Ref NoOHP/50
TitleHugh McIlvanney
Date10 September 2001
Extent2 minidiscs, 2 cds, 1 file, 5 AIFF files (1.34 GB)
Creator NameMcIlvanney; Hugh; sports journalist and broadcaster
DescriptionInterview with Hugh McIlvanney, sports journalist for the Observer. Conducted by Kevin Mitchell on 10 September 2001.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1
Track 1
00.20 How he came to the Observer from the Scotsman
01.00 Decided to move to London
01.30 The Observer were looking for an assistant sports editor
02.00 Describes a 'most unusual interview procedure'
03.10 Started on 6 October 1962
03.40 Ken Obank looked at his cuttings - how Obank ran the practical side of the paper
05.40 Describes starting work on the Observer

10.15 Culture of the paper - 'most wonderful place to work in British journalism'
13.30 Describes the Observer as 'almost bohemian at timesÂ…quite inspiringÂ…spring in your step on the way to work'
15.00 Differences in football writing

20.00 Anecdote about Alf Ramsay
26.30 McIlvanney's introduction to champagne
27.30 Size of the sports section
29.30 Describes office at 22 Tudor Street, London

35.00 Donald Trelford
39.00 Refers to David Astor

50.00 Went to Express and then returned to Observer

60.30 How the Guardian came in 'like an occupying army'

Disc 2:
Track 1
00.00 Discusses Richard Baerlein, the racing correspondent
03.30 Debt to copy takers, i.e. Jim Arlow who took a story from him by telephone from Rome
08.00 El Vinos and getting tips on horses

11.50 Clem Thomas - 'one of the giants'
15.30 Tony Pawson and Bob Ferrier
19.00 Critical of some modern sports reporting - jargonised nature

24.00 Muhammad Ali
27.30 Discusses Observer photographers, particularly Chris Smith

34.00 Refers to Arthur Hopcraft and Michael Parkinson

Track 2
01.00 His writing style and language
05.00 Musical nature of writing - he talks to himself to see how it sounds
12.00 On seriousness of sports writing against other journalism, particularly time constraints
17.00 Discusses great sports writers US

Track 3
Brief summary

Track 4
00.00 Continues discussion about great sports writers
03.00 The essence of a good report; a David Astor quote, 'scoops of interpretation'
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CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Hugh McIlvanney

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