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Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description1 January:
'MAAS offices'', from the feature 'Art for the MAASes', by Tony McGrath. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Book cover winners' - Young Observer feature. 5x4" transparencies.

15 January:
'Men who paint the Queen', by David Newell-Smith. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Cocaine' fro the feature 'The American Dream-at 2,000 dollars an ounce', by Vince Streano. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Bikeshed', by Ian Cook. From untitled 'Upfront' feature. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Jesus on the rocks' by David Newell-Smith.10 mounted 35mm transparencies.*

22 January:
'Negligees', from the feature 'Night of the long negligees' by Clive Arrowsmith. 120 transparencies.

29 January:
'Reggae at the Roundhouse', by Ian Cook. Mounted and unmounted transparencies.*
'Laser image at the light fantastic show' by Bruno de Hamel. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'David Tech - Consumer Man', from the feature 'Waiting for David's baby'. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Bread / Cookery' from the feature 'Why eat the worst bread in -Europe?', illustration by Peter Till. 5x4" transparency.
'Rock band caterers 'Bubble and Squeak', from the Young Obserever feature 'Even rock stars have to eat', by Arthur Foster. 120 transparencies.
System Of ArrangementChronological
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