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TitleMichael Adams
Date27 July 2001
Extent2 minidiscs, 2 cds, 1 file, 11 AIFF files (1.2 GB)
Creator NameAdams; Michael Evelyn (1920-2005); journalist
DescriptionInterview with Michael Adams, foreign correspondent for the Guardian. Conducted by Brian Whitaker on 27 July 2001. Also includes a data sheet containing biographical details about the subject and information about the recording and notes made during the interview.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1
Track 1:
00.50 Hired by Manchester Guardian - very excited "just wanted someone with an open mind"
02.20 Middle East
03.20 Suez Crisis
06.50 Nasser's qualities
10.00 More on Suez Crisis - "July….nothing happens in July"

12.30 Secret signal to occupy the canal "Ferdinand de Lesops"
19.30 Guardian's stance on Suez and differences between then and now (has sons who are reporters)

Track 2:
00.30 Feedback - went to Glasgow and received bizarre advice
02.25 Story concerning flat and TASS correspondent
05.20 Surveillance on journalists
06.20 Expelled from Egypt at the end of the Suez crisis
07.50 Internment

11.20 Guardian's finances - £50 per month expenses, hitching a lift with the UN
14.00 Wadsworth "man of very few words"
15.06 Hetherington, fell-walkers on the Guardian - would always pay for drinks

Track 3:
05.25 Hetherington announces closure of Rome post by letter - very direct man

Track 4:
02.24 Leaving the staff
03.19 Dropping "Manchester" from the title

Disc 2
Track 1:
00.01 1967 War - Guardian editorial line
06.44 Guardian on Israel

Track 2:
05.12 Treatment of Palestinians on Gaza strip
05.48 Hetherington's regret about sentence used in a report by Adams
07.40 Falling out with editor over story about 3 villages destroyed by the Israelis near Jerusalem

Track 3:
00.01 Argument with Hetherington. On the perception of Israel and Arabs
07.00 Influences on A Hetherington

15.45 Leaving the Guardian and Harold Jackson's later report
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Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository
FormatMinidisc recording
Electronic record
CD recording
Printed document
CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Michael Adams

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