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Extent1 box
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description6 June:
'Hereford Bulls' from the feature 'How Herefeord scored it's Bull' by Paul Hill. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Young Observer' from the feature 'Sir Peter Scott' by Bryn Campbell. 35mm and 1 5x4" transparency.
'Lending a hand in the Jungle' by Colin Edwards. 1 8x7" transparency.

13 June:
'Britanny: Breton Celts' from the feature 'The French who want to be British' by Bryn Campbell.*
'Conservatories' from the cover and feature 'A beautiful and romantic place...' by Brian Morris. 120 transparencies.
'Japanese Raw fish dish' from the Young Observer feature 'When the grub you're eating wriggles' by Tony McGrath. Includes 35mm mounted transparencies.*

20 June:
'Favourite ugly architecture' from the feature 'March of the ugly brigade' by Ian Cook. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Children's Fashion' from the feature 'Dressing down for the Summer holidays' by Liz Smith. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*

27 June:
'Executives' from the feature 'Stop the jet I want to get off' by Bryn Campbell. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Venture into the Headless Valley' by Bryn Campbell. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
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