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Extent1 box
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description2 March:
'Self Improvement', 55 mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Batchelor Pads' from the feature 'Some Superior Bachelor Pads' by Ray Williams and Dmitri Kasterine. 120 transparencies, mounted 120 transparencies, 5x4" transparencies.

9 March:
'What Makes a Man Stylish?' by Duffy and Barry Lategan (includes portraits of Paul McCartney, Leonard Whiting and Victor Sylvester). Mounted 120 transparencies, Mounted 35mm transparencies* and 35mm transparencies.

16 March:
'Quest for Fulfillment'' by Chris Smith (includes portraits of David Hockney and Margaret Thatcher. Mounted 35mm transparencies*, 35mm transparencies, 1 8x11" inter-transparency and 1 6x11" inter-transparency.
'Scarves for Spring' by Steve Hiett. Mounted 120 transparencies and 120 transparencies.

23 March:
'Woman in car' from the feature 'Just what is it about pretty girls in fast cars?' by Len Fulford. 12 transparencies and mounted 120 transparencies.
'People' from the feature 'Car drivers, isolated in their cosy coccons, often feel and act as though cut off from reality' by Adrian Flowers. 9 8x10" transparencies.

30 March:
'Vintage Racing Cars' from the feature 'That's a fine old car...that was' by Bryn Campbell and Robin Rew. 53 mounted 35mm transparencies.*
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