Ref NoOBS/6/9/3/2/V
TitleNegatives for personalities beginning with V
Extent3 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of negatives of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Vaessen, Paul
Valeate, Caterina (including set by Tony McGrath and David Newell Smith)
Valera, Eamon de (set by Tony McGrath)
Vallois, Robert
Van Gogh
Vandedrink, Ria
Vassall, John
Vanetzian, Peter (set by David Newell Smith)
Vargas, Manuela (set by David Newell Smith)
Varley, Eric
Varna, Mr
Vash, Mr (set by David Newell Smith)
'Vasken' the First (Armenian Supreme Patriarch) (set by Tony McGrath)
Vaskevitch, Nahum
Vaughan, Ayo & Alan
Vaughan, Keith
Vaughan, Richard
Vaughn, Dr Denys
Veasy, Herbert (set by Tony McGrath)
Vembo, Sophia & Haido
Vemess, David (set by Neil Libbert)
Venables, Terry (including set by Tony McGrath)
Ventura, Vivienne
Venturi, Robert
Venus, Jim (set by Tony McGrath)
Vere, Foxy (set by Tony McGrath)

Box 2:
Vered, Ilana
Verey, Rosemary
Verges Jacques
Verner, James (set by Tony McGrath)
Vernon, Fane
Vernon, Michael (including sets by Tony McGrath & David Newell Smith)
Vernon, Tom
Verran, Virginia (set by Neil Libbert)
Vertucci, Christine (set by Neil Libbert)
Verulam, Earl of (set by Tony McGrath)
Verwoerd, Dr Hendrik (including memorial) (set by David Newell Smith)
Vestey, Edmund
Vidal, Albert
Vidler, Charles
Vigier, Bill de (including set by David Newell Smith & Neil Libbert)
Vigne, Randolph
Vilas, Guillermo (set by Neil Libbert)
Villiers, Sir Charles (including set by Tony McGrath)
Vince, Albert
Vince, Margaret (set by Sally Soames)
Vincent, Cherie
Vincent, Harry (set by Tony McGrath)
Vincent, Lindsay (staff) (set by Jane Bown)
Vincent, Lorna
Vincent, Reverend Peter (set by David Newell Smith)
Vincent Walker, Lesley (set by David Newell Smith)
Vines, Alan
Vines, EV (set by Neil Libbert)
Vines, Steve
Viney, Richard
Vinson, Luther H
Virtue, Beryl (set by Neil Libbert)
Visone, Sandra
Vlachou, Helen
Vladimov, Georgy
Vogue, Count Bertrand de
Voikhanskaya, Marina (set by Neil Libbert)
Volker, Peter (set by Neil Libbert)

Box 3:
Votsis, George (set by David Newell Smith)
Voute, Mayri
System Of ArrangementAlphabetical by surname
Access StatusOpen

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