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Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
Description3 October:
'Desmond Morris' from the cover and feature 'Desmond Morris: My Menagerie' by Adrian Flowers. 120 transparencies and mounted 120 and 35mm transparencies.
'Sir Walter Scott' from the feature 'The romantic who sold his dreams for a dream' by Jane Bown. Mounted 120 transparency.
'Harry Llewellyn - Stud Farmer' from the feature 'Stud where Foxhunter's spirit still lives' by David Newell-Smith. 35mm transparencies.

10 October:
'Students at Oxford' from the cover and feature 'How to succeed for 722 years without really trying' by Bryn Campbell. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'The French Revolution, Year One (play), from the feature 'Up the revolution - down with the fun', photographer unknown. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Fashion - Coats' from the feature 'Seven Coat Tales' by Mike Bertofsky. Mounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Indian Palaces - new hotels' from the feature 'The Maharajas take in lodgers' by Bruno de Hamel. 35mm transparencies and mounted 120 transparencies.
'Early Hi-Fi', from the feature 'New Gold in the Old Groove, by Peter Williams and Adrian Flowers. Mounted and unmounted 120 transparencies.

17 October:
'V.S. Pritchett' from the feature 'A voyage to Paris via Paree' by David Newell-Smith. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Chester - Car Invasion' from the cover and feature 'How many cars can Britain take?' by David Jefferis / Adrian Flowers and David Newell-Smith. 5x4" transparency and mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Charles Babbage - Inventor' from the feature 'What's different about this man?'. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies, 10x8" black and white prints and press release.*

24 October:
'High Rise Living' from the feature 'Agony of the High Life' by Ian Cook and David Newell Smith. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*

31 October:
'Infertillity' from the cover and feature 'What would you do if your doctor said you couldn't have children?' by Adrian Flowers. 120 transparencies.
'Bahamas' from the feature 'Island in the Golf Stream' by Bruno de Hamel. Mounted and unmounted 35mm, 120, 4x4" and 8x7" transparencies.*
'Judo' and 'Kendo' from the Young Observer feature 'Sport of the samurai' by Bryn Campbell. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.*
'Golf', photographer unknown. Mounted and unmounted 35mm and 120 transparencies.*
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