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Extent1 box
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description2 November:
'Christmas Presents - Selfridges' from the feature 'But Once a Year', 120 transparencies and 3 8x10" inter-transparencies.
'Cancer - Leukaemia' from the feature 'How Jonathan Livingstone came back into the world' by Bryn Campbell. 35mm transparencies.

9 November:
'Fashion - Maxi-Coat' from the feature 'The Long-On The Short And The Tall' by Clive Arrowsmith. 6 mounted 120 transparencies.
'Edward de Bono - lateral thinking' from the feature 'The Man Who Thinks Side-Ways' by Chris Smith. 35mm transparencies and mounted 35mm transparencies.*

16 November [some original packaging marked 23 November but includes no images used in the article on that date]
'Is Dr Spock To Blame?' cover feature by Michael Joseph. Inter-transparencies [re-used in b/w on 23 Nov]
'Dr Spock Thinks Again...' by Jane Bown, 35mm transparencies and mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Why Nine Out Of Ten British Babies Are On The Bottle' by Tony McGrath. 35mm transparencies and mounted 35mm transparencies.* [transparencies in plastic sleeves marked 'Dr Spock Thinks Again' / 'Spock-Marked Society' 16/23 Nov]
'Byron' from the feature 'Byron - return of the supreme romantic' by Ray Williams. 120 transparencies and 1 8x10" inter-transparency. [Plastic sleeve marked '9/23.11.69'']

23 November:
'Legendary Bandits' from the feature 'Wanted - for Killing, Robbing, Raping, Looting' (illustrations). 5 5x4" transparencies.

30 November:
'Men Will Be Boys' / 'Second Boyhood Begins Here...' by Adrian Flowers. Inter-transparencies.
'And Now Let's All Play Something' by David Cripps. Mounted 120 transparencies.
'Stag Hunting' from the feature 'The day I shot my first (and last) stag' by Bryn Campbell. Inter-transparencies.
'Duke Ellington' from the feature 'The Duke'. Illustrations by Richard Wilson. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Elizabeth Frink' from the feature, by Ian Berry. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
System Of ArrangementChronological
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