Ref NoOHP/3
TitleDerek Bennett
Date6 December 2002
Extent2 minidiscs, 2 cds, 1 file, 4 AIFF files (997 MB)
Creator NameBennett; Derek (1931-); printer
DescriptionInterview with Derek Bennett, printer for the Guardian. Conducted by Leslie Plommer on 6 December 2002. Also includes a data sheet containing biographical details about the subject and information about the recording and notes on his career.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1
Track 1:
00.44 Born in Manchester 1931, family not in printing
01.17 Got stereotyping apprenticeship at Salford City Reporter, description of duties and printing process
03.03 Description of a 'flong'
06.00 Moved to the Guardian in 1951
08.42 Discussion of his duties and posting to Korea whilst on National Service

10.10 Reunion of troops in combat together in Korea, August 26 2000, and discussion about army career
15.30 Return home from Korea
16.10 Work at Cross Street casting advertisements
16.30 Description about casting - making plates, flongs etc.
18.00 Further casual jobs at City News in Manchester, and Stockport Gazette

20.30 Harold Geldard at City News docked wage by quarter of an hour, dispute led to better contract
23.50 Comparison to Guardian contract
24.20 Discussion about casual work
25.20 Buying a house
25.45 Dispute with Harold Geldard about printing and handing in notice at City News
28.00 Finding replacement Stereotyper at City News, Maurice Brown
29.10 Contacted Percy Martin at Guardian about a job
29.30 Application to go to Australia - Assisted Passage Scheme £10.00, leaving 1st February 1958

30.05 Asked Percy Martin for job for a few months before leaving
30.30 Arriving in Australia with no money
31.10 Finding work at printers - 187 Beckett Street [?White and Gellespie], proprietor - Bert Whitmore
32.00 Holiday in Sydney, discussion about moving to Sydney and finding work
34.15 Bert Whitmore helped find job in Camborne (suburb of Sydney) work in Stereotyping and vinyl plates
36.00 Work found at the Telegraph as Stereoptyper
36.15 Comparisons to Stereotyping in England
38.00 Became Deputy Overseer
38.20 Notice to leave with no prospects of another job
38.40 Went to Daily Mirror
39.50 Leaving Australia

40.40 Back in England, went to work at Guardian in 1962
40.50 Reasons for leaving Australia
42.50 Enjoying work at the Guardian
43.30 Dealing with libelous stories in the newspaper
44.00 Daily Express, [?Carol Sarler] discussion about libels in newspapers
45.40 'Chipping' plates on the press due to libel
48.20 Move to Deansgate, September 1969 printing moved
49.00 Working across two sites - Deansgate and Cross Street

51.00 Dispute with another member of staff about checking copies of Guardian and Daily Mail
54.55 Further discussion about the move to Deansgate, including moving and positioning of printing presses

Track 2:
00.15 Integration with the Daily Mail
02.10 Deputy Overseer position in 1965
03.50 Separating printers from the Daily Mail printers 1974
06.40 Stan Leggett retired 1975-1976, Derek Bennett took position of Overseer
08.15 Saving money on newsprint
13.55 Polymer plates tested

Disc 2
Track 1:
00.15 Polymer plates - reasons for using them, and introducing them into the printing process
02.45 Problems with vacuum in printing
03.00 Visible improvement in quality of print
03.40 Colour printing press bought from Canada
05.20 Vibrations affected colour register, sensors put on
07.05 Role of Overseer

Track 2:
00.10 Responsibilities of role of Overseer
03.25 Discussion about Len Spate, Stereotyper
07.05 Guardian not best paid job in comparison to other newspapers
08.40 Discussion about working with metal (fumes etc.) and conditions in print room
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Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository
FormatMinidisc recording
Electronic record
CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Derek Bennett

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