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Extent1 box
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description2 July:
'Observer Transatlantic Race', from the cover feature 'The windy way round Britain',
'Jewellery Exhibition', 5x4" transparencies.
'Cookery - layered dishes', 5x4" transparencies.
'Thomas Bewick - Wood engraver', 5 x4" transparencies.
'Cookery : Layered dishes'
'Thomas Bewick - Wood Engraver'
'Van Gogh Sunflower: Anthea Peppin' from feature 'The great creepy show'. One mounted 35mm transparency.*
'Working windmill, Heverton, Nottingham', from Young Observer feature 'Patience works windmill' by Derek Millward. One mounted 35mm transparency.*
'Craftswomen - Laye Andrew', from untitled 'Upfront' feature, by Tim Graham. Three mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Tramway Museum' from the Upfront feature 'Cham of the trams', by Ian cook. 9 mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Andrew Morris and St Bartholemews, from the 'Upfront' feature 'Church notes', Two mounted 35mm transparencies.*

16 July:
'Replica Jewells - Sceptere collector', mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Tibetan Buddhists'
'Stone carver', from the feature 'Chipping in'. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Diamond cutter' from the feature 'In sparkling form', by Ian Cook. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Young Musicians' from the Young Observer feature 'Play it together'. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'John Mortimer', from the feature 'Mortimer's meals out'. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*

23 July:
'Netsmen work the Torridge Estuary/Angling on the Taw' from the feature 'Too many enemies' about the Atlantic Salmon, by Alain Le Garsmeur. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Mickey Mouse illustrations' from the cover feature 'Old Master Mouse'. 10x12" transparency.
'Indian Braus: Shooting Star: Black Theatre', mounted 35mm transparency.*
'Young Observer Summer Holidays' from the feature 'Holiday Countdown', illustrations by Michael Davidson.

30 July:
'Performing Dog', illustration.
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