Ref NoOBS/6/9/3/2/W
TitleNegatives for personalities beginning with W
Extent12 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionFiles of negatives of the following individuals:

Box 1:
Waddell, Jean (set by Tony McGrath)
Waddington, Bob
Waddington, Reverend John (set by David Newell Smith)
Wade, Erik (Managing Director, Dimplex) (set by David Newell Smith)
Wade, Joe (set by Tony McGrath)
Wade, Virginia (set by Tony McGrath)
Wadsworth, Andrew (Jacob Island company)
Waggett, John
Wagner, Sir Anthony (including set by David Newell Smith)
Wagner, Friedelind (set by Tony McGrath)
Wagner, John
Wagner, Victor & Gideon (set by Tony McGrath)
Wagstaff, Alan
Wagstaff, Christopher (set by Tony McGrath)
Wain, John (staff)
Wainwright, John
Waite, Terry (peace envoy)
Wajda, Andrezej
Wakefield, Duncan
Wakeham, John (set by Neil Libbert)
Wakeling, EG (Advance Electronics)
Wakeman, Rick (marriage to Nina Carter)
Wakeman, Sue
Wakhweya, Emmanuel
Wald, Judy (set by Neil Libbert)
Waldheim, Kurt (set by David Mansell)
Walentynowicz, Anna
Wales, David
Walford, Peggy (Peace activist) (set by David Mansell)
Walker, Dr Barry
Walker, Caroline
Walker, Fred
Walker, George (set by Neil Libbert)
Walker, Gerald (set by David Newell Smith)
Walker, HA (set by Sally Soames)
Walker, John
Walker, Reverend Martin
Walker, Patric (astrologer) (set by David Newell Smith)
Walker, Peter (Member of Parliament) (including set by David Newell Smith)

Box 2:
Walker, Richard
Walker, Ron
Walker, Rudolph (set by Jane Bown)
Walker, Sarah
Walker, W (Boxing)
Walker, General Sir Walter
Wallace, Keith
Wallace, Trevor
Waller, Walter
Wallis, Alfred (set by David Newell Smith)
Wallis, Dr John (set by David Mansell)
Wallis, Ken
Wallis Brothers (set by Jane Bown)
Walsh, George
Walsh, John (set by David Newell Smith)
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Ted (jockey)
Walter, Harriet (including set by Neil Libbert)
Walter, Richard (staff)
Walters, Ian (sculptor) (set by David Mansell)
Walters, Mya
Walters, Peter
Walton, William
Waltrip, William
Wanger, Walter
Wansell, Geoffrey (set by Tony McGrath)
Wapshott, Nick (set by David Mansell)
Ward, Judith
Warburg, Fredrick
Ward, Diana
Ward, Eileen
Ward, Ian
Ward, Marilyn (Miss England 1971) (set by David Newell Smith)
Ward, Peter
Ward, Simon
Ward, Dr Stephen
Ward, Terry
Ward Jackson, Barbara
Wardman, Robert
Ware, Charles
Warhol, Andy
Waring, J (Electrocomponents)
Warmsley, Nigel

Box 3:
Warner, David (set by David Newell Smith)
Warner, Deborah (theatre director)
Warner, PB (set by David Newell Smith)
Warnock, Mary
Warnock, Mike (set by David Newell Smith)
Warren, Gwen & Arthur (set by Tony McGrath)
Warren, Raymond (English composer) (set by David Newell Smith)
Warrington, Jean
Warter, Sir Philip
Warton, Mandy (set by Tony McGrath)
Warwick, Derek
Warwick, Frank
Wason, Dr Peter (set by David Newell Smith)
Wat, Aleksander
Waterfield, James
Waterfield, Dr Mike
Waterman, Fanny
Wates, Neil (set by David Newell Smith)
Watkins, Alan
Watkins, Lovelace (set by Tony McGrath)
Watkinson, David (staff) (set by David Newell Smith)
Watkinson, Harold (Minister of Defence)
Watkinson, Lord (Managing Director of Schweppes) (including set by Tony McGrath)
Watley, Pat
Watson, Colin (set by Tony McGrath)
Watson, Eric
Watson, Jack (set by David Newell Smith)
Watson, John
Watson, Lesley
Watson, Peter
Watson, Lowe
Watson, Victor
Watt, Alan (set by Tony McGrath)
Watt, Jim
Watts, Denis (set by Tony McGrath)
Watts, PG (set by David Newell Smith)
Watts, Peter
Watts, Roy
Watts, Tom
Watman, Jonathan

Box 4:
Waugh, Auberon
Waugh, Harriet
Waverly Consort (set by David Newell Smith)
Way, Raymond (set by David Newell Smith)
Wearne, Gerry
Weaver, Brian
Weaver, Vernon
Webb, Beatrice
Webb, David
Webb, John (including sets by Neil Libbert & David Newell Smith)
Webb, Murcott (set by David Newell Smith)
Webb, Robert
Webb, Ted
Webley, Herb
Webster, Reverend Alan
Webster, Ben
Webster, Martin
Webster, Michael
Webster, Judge William H
Weidenfield, George
Weighell, Sid
Weightman, JG (staff)
Weill, Sanford
Weinberg, Alvin
Weinberg, Mark (some with Jacob Rothschild) (including set by Tony McGrath)
Weinburger, Casper
Weinreb, Ben
Weir, Lord
Weir, Richard
Weiss, Sharon
Weisz, Brian
Weiybe, Helga
Welch, Raquel (set by David Newell Smith)
Welensky, Sir Roy (including set by Jane Bown)
Welland, Colin (set by Tony McGrath)
Wellbeloved, Jim (James) (including set by David Newell Smith)
Wellburn, Geoffrey
Weller, Denise
Welles, Orson (incl set with Anthony Perkins)
Wellings, Sir Jack (set by David Newell Smith)
Wells, Chief Superintendent (set by Neil Libbert)

Box 5:
Wells, Chris (set by Tony McGrath)
Wells, Len (set by Tony McGrath)
Wells, Colonel Lewis
Wells, Mary
Wells, Oliver (Charles Wells Brewery)
Welting, Ruth (set by Tony McGrath)
Wescott, Arnold
Wessels, Keplar (Cricket)
West, Caroline (set by Tony McGrath)
West, Charles
West, Mrs Frederick (wide of England's first heart transplant patient) (set by David Newell Smith)
West, Peter (set by David Newell Smith)
West, Ron
Westbrook, Tim
Westbrook, TCL (set by David Newell Smith)
Westmacott, Mr (Chairman of Hoare Govett)
Weston, Christopher (set by Tony McGrath)
Weston, Ralph
Wetzel, Dave
Wexler, Nancy
Weymouth, Lord
Wharton, Edith
Whatnell, Bill
Wheatcroft, Tom
Wheater, Joe
Wheatley, Dennis
Wheatley, Doris
Wheeler, Mr (Chairman of AEI)
Wheeler, Cyril (set by David Newell Smith)
Wheeler, Dennis
Wheeler, Michael
Wheeler, Sir Mortimer
Wheeler, Peter
Wheeler, Stuart
Wheldon, Paul
Whichello, Richard
Whitaker, James
Whitby, Ann
White, Desmond
White, Sir Dick
White, Ebony
White, Sir Gordon
White, Jack (Manager of Imperial Hotel Blackpool)
White, Jack (Wood carvings)
White, James
White, John (funeral) (set by David Newell Smith)
White, Josh
White, Patrick
White, Reg & Robert
White, Sam
White, Steven & Elizabeth
White, Theodore
Whitehead, Colonel
Whitehead, Commander (set by David Newell Smith)
Whitehead, Dick (set by Tony McGrath)
Whitehead, Garry
Whitehead, Roger

Box 6:
Whitehorn, Katharine (staff) (including sets by Jane Bown, David Newell Smith & Tony McGrath)
Whitehouse, Mary
Whitelaw, Billie (set by David Newell Smith)
Whitelaw, William
Whiteley, John
Whitelam, Gough (set by Tony McGrath)
Whitlow, Leslie
Whittaker, Dr Mary (set by Tony McGrath)
Whittall, Harold
Whittle, Ronald (set by David Newell Smith)
Whitworth, John (set by David Newell Smith)
Whitworth, Gareth (staff) (set by Tony McGrath)
Whyte, Hamilton (set by David Newell Smith)
Whyte, Tom (including sets by David Newell Smith & Tony McGrath)
Wickendon, Roland (set by David Newell Smith)
Wickins, David
Wicks, Ben (cartoonist) (set by David Newell Smith)
Widdicombe, Gillian (including set by Tony McGrath)
Wide, James
Wigan, Gareth (set by David Newell Smith)
Wigg, Lord George (set by Tony McGrath)
Wiggin, Ray (set by David Newell Smith)
Wiggs, Richard
Wight, Ian (set by Adam Scott 25 March 1988)
Wigley, Clem
Wigley, David & Eleanor
Wilby, Peter (staff)
Wild, Jude
Wilde, Oscar
Wilde, Ted
Wildgoose, John
Wiles, David
Wilkie, John (set by Tony McGrath)
Wilkins, Gordon
Wilkins, Sir Graham
Wilkinson, Don

Box 7:
Wilkinson, Geoff
Wilkinson, Professor Geoffrey
Wilkinson, Philip
Wilkinson, Robert
Willett, Alan (wedding to Barbara Watson)
Williams, A (Ship Constructors Union)
Williams, Andy (sett by Tony McGrath)
Williams, Anthony
Williams, Aubrey (set by David Newell Smith)
Williams, Betty
Williams, Sir Brandon Rhys
Williams, Charles
Williams, David
Williams, Desmond
Williams, Dorian
Williams, Ellis (set by David Newell Smith)
Williams, Emily (set by David Newell Smith)
Williams, Firmston (ASDA)
Williams, Galen (set by Neil Libbert)
Williams, Geoffrey
Wiliams, George
Williams, Gordon (set by Neil Libbert)
Williams, Gus
Williams, Inez (set by Neil Libbert)
Williams, Ivor (set by Tony McGrath)
Williams, Jack (set by Sally Soames)
Williams, Kit
Williams, Len
Williams, Leonard (set by David Newell Smith)
Williams, Mogg
Williams, Nicholas
Williams, Pat (set by David Newell Smith)
Williams, Ray
Williams, Shirley (including set by Tony McGrath)
Williams, Tennesse
Williams-Ellis, Sir Clough (set by David Newell Smith)
Williamson, Mr
Williamson, Bob
Williamson, Charles
Williamson, Nicol (set by Tony McGrath)
Willifer, Norman
Willis, Mrs
Willis, Dave
Willis, Norman (set by Tony McGrath)
Willock, Colin (staff)
Wills, Ken
Willsher, Brian (set by Tony McGrath)
Willsher, John

Box 8:
Willson, Richard (set by David Newell Smith)
Wilmer, Brendon
Wilmot, Bob
Wilson, Councillor
Wilson, Sir Alan (including set by David Newell Smith)
Wilson, Andrew (staff) (including set by David Newell Smith & Tony McGrath)
Wilson, Dr Angus (set by David Newell Smith)
Wilson, Colin
Wilson, Dr David
Wilson, David F (staff) (set by Tony McGrath)
Wilson, Dorothy
Wilson, Geoffrey
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Harold

Box 9:
Wilson, Harold (continued)

Box 10:
Wilson, Harold (continued)
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jocky
Wilson, Malcolm
Wilson, Max
Wilson, Monica (set by Tony McGrath)
Wilson, Paul (set by David Newell Smith)
Wilson, Peter
Wilson, Reg (staff)
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Roy
Wilson, Sandy
Wilson, (Andrew) Snoo (set by Tony McGrath)
Wilson, Tony
Winberg, Joan
Winch, Peter (set by Jane Bown)
Windsor, Jim
Winearls, Dr Christopher
Wing, Dorothy (set by Tony McGrath)
Wing, Peter
Winston, Howard
Wint, Guy (staff)
Winter, Fred
Winter, Terry (set by David Newell Smith)
Winterflood, Brian
Winwood, Steve
Wise, AR (Member of Parliament)
Wise, Audrey
Wise, Graham
Wishart, Ralph
Wisman, Tom
Witcombe, Ernest (set by Tony McGrath)
Witherspoon, Jim
Wittlekind, Sarah
Wolfe, Brian (set by Tony McGrath)

Box 11:
Wolfe, Tom
Wolfers, David (set by Tony McGrath)
Wolff, Charlotte
Wolfson, Brian (set by Tony McGrath)
Wolfson, Leonard
Wollmar, Christian
Wolperth, Betty
Wolrige-Gordon, Patrick
Woltz, Alan
Wonder, Stevie
Wong, Ken
Wontner, Sir Hugh
Wood, Deidre
Wood, Denise
Wood, Sir Freddie (Fred)
Wood, Janette
Wood, John (AEI) (set by David Newell Smith)
Wood, John (rugby player)
Wood, Kenneth (set by Sally Soames)
Wood, Nigel
Wood, Peggy
Wood, Ronald
Wood, Sydney Makepeace
Wood, Wendy
Woodcock, George (including sets by Tony McGrath & David Newell Smith)
Woodcock, Tony
Woodhouse, Gary (staff) (including set by Tony McGrath)
Woodroofe, Dr Ernest (Chairman of Unilever)
Woods, Bob (set by David Newell Smith)
Woods, Donald
Woods, Tom
Woodward, Bob & John
Woodward, Edward (set by David Newell Smith)
Woodward, Roger (set by Tony McGrath)
Woolacott, Ian & Jose
Woolcock, Philip
Wooley, Piers
Woolf, Hilda (set by Neil Libbert)
Woolf, Simon
Woolley, Douglas (set by Tony McGrath)
Woolsey, Peter
Wootliff, Stanley
Worcester, Bob (Robert)

Box 12:
Workman, Nanette (set by Tony McGrath)
Worley, Douglas
Worrell, Frank
Worsley, Sir William
Woyda, Walter
Wright, Mr & Mrs
Wright, Brian
Wright, Christopher
Wright, George
Wright, Dr Helena (set by Tony McGrath)
Wright, Jack (including set by Tony McGrath)
Wright, John
Wright, Maggie (set by David Newell Smith)
Wright, Peter
Wright, William Pemberton (set by David Newell Smith)
Wrightson, Graham (set by Tony McGrath)
Wu, Jung-Ken
Wuttanee-Bourgaize, Elsie
Wyatt, Christopher
Wyatt, Kenneth
Wyatt, Woodrow (set by David Newell Smith)
Wybrow, Bob
Wydorska, Mariola
Wyles, Captain Douglas
Wynne, Dr Jane
Wynne, Steve
Wyszkowski, Krystof
System Of ArrangementAlphabetical by surname
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