Ref NoOBS/6/9/3/2/D
TitleNegatives for personalities beginning with D
Extent8 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of negatives of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Dache, Lily
Dadichah, Hossein
Dadoo, Dr Yusuf (funeral) (set by Jane Bown)
Dagleish, Angus
Dale, Barbara
Dalai Lama
Dale, Mike (set by Tony McGrath)
Dale, Terence
Daley, Grace
Daley, Mayor (Chicago; at US Democratic Convention, 1976)
Dalgleish, Ian
Dalgleish, James
Dalgleish, Kenny
Dali, Salvador

Box 2:
Dally, Anne
Daly, Mary
Daly, Teresa
Dalyell, Tam
Damianou, Georgios (set by Tony McGrath)
Danby, Mary (set by Tony McGrath)
Dane, Stehanie
Daniel, Sarah (Rothschild)
Daniel, Susan
Danielle, Suzanne
Daniels, Cyril
Daniels, Paul
Daniloff, Nicholas (set by Neil Libbert)
Daneux, Danielle
Dart, Constable A (set by Neil Libbert)
Darling, Peter Stormonth
Darling, Rick
Darlington, Dr Bill (set by Tony McGrath)
Darvill, Jonathan (set by Jane Bown)
Darvill, RH (general manager Barclays Bank)
Das, Durga
Dash, Jack (including sets by David Newell Smith and Sally Soames)
Dashwood, Francis
Datolla, Terry (set by David Newell Smith)
Daubeny, Molly
Daubeny, Peter (set by David Newell Smith)
Daue, Mr (set by Neil Libbert)
Davenport, Andrew (set by Tony McGrath)
Davenport, David
Davenport, Diana (set by Neil Libbert)
Davenport, Hugo
Davenport, Tony (chairman Wardle & Davenport) (set by David Newell Smith)
Davern, Edward (leader of Irish National Liberation Solidarity Movement)
Davey, Reverend John
David, Herman (chairman Wimbledon)
David, Joanna (set by Jane Bown)
David, Robin
David, Dr Rosalie (Manchester University)
Davidson, Karen (set by Neil Libbert)
Davidson, Sue
Davie, Michael (staff) (including sets by Jane Bown, Neil Libbert, Tony McGrath, & David Newell Smith)
Davies, Andrew (weightlifting)
Davies, Ann & Susan (set by Jane Bown)
Davies, Audley Tristan
Davies, Denzil
Davies, Frederick (set by Jane Bown)

Box 3:
Davies, Gwen (staff) (set by Tony McGrath)
Davies, Herbert
Davies, John
Davies, Jonathan
Davies, Keith
Davies, Laura
Davies, Lynn
Davies, Philip
Davies, Russell (staff)
Davies, Sharon
Davies, Tom (staff)
Davies, Siobhan
Davies, Sue (set by Tony McGrath)
Davis, Carl (musical conductor)
Davis, Charles (former priest)
Davis, Edward (Leicester Temperance Building Society)
Davis, Joanne
Davis, John (staff) (including sets by Jane Bown, Tony McGrath, David Newell Smith & Neil Libbert)
Davis, Sir John (set by Tony McGrath)
Davis, House of John (bomb explosion)
Davis John (Rank Organisation) (set by Jane Bown)
Davis, John
Davis, LJ (author)
Davis, Miles
Davis, Peter
Davis, Roger
Davis, Rose (set by Tony McGrath)
Davis Jnr, Sammy (set by David Newell Smith)
Davis, Sue (The Photographers Gallery) (including sets by Jane Bown & Tony McGrath)
Davy, John (staff) (set by David Newell Smith)
Dawes, Bill (set by David Newell Smith)
Dawkins, Bill (set by David Newell Smith)
Dawson, Gladys
Dawson, Helen (staff) (set by Tony McGrath)
Dawson, Sir Walter (set by David Newell Smith)
Dayan, Eddie
Dayviss, Denny (set by David Newell Smith)
Day, Alan (staff)
Day, David (set by David Newell Smith)
Day, Graham (chairman British Shipbuilders) (set by Jane Bown)

Box 4:
Dichter, Misha
Dick, Jack
Dick, John
Dickens, Dr Diana
Dickenson, Angie
Dickman, Jack
Dickman, Jacob
Diebold, John
Dietrick, Fischer Dieskau
Diffenbach, John M (set by Neil Libbert)
Diggs, Charles C
Dijkstra, Gerard
Dikko, Umaru
Dilgeer, Dr Harjinder Singh (set by Jane Bown)
Dilhorne, Viscount
Dillon, Douglas
Dimbleby, Richard
Dimmock, Eric
Dineen, Mike
Dollfus, Audouin (French astronomer)
Dingwall, Louisa Eileen (horse trainer)
Distel, Sacha (set by Tony McGrath)
Ditzler, Tim (Natwest computer centre bank)
Dix, Alan (Volkswagon) (set by Neil Libbert)
Dix, Carol
Dixey, Paul (set by David Newell Smith)
Dixon, Beryl (set by Neil Libbert)
Dixon, Ian
Dixon, Kenneth
Dixon, Les
Dlamini, Chief Johannes
Dobereiner, Peter (staff) (including sets by David Newell Smith & Tony McGrath)
Dobson, Kenneth
Dobson, Pat
Docherty, Tommy (including set by Tony McGrath)
Dodd, Peter
Dodds, Dr
Dodds, Tracy
Dohnanyl, Christopher (set by David Newell Smith)
Dolan, Gordon
Dolgun, Alexander

Box 5:
Dayan, Moshe (set by Tony McGrath)
Dawson, John
D'Eath, George
D'Estang, Giscard (set by David Newell Smith)
Deacon, Brian
Dean, Brenda
Dean, Brian (set by Neil Libbert)
Dearing, Reverend
Dearing, Sir Ron
Debray, Regis (set by Tony McGrath)
Decker, Mary (marriage to Richard Slaney)
De Cuella, Perez
Dee, Simon (aka Cyril Henty-Dodd) (set by Neil Libbert)
Deedes, Jeremy
Deeker, John
Deeley, Peter (staff) (including a set by Jane Bown)
Defferre, Gaston (Mayor of Marseille)
Dei, IM
Dekaton, Anatol (including set by David Newell Smith)
Delaney, John
Delbourgo, R (Delbourgo and Coronet Insurance) (set by Tony McGrath)
Delfont, Bernard (set by David Newell Smith)
Delius, Anthony (staff)
Dellal, Jack (set by David Newell Smith)
Delvaux, Andre (film director) (set by David Newell Smith)
Demarco, Richard (Edinburgh Festival)
Demijck, Stan (set by Tony McGrath)
Dempster, Nigel
Demski, Gabor
Denard, Marion (American art dealer)
Dench, Judi (including sets by Tony McGrath and Neil Libbert)
Deng, Xiaoping (set by Tony McGrath)
Denis, Dr Ian (set by Neil Libbert)
Denktash, Rauf (set by Tony McGrath)
Denning, Lord
Denniston, Candida
Dent, Gerald (staff)
Denmark, Queen Margrethe II (set by David Newell Smith)
Derer, Vladimir*
Dery, Tibor
Desai, Morarji (set by Tony McGrath)
Desbard, Herbert (Cannon Street Investments)
Desmond, Cosmas (sets by Jane Bown and David Newell Smith)
Devi, Shakuntala
Deuss, John

Box 6:
Devlin, Bernadette (including sets by Tony McGrath and David Newell Smith)
Devlin, Lord (set by David Newell Smith)
Devlin, Polly
Dewe, Ronnie
Dexter, John
Dexter, Ted (cricketer) (including set by David Newell Smith)
Dexter, Ted (staff)
Diamond, David (set by Tony McGrath)
Diamond, Harry
Dibdea, Michael (set by David Newell Smith)
Dichter, Dr Ernest
Donaldson, Sir John
Donaldson, Lesley
Donegan, Anne
Donleavy, JP (James Patrick)
Donnan, Reverend WH (set by Jane Bown)
Donne, David
Donnelly, Desmond
Donner, Clive (set by Tony McGrath)
Donnton, Paul
Donovan, Hedley
Dooley, Arthur (set by Tony McGrath)
Doran, Gill
Doran-Webb, James set by Tony McGrath)
Dorati, Antal
Doren, Van
Dorman, Sir Maurice
Dors, Diana (marriage to Alan Lake)
Double, James
(Doubosonoffov), AI
Dougan, Derek (including set by David Newell Smith)
Douglas, Alfred
Douglas, Althea

Box 7:
Douglas, Desmond (table tennis)
Douglas, Kirk (set by Tony McGrath)
Douglas, Geoff
Douglas, Mick
Douglas, Nigel
Dowding, Peter
Dowling, Colette
Downes, Terry
Doyle, Christine (staff) (including set by Jane Bown)
Doyle, Tony
Doylend, William
Drabble, Margaret
Drake, Alison
Drake, Cyril
Drake, Eric (British Petroleum) (including set by David Newell Smith)
Drakes, David (set by David Newell Smith)
Draz, Zelfa
Driscoll, Julia (set by Tony McGrath)
Drucker, Didi
Drucher, Peter
Drummond, Andrew (staff)
Drummond, John
Drummond, Peter (set by Neil Libbert)
Drury-Lowe, Pamela (set by Tony McGrath)
Drysdale, Stuart (set by David Newell Smith)
Duarte, Jose Napoleon (President of El Salvador) and Margaret Thatcher at Chequers
Dubbins, Tony (set by Neil Libbert)
Dubens, Stanley
Duchamp, Marcel (by David Newell Smith, 1968)
Duckett, 'Dickie' (set by Tony McGrath)
Duckworth, Cecil
Duckworth, Ruth
Dudding, Rodger
Dudley, William
Duodu, Cameron
Dufferin, Lord & Lady (set by Tony McGrath)
Duffy, Bryan (set by Tony McGrath)
Duffy, Terry (set by Neil Libbert)
Dufton, Ben (set by Jane Bown)
Dufton, Geoffrey
Dunbar, Sandy (set by David Newell Smith)
Duncan, Carlton
Duncan, Francis (set by David Newell Smith)
Duncan, George (set by David Newell Smith)
Duncan, Neale (flying doctor)
Duncan, Patrick (South African studying at Oxford) (set by David Newell Smith)
Duncan, Val
Dundas, Hugh
Dundee, Angelo

Box 8:
Driscoll, Mr
Dundy, Elaine
Dunham, Anne
Dunham, Dr Kingsley
Dunhill, Christopher (marriage to Victoria Burgoyne)
Dunn, Bill
Dunn, Lydia
Dunlop, Bill (lawyer)
Dunlop, John
Dunphie, Sir Charles
Durano, Andre
Duras, Marguerite
Durazzo, Sig
Durham, Judith (set by David Newell Smith)
Durie, Jo
Durisch, Peter
Durlacher, Esmond
Durrell, Lawrence (set by David Newell Smith)
Durston, Mark
Durward, Scott
Dutschke, Rudi (set by Tony McGrath)
Duvalier, Jean-Claude (set by Bill Millinship)
Duyn, Roel van
Dwan, Hugh (set by Neil Libbert)
Dworkin, Professor Ronald
Dyck, Van (set by Tony McGrath)
Dyson, Mr F (Brent Manufacturing)
Dyson, James (Managing director Kirk-Dyson)
Dziewiecki, Krzystof
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