Ref NoOBS/6/9/3/5
TitleRoyalty negatives
Extent3 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionSeries of photographs of the British Royal Family, taken for The Observer newspaper and the Observer magazine between c1960 and c1990. Some boxes contain file cards where negatives have been removed from the sequence. In these examples it is presumed that the negatives have either been 'lost' or returned to the photographer at the time of the assignment. Includes work by David Newell Smith, Sue Adler, Jane Bown, Peter Keen, Bryn Campbell, Neil Libbert, Tony Prime, John Hodder, Ieuan Davies, Roger Hutchings, Richard Mildenhall, John Wildgoose, Eamonn McCabe, David Davies, Lorrie Graham and Chris Smith.

Box 1
Princess Anne by Sue Adler, 24 April 1987 (5 sets)
Princess Margaret at Covent Garden by David Newell Smith, 2 October 1965
Princess Margaret badminton by Peter Keen, nd
Princess Margaret Royal Wedding by [JE], 6 May 1960
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden in Yugoslavia by David Newell Smith, 13 June 1960
Princess Margaret and Snowden dancing in Yugoslavia by David Newell Smith, 6 June 1960 (6 sets)
Princess Margaret Yugoslav Tour 1970, 9 June 1970 (2 sets)
Princess Margaret after Girl Guides Diamond Jubilee service at Westminster Abbey by Bryn Campbell, 16 May 1970
Queen Mother at Pangbourne College, Berkshire by John Hodder, 12 July 1980 (3 sets)
Queen [Coronation] Television by [John Wildgoose], 1953 (2 sets)
Queen Elizabeth and Ronald Reagan horse riding by Ian Bradshaw, 9 June 1982
Queen Elizabeth, Trooping The Colour by Sue Adler, (nd), (5 sets)
Duke of Edinburgh at Helicopter Garden party by David Newell Smith, 2 June 1963 (4 sets)
Prince Philip at Cowes by Arthur Foster, 2 August 1980 (3 sets)
Prince Philip, horse trials by Neil Libbert, 23 September 1978 (5 sets)
Queen at Larkhill by David Newell Smith, 7 April 1973 (6 sets)
Prince Philip in [Camage] driving champs, Windsor by Tony Prime, 17 September 1983 (4 sets)
Queen Elizabeth, Royal Windsor Horse Show by Sue Adler, 12 May 1984 (6 sets)
Prince Philip, Royal Windsor Horse Show, (nd), (2 sets)
Queen Elizabeth's state visit to Germany by David Newell Smith, 25 May 1965
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (copy negatives)
Queen arriving at London airport returning from Canadian tour by David Newell Smith, 14 October 1964
Queen leaving for Jamaica at Heathrow by [Tony Prime] or [Anthony Vincent], 26 April 1975
The Queen at Aberfan (copy negative)
The Queen by Tom Smith, 12 June 1965
Queen Elizabeth by David Newell Smith, 29 January 1966
Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Ediburgh and Princess Margaret at Westminster Abbey Service to commemorate 60th anniversary of the formaytion of the RAF by Tony Prime, 1 April 1974 (2 sets)
Duke of Edinburgh by Jane Bown, 2 December 1969
Queen and Royal Family (copy negatives)
Prince Philip driving open coach [tour]
Prince Philip by John Hodder, 16 May 1981 (2 sets)
Prince Philip by John Hodder, 19 September 1981
Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips by Tony Prime, 9 April 1977 (2 sets)
Prince Philip World Carriage Driving by Sue Adler, 13 September 1980 (4 sets)
Princess Anne handing out commissions on HMS Amazon at [Southampton] by David Newell Smith, 11 May 1974
Princess Anne with the Queen's horse Doublet at the Eridge Horse Trials, Sussex by David Newell Smith, 2 August 1969 (2 sets)
Princess Anne at the Amalgamation Parade of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, Bulford Camp by David Newell Smith, 28 February 1970 (3 sets)
Prince Philip and Prince Charles, Windsor Horse Trials by Neil Libbert, 13 May 1979
Queen on tiger shoot, 10 January 1991 (copy negatives)

Box 2
Queen Elizabeth royal picnic, Windsor Park by Ian Bradshaw, 4 July 1981 (2 sets)
Observer Magazine Wildlife Exhibition opened by Prince Philip (c.i) by David Newell Smith, 22 April 1966 (3 sets)
Prince Philip on return from America
Prince Philip by Chris Smith, 4 June 1971
Prince Philip in Coweslip during class race 'Flying 15's'. At Cowes during Cowes week (he came 6th) by Tony Prince, 29 July 1972
Queen Elizabeth, Trooping The Colour by Tony McGrath, 13 June 1981 (4 sets)
Queen departs for Cheng by Sue Adler, 11 October 1986 (3 sets)
Queen Elizabeth leaving Paddington Hospital, 17 May 1981
Queen, Thatcher and President of Sri Lanka, Lusaka Conference by Anwar Hussein
Train carrying Queen and Prince Philip in Germany by David Newell Smith
Queen at Aberfan by Tony McGrath, 29 October 1966 (2 sets)
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Aberfan after the disaster by Ieuan Davies, 29 October 1966 (4 sets)
Queen Elizabeth at the Derby by Chris Smith, 1967
Statues of Edward VII and Alexandra by Dabid Newell Smith, 3 September 1966
Queen Elizabeth at Paddington Hospital by Tony Prime, 16 May 1981
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh being welcomed by the Canadian High Comissioner, Mr Ch[evrier] by Howell Evans, 3 October 1964
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Silver Jubilee by Chris Smith, 6 October 1976 (2 sets and 4 35mm transparencies)
Queen Elizabeth by Richard Mildenhall, 16 May 1987 (3 sets)
Princess Margaret with Dean at Ely Cathedral by Lorrie Graham, 16 May 1980 (4 sets)
Princess Margaret by Lorrie Graham, 17 May 1980
Princess Margaret in Yugoslavia, c.i President Tita by David Newell Smith, 9 June 1970 (2 sets)
Birth of Prince Andrew, Royal Baby, Palace by Peter Keen, 19 February 1960 (5 sets)
Prince Andrew at Biggin Hill Air Show by Tony Prince, 13 May 1983 (2 sets)
Announcement of Royal Baby by Cliff Hopkinson
Princess Anne at award ceremony for Save The Children fund, Sandringham by Sue Adler, 28 June 1986 (5 sets)
Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips by John Hodder, 20 September 1980 (2 sets)
Princess Anne by Peter Boyce, 10 July 1965 (2 sets)
Princess Anne taking part in the Horse of the Year Show at Wembley by Tom Smith
Princess Anne presenting Leeks to the Welsh Guards, on St. David's Day by Tony McGrath, 1 March 1969 (3 sets)
HRH Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips visit village of Great Somerford by Chris Smith, 23 March 1974
Princess Anne and Richard Meade at Olympics in Montreal by Chris Smith, 17 July 1976
Princess Anne and Prince Charles leaving for tour of Kenya. Valerie Peterson - 'Blue Peter' TV. Series who are covering the tour by David Newell Smith, 6 February 1971
Princess Anne by Neil Libbert, 17 July 1971
Princess Anne by David Newell Smith, 27 August 1971
Princess Anne at the Eridge Horse Trials by David Newell Smith, 21 August 1971
Princess Anne competing in Windsor Horse Show by David Newell Smith, 20 April 1972
Princess Anne etc by David Newell Smith, 17 March 1973
Princess Anne and Mark Philips going away to spend first night at Richmond, 14 November 1973
Princess Anne and Mark Philips at Balcony after Royal Wedding, 14 November 1973
H.R.H. Princess Anne and Mark Philips competing in Am[berle]y Horse Trials by Neil Libbert, 23 March 1974 (4 sets)
Horse Trials / Mark Philips by Steve McMillion, 6 August 1983 (6 sets)
Prince Charles at Sandown by Nobby Clark, 8 March 1980 (3 sets)
Prince Charles Trooping The Colour Rehearsal by Tony Prime,, 7 June 1980 (2 sets)
Prince Charles at Methyr by Tony Prime, 30 July 1983 (2 sets)
Prince Charles at funeral of soldier victims of Bally Kelly bombing in Chester by Tony Prime, 18 December 1982 (2 sets)
Princess Anne by Tony Prime, 25 March 1978 (2 sets)

Box 3
Prince Charles and Diana by Eamonn McCabe, 31 July 1981
Charles and Di at Heathrow by Tony Prime, 7 July 1983
Prince Charles at the boat race by David Davies, 3 April 1965 (4 sets)
Prince Charles arrival at Aberystwyth by Ieuan Davies, April 1969
Prince Charles and Lady Sarah Spencer, Martini Polo at Cowdray Park, Sussex by Tony [Palin], 16 July 1977
Prince Charles / Royalty, ceremony at Home Park, Windsor where Prince Charles has made a Freeman of the Royal Borough of Windsor by David Newell Smith, 28 June 1970 (2 sets)
Prince Charles by David Newell Smith, 5 June 1974 (2 sets)
The birth of Prince Harry, Prince Charles at St Mary's, Paddington by Roger Hutchings, 15 September 1984 (5 sets)
Prince Phillip in Mali, 15 March 1985 (3 sets)
Prince Michael of Kent, driving championships, Sandringham by Judah Pasdow, 31 August 1985 (2 sets)
Princess Anne at Save The Children fund annual meeting by Neil Libbert, 12 October 1985 (3 sets)
Princess and Prince Michael of Kent by Roger Hutchings, 29 July 1983 (2 sets)
Queen Mother at Hertfordshire Society's Golden Jubilee Garden Party, Hitchin by Richard Mildenhall, 7 June 1986 (6 sets)
Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother at Westminster Abbey by Tony McGrath, 1 May 1971
Prince Charles in Gulf (copy negatives), 22 December 1990
Prince Charles at Observer by Tony Prime, 28 January 1982
Princess Anne returns to Gatwick after visit to Gambia and Upper Vo[tt]a by Roger Hutchings, 25 February 1984
Princess Alexandra opening Wallon Exhibition at Barbican
Princess of Wales leaving for Norway by John Hodder, February 1984
The Queen Mother at the Golden Jubilee meeting of the Bible Fellowship at the Royal Festival Hall by David Newell Smith, 28 October 1972 (2 sets)
Queen Mother at W[?] Garden City by Tony McGrath, 30 May 1970 (3 sets)
Celebrations outside St Mary's Paddington at the birth of Prince Harry by Roger Hutchings, 15 September 1984 (4 sets)
Prince Edward arrives to start at Jesus College, Cambridge by Tony Prime, 1 October 1983 (2 sets)
Princess Anne at National Shire Horse Show, Peterborough by Roger Hutchings (6 sets)
Princess Anne in Steeple[chase] at Kempton Park by Richard Mildenhall, 28 February 1987 (2 sets)
Prince Andrew opens National Badminton Centre by Sue Adler, 12 April 1986 (4 sets)
Mark Phillips at horse trials as tour guide by Richard Mildenhall, 13 September 1986 (3 sets)
Queen Mother in Edinburgh after hospital by David Liddle, August 1986 (2 sets)
Princess Anne rides in Steeplechase, Kempton Park by David Harden, 28 February 1987 (2 sets)
Princess Anne, Kempton Park TV by Sue Adler, 28 February 1987
Duke of Edinburgh, Four in head carriage during championships, Ascot by Richard Mildenhall, 16 August 1986 (2 sets)
Prince Edward receives his degree, Jesus College, Cambridge by Richard Mildenhall, 28 June 1986 (4 sets)
Prince Charles at The Albert by Sue Adler, 14 December 1983
Celebrations outside Buckingham Palace at birth of Prince Harry by Neil Libbert, 15 September 1984
Queen Mother at Duxfield Airfield by Sue Adler, 6 July 1985 (5 sets)
Prince Edward, windsurfing, Calshot by John Wildgoose, 5 July 1986 (4 sets)
St Edwards Crown by Sian Copy, 5 November 1990
Princess Anne by Roger Hutchings, nd
Prince Charles by Ian Bradshaw, 28 January 1982
Prince and Princess Michael of Kent at Albert Exhibition by John Hodder, 18 January 1984
Princess Alexandra at Albert Exhibition by John Hodder, 19 January 1984
Prince and Princess of Wales at Heathrow by Tony Prime, 27 February 1982
Princess Anne at Great Hall, Winchester Castle by Sue Adler, 5 May 1984 (2 sets)
Queen Mother at Southampton by Richard Mildenhall, 3 May 1986
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson by Roger Hutchings, 7 June 1986
Queen and Duke at Festival of Remembrance, Albert Hall by Sue Adler, 9 November 1985
Queen and Kenneth Borthwick, Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh, 2 August 1986 (copy negatives)
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson by Roger Hutchings, 4 July 1987 (3 sets)
Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson by Sue Adler, 23 July 1986 (8 sets)
Prince Andrew waxwork by Sue Adler, 27 August 1983
Princess Anne by Richard Mildenhall, 25 July 1987
Prince Charles plays polo, Windsor by John Hodden, 19 May 1984 (2 sets)
Duke of Kent visiting Albert Exhibition by Tony Prime, 11 November 1983
Celebrations outside Buckingham Palace at the birth of Prince Harry by Neil Libbert, 15 September 1984
Duchess of Kent and Yehudi Menuhin at Violin Competition by Richard Mildenhall, 11 April 1987
HRH Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Naruhito Hironimiya of Japan at Balmoral by Alain le Garsmeur, 4 September 1984 (copy negatives)
Princess Anne visits St Gregory's School and Abbey, Downside by John Hodder, 24 March 1984
HRH Princess Anne at Save the Children fund project in Glasgow's South Side by David [?], 15 February 1986
Duke and Duchess, Windsor marriage service by Sue Adler, 24 April 1986
The Queen and Princess Anne at wedding in Warwick by [Judah] Pasdow, June 1986
Duke of Edinburgh, driving champs: Royal Windsor Horse Show by Richard Mildenhall, 16 May 1987
Duke and Duchess of York at [Whitbread] by Roger Hutchings, 7 February 1987 (3 sets)
Royal visit to Albert Exhibition
2 sets of unlabelled negatives
System Of ArrangementOriginal order
Access StatusOpen

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