Ref NoOHP/45
TitleBrian Lapping
Date9 July 2001
Extent1 minidisc, 1 cd, 1 file, 4 AIFF files (1.47 GB)
Creator NameLapping; Brian Michael (1937-); journalist and television producer/director
DescriptionInterview with Brian Lapping, journalist, later deputy commonwealth correspondent, for the Guardian. Conducted by Hella Pick on 9 July 2001. Also includes a data sheet containing biographical details about the subject and information about the recording.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1
Track 1:
00.14 Working for the Daily Mirror in London
00.45 In 1961 heard the Guardian was opening an office in Grays Inn Road, London
01.05 Interviewed for night reporter post at the Guardian by Gerard Fay, London editor
01.33 Didn't like the idea of being a night reporter, but wanted to work for the paper
02.28 The interview was in Fleet Street as offices in Grays Inn Road were not ready
03.38 Had a few weeks as day reporter to get to know how things worked
03.58 The night news editor at the time was Ken Dodd
04.05 Deputised for Ken Dodd when he went for dinner
04.38 The biggest stories were about the struggles between industry and the government
05.20 At this time the paper was being edited in Manchester by Alastair Hetherington
05.26 The London office was headed up by Gerald Fay
05.40 As night reporter, started work at 6pm and finished at 2am
07.10 Relationship between Alastair Hetherington and Gerard Fay
08.04 Discusses Ian Low, reporter, and Nesta Roberts, news editor

12.40 Describes John Rosselli, journalist, as being encyclopedic in his range of knowledge
15.36 Refers to Mark Forster, leader writer, describing him as business-like and helpful
18.16 Further discussion about Alastair Hetherington and Gerard Fay

20.27 Describes Alastair Hetherington as a nervous, scholarly man
23.04 *
25.10 Wrote a feature on a student abortion service and summoned to Scotland Yard
28.10 Accused of misprision of felony
28.55 Charges dropped

30.04 Discusses Clare Hollingworth, foreign correspondent
31.46 Claire always had two suitcases packed, one for going north and one for going south
32.52 *
34.53 Refers to Richard Scott as a remote figure, rarely in London
35.29 Greatest delight was supplying paragraphs for Peter Preston
36.38 Invitation to the Conservative Inns of Court Association, re. abolition of resale price maintenance

40.35 Further discussion on writing for Peter Preston
40.03 Asked to write the odd Leader
41.36 Became a commonwealth specialist
42.52 Asked to help Patrick Keatley on a commonwealth Prime Ministers' conference
43.47 *
45.40 Guardian couldn't afford to pay for foreign trips, always subsidised
47.09 Went to Pakistan for three months in 1966, wanted to go to Indian, but Guardian couldn't afford it
47.37 Whilst in Pakistan heard of the financial crisis and scheme to amalgamate with the Times
47.47 Received a cable that said 'return home soonest'
48.11 Could no longer afford two people working on the commonwealth
48.45 Short time as deputy news editor but it didn't work out
49.19 Reverted to being a reporter then left in October 1967 to work for the FT

50.48 Discusses John Cole, news editor, and his relaxed writing style
52.26 Discusses Bill Davies, city editor
53.40 Trip to Rhodesia in 1965 and subsequent work on UDI economic sanctions and Rhodesian regime

Track 2
00.24 Left the Guardian to go to the FT, followed by New Society and Granada television
00.39 At Granada created a series called end of empire, drew upon experience gained from the Guardian
02.24 Compares the Guardian of today with the Guardian of the 1960s
03.50 Guardian has changed its character, gone the way of the broadsheets
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Access ConditionsRestricted - access to edited recording via GNM Digital Repository
FormatElectronic record
CD recording
Printed document
Minidisc recording
CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Brian Lapping

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