Ref NoOHP/92
TitleEric Timmins
Date5 December 2002
Extent1 minidisc, 1 cd, 1 file, 2 AIFF files (474 MB)
Creator NameTimmins; Eric (1925-); linotype and teletype operator
DescriptionInterview with Eric Timmins, linotype and teletype operator for the Guardian. Conducted by Leslie Plommer on 5 December 2002. Also includes a data sheet containing biographical details about the subject and information about the recording.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1:
Track 1
00.00 Introductions at Hill Green, Manchester
00.35 Experience before joining the Guardian, interview with Herbert Rouse (Overseer)
04.00 Linotype department
04.40 Rationing of paper
05.00 Overtime
05.20 No work on Saturdays as newspaper not published on Sundays
05.50 Guardian workers did not strike like other newspapers
06.20 Teletype setting 'disastrous'
07.10 Linotype Paul - company
08.30 Linotype machinery and setting - issues including tight setting and splashing molten metal

10.40 Keyboards for linotype systems, Qwerty keyboards and linotype keyboards
12.50 Computers with teletypesetting
13.10 Training given in early 1980s in Leighton Buzzard on computer use
14.50 Retirement 1986 - over 300 people employed compared to 20 now
15.50 First night at work in 1949, old mechanisms in use
18.15 Guardian well known for its old machinery
19.05 National Association of Printers Assistants
19.30 Cleaning machinery

23.20 Machinery looked after well
24.05 More detail about interview with Herbert Rouse
25.00 Apprenticeships offered at Evening News
25.40 RAF postings
26.30 Wages, bonuses and overtime

31.00 Cross Street premises and operating room
32.10 Tinnitus problems
33.40 Process of receiving copy from editors
37.00 Setting stories for paper

Track 2
00.10 Understanding handwritten and typed copies for type setting
00.50 Brief discussion about staff including Alastair Cook and Laurence Scott.
01.50 Loans given by Scott family to help employees to buy houses etc
03.40 Bust of CP Scott
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess to recording via GNM Digital Repository
FormatElectronic record
CD recording
Printed document
Minidisc recording
CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Eric Timmins

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