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Extent1 box
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description3 February:
'Roger Cook - Radio 4', from the feature 'Cook's Crusade', by Richard Farley. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Ravi Shankar' (dated March 1979), mounted 35mm transparencies.
'John Napier', mounted 35mm transparencies and 1 5x4" transparency.
'Dr John Dony - Naturalist', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Eling Mill, Nr Southampton', mounted 35mm transparency.
'Schoolboys cooking', mounted 35mm transparency.
'Rough Necks on the Rig', 5x4" and mountd 35mm transparencies.
'French Cookery School', mounted 5x4" transparencies.

10 February:
'Ice Skating', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Baja Races, Mexico', from the feature 'The world's maddest road', by Tim Page. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Pizza pie factory', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Backyard Brewery', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Valentines', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Kenneth Potts - Sculptor', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Pasta', 120 transparencies.
'Sheba Sound' in untitled Upfront feature, mounted 35mm transperency.

17 February:
'Party Food', 120 and mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Fashion', mounted and unmounted 120 transparencies.
'Toytown figures', mounted 120 transparencies.
'Longevity Centre, California, USA', from the feature 'How to relax, eschew the fat and live a bit longer', by Peter Howe. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Lorne Greene', from the feature 'How to relax, eschew the fat and live a bit longer', by Peter Howe. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Jack Clemo - writer', from the feature 'A vocation for marriage', by Alain Le Garsmeur. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Joan Chatterley', from the Upfront feature 'King Kong to King Rat', by Andrew Ward. Mounted 35mm transparency.
'Art exhibition for the blind', from the Upfront feature 'Feel for art', by Ray Green. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Woolie Walker', from the Upfront feature 'Grandmother of Invention', by Ray Green. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Football (includes Liam Brady, Matthew Cannon), from the feature 'Young Observer Fever Football' by Eamonn McCabe. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Retired Shepherd 87 year old Tom Humphrey in 19th century garb Worthing Museum' by Ian Cook. Mounted 35mm transparency.
'Lorne Greene', mounted 35mm transparencies.

24 February:
'Barbeque', from the feature 'French Cookery School'. Mounted 120 transparencies.
'Collage', mounted 35mm transparency.
'Toytown figures', from the feature 'The man who made Toytoen'. Mounted 120 transparencies.
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