeld: 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Gypsies: Walsall: 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
Gypsies: Gypsy camp near Bromley, Kent: 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
Gypsies: Cardiff: 1970 (by David Newell Smith)
Gypsies: Appleby Horse Fair: 1972 (by Paul Hill)
Gypsies: Ashford: 1962 (by Colin Jones)
Gypsies: Irish tinker encampment in Black Country: 1970 (by David Newell Smith)

Box 2:
Gypsies: Welshpool: 1982 (by Dorothea Heath)
Gypsies: Argyll peninsula of Scotland: 1983 (by David Liddle)
Gypsies: Havering Council's caravan site: 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
Gypsies: in Cambridge. Reading summons issued by Council: 1968 (by Louis Garnade)
Gypsies: new age travellers: 1992 (by Andy Hall)
Gypsies: Iran, Sevenoaks, nd
Gurning: nd
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