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TitleNegatives for personalities beginning with F
Extent8 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of negatives of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Fahd, King (brother of)
Fairbairn, George
Fairlie, George (set by David Newell Smith)
Fairhurst, Austin
Fairtlough, Gerald
Fairweather, Dr Chris
Faith, Adam (marriage to Jackie Irving) (including set by Jane Bown)
Faldo, Nick
Falls, Sheila
Falter, Michael
Falkender, Lady (including set by Tony McGrath)
Fanthorpe, UA
Fantoni, Barry
Faraday, Michael (Basement on Exhibit at Royal Institution)
Faraldi, Caryll
Faraldo, Claude
Faringdon, Lord
Farisani, Simon (Dean of Venda)
Farmer, Leslie
Farmiloe, Sally (set by Tony McGrath)
Farndon, Roy
Farr, Mrs K (set by Sally Soames)
Farr, Tommy (set by David Newell Smith)
Farrow, Rose
Fashanu, Justin
Fast, Howard
Faucetta, Linda
Faulkner, Brian (set by Tony McGrath)
Faulkner, Eric (set by Tony McGrath)
Fawcett Majors, Farrah (set by Tony McGrath)
Fawkes, Sandy (set by Jane Bown)
Fawkes, Wally (cartoonist) (including sets by Jane Bown & Tony McGrath)
Feast, Michael (set by David Newell Smith)
Feather, Vic (including sets by Neil Libbert and David Newell Smith)
Featherstone, John (set by David Newell Smith)
Feaver, William
Fearn, Roger
Feiffer, Jules
Feiffer, Tanya & Grisha (set by Tony McGrath)

Box 2:
Felker, Jim
Felix, Julie (including set by David Newell Smith)
Fenby, Eric (conductor) (including set by Tony McGrath)
Fenby, Jonathan
Fender, Percy (PGH) (cricketer)
Fenn-Smith, Clive
Fenwick, Steve
Ferguson, Joan (set by David Newell Smith)
Ferguson, Jock (John)
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Pat (staff) (set by Neil Libbert)
Ferguson, Valerie (staff)
Ferlinghetti, Lance
Fernald, Karen
Fernandes, Filomena
Fernandes, George (set by Tony McGrath)
Fernandez, Pedro (set by Tony McGrath)
Fernando, Professor
Ferranti, Sebastian de
Ferriman, Annabel (staff)
Ferris, Paul (staff)
Fertleman, Leonard & Barnett (set by David Newell Smith)
Fetherston-Dilke, Tim (coastguard)
Ffrench-Beytagh, Gonville (including set by David Newell Smith)
Field, Frank
Fielding, Harold
Fields, Gracie
Fields, Randolph
Fiennes, Gerald
Figes, Eva (including sets by Jane Bown and Tony McGrath)

Box 3:
Fiennes, Sir Ranulph (set by Tony McGrath)
Fiennes, Lady Virginia
Fildew, John
Finch, John
Findlater, Richard (staff) (including set by Jane Bown)
Fini, Max
Finklestein, Danny
Finlay, Frank
Finlay, Ian (set by Tony McGrath)
Finlay, Sue
Finnegan, Tom
Finney, Albert (including sets by Tony McGrath and David Newell Smith)
Finney, Tom
Finniston, Monty (including set by Neil Libbert)
Firbank, Professor (set by Jane Bown)
Firbank, Jane
Firman, Brian
First, Ruth
Fischer, Bram
Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich
Fisher, Alan (set by Neil Libbert)
Fisher, Anthony (set by Tony McGrath)
Fisher, Diane (set by Tony McGrath)
Fisher, Dick
Fisher, Geoffrey (Archbishop of Canterbury)
Fisher, Judy
Fisher, Mandy
Fisher, Monica
Fisher, Ukon Bud (set by Tony McGrath)
Fisk, Trevor (set by Tony McGrath)
Fiske, Lord (Sir William)
Fitt, Gerard (set by Tony McGrath)
Fitton, James

Box 4:
Fitzalan-Howard, Lord Mark
Fitzgerald, Ciaran
Fitzgerald, Garrett
Fitzpatrich, Gerald
Fitzpatrick, John
Fitzsimons, Carmel
Fitzsimmons, Ken (set by Neil Libbert)
Fitzwilliams, Duncan
Fitzwilliam, Lord & Lady (set by David Newell Smith)
Flamma Sherman (set by David Newell Smith)
Flanagan, Barry (sculptor)
Flannery, Brian
Flatley, Andrew
Flavell, Dr Dick
Fleet, Ken
Fleetwood, Susan (set by Tony McGrath)
Fleischmann, Terrence
Fleming, Ian
Fleming, Joe (chairman of Darjeeling Holdings) (set by David Newell Smith)
Fleming, John
Fletcher, Alexander
Fletcher, Bill (including set by David Newell Smith)
Fletcher, Neil
Fletcher, Keith
Fletcher, Paul
Flett, Mr (set by Tony McGrath)
Flight, Howard
Floor, Michael
Florent, Emile (set by Neil Libbert)
Florescu, Mrs
Florid, Dan
Flouch, John (set by Tony McGrath)
Flower, Sir D
Flower, Cathy
Floyd, Joe
Floyd, Terence (set by Neil Libbert)
Foden, David & Bill
Foden, Peter
Fok, Pat (set by Tony McGrath)

Box 5:
Foley, Charles (staff)
Foley, Ellen (set by Tony McGrath)
Folley, Zora (boxer)
Fonda, Jane
Fonteyn, Margot (set by David Newell Smith)
Foot, Dingle
Foot, Geoffrey
Foot, Michael (including sets by Jane Bown and Tony McGrath)
Forbes, Sir Archibald (Midland Bank) (set by David Newell Smith)
Forbes, Bryan (set by David Newell Smith)
Forbes-Leith, Sir Andrew
Ford, Ann
Ford, Philip
Fordyce, DS (Anderton Forco Industries)
Foreman, Philip (set by David Newell Smith)
Forester, Anthony Weld (Sotherby's)
Forester, Arnold
Forrest, Bret (marriage to Pamela Douglas) (set by Tony McGrath)
Forrest, William (set by Tony McGrath)
Forsberg, Gerald
Forsey, Anthony
Forster, Peter (contributor)
Forsyth, Susan
Fort, Jean (headmistress Roedean)
Fort, Lord
Forte, Sir Charles (including set by David Newell Smith)
Forte, Rocco
Fortnum & Mason, Messrs (set by David Newell Smith)
Foster (rugby)
Foster, Brendan (athlete)
Foster, Reverend Ivan
Foster, John
Foster, Julia (including set by Tony McGrath)
Foster, ND (set by Tony McGrath)
Foster, Neil (wedding)
Fowler, Alan (set by Neil Libbert)
Foy, Teresa

Box 6:
Fowler, Suzanne
Fox, Jim
Fox, Sir Lionel
Fox, Paul
Fox, Phillip J
Foxall, Arthur (set by Tony McGrath)
Fraiman, Peter (set by Neil Libbert)
Francis, Lord
Francis, Reverend
Francis, Bob
Francis, Claire
Francis, Gerry (set by Neil Libbert)
Francis, Trevor
Frankl, Clare
Frankland, Mark (staff) (including set by Jane Bown)
Franklin, Aretha (including set by David Newell Smith)
Franklin, Harold
Franklin, John
Franks, Lord (including set by David Newell Smith)
Franks, Lynne (set by Tony McGrath)
Franks, Maurice (set by David Newell Smith)
Franks, Michael
Franks & Gyves (shoemakers) (set by Jane Bown)
Fraser, Antonia
Fraser, Sir Campbell
Fraser, David
Fraser, Sir Hugh (including set by David Newell Smith)
Fraser, Ian

Box 7:
Fraser, Lord
Fraser, Roy
Fraser, Sandy
Fraser, William (set by David Newell Smith)
Frater, Alex
Frayn, Michael (staff) (including set by Tony McGrath)
Frazer, Alison
Frazer, Adrian
Frazier, Joe
Frederika, Queen
Freedberg, Hugh
Freedman, Alan (set by Tony McGrath)
Forum Magazine staff (set by Neil Libbert)
Freely, Maureen
Freeman, Bill
Freeman, John (New Stateman editor) (including set by David Newell Smith)
Freeman, Gillian
Freeman, Nicholas (set by Neil Libbert)
Freeman, Rob (set by David Newell Smith)
Freeson, Reg
Freitas, Michael de (Michael X) (including set by Neil Libbert)
French, Jack & Roy
Frenkel, Dr Benno (set by David Newell Smith)
Freud Family[contact prints only]
Frewen, Justin
Frey, Jack (set by Tony McGrath)
Friedan, Betty
Freidland, Sidney
Friedman, Milton (including set by David Newell Smith)
Friedman, Dr Theodore

Box 8:
Friedrich, Gotz (including set by Tony McGrath)
Friel, Brian
Frink, Elizabeth (including sets by Jane Bown and David Newell Smith)
Frisby, Mis (chairman of New Eltham Young Conservatives)
Frisching, Arthur de (set by Tony McGrath)
Frodsham, Anthony (including set by Tony McGrath)
Frost, David
Frost, Gerald
Fry, Jeremy (set by David Newell Smith)
Fry, Peter (Tory candidate) (set by Neil Libbert)
Fry, Roy (jockey)
Frye, Jack (including set by David Newell Smith)
Fudge, Paula & Rachel
Fukushima, Alex
Fullalove, [Albert] (set by David Newell Smith)
Fuller, Professor Buckminster (set by David Newell Smith)
Fuller, David (set by David Newell Smith)
Fullerton, Fiona (set by Tony McGrath)
Funnel, Evan (set by Tony McGrath)
Furtado, Celso
Futcher, Paul & Ron
System Of ArrangementAlphabetical by surname
Access StatusOpen

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