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TitleSir Bernard Ingham
Date17 December 2001
Extent1 minidisc, 1 cd, 1 file, 4 AIFF files (611.6 MB)
Creator NameIngham; Sir; Bernard (1932-); knight, journalist and civil servant
DescriptionInterview with Sir Bernard Ingham, journalist for the Guardian. Conducted by Simon Rogers on 17 December 2001. Also includes a data sheet containing biographical details about the subject and information about the recording.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1:
Track 1

Track 2
00.04 1962 recruited by Guardian from Yorkshire Post
00.23 Life before the Guardian
00.55 What appealed to Ingham about journalism?
01.50 October 18th 1948 - joined local paper, Hebden Bridge Times as junior reporter
01.58 Was that a different world of journalism?
03.35 1952 at age of 21, moved to Yorkshire Evening Post, District Office, Halifax - tayed seven years
04.00 1959 - moved to Yorkshire Post in Leeds
04.37 Guardian developing district offices - his recruitment in Leeds

Track 3
01.00 Discusses Michael Parkin
02.25 Conditions in his first Guardian office

Track 4
01.10 1965 May - moved down to Guardian in London on relief
01.30 Involvement in local politics as Labour candidate
02.20 How different was culture of journalism in London?
03.20 Harry Whewell - for him job was a social occasion
05.00 Ingham's relationship with Harry Whewell
06.15 Atmosphere at Guardian in London - curious characters
07.23 Peter Jenkins - sharp, intelligent and resourceful
07.50 First impressions of London
08.46 How true was it that the Guardian was an employer of gentlemen?
09.50 Openness of Guardian to ideas and comment

10.45 Attitude towards today's Guardian readers
11.50 Coverage of seamen's strike
13.30 Standing for public office and involvement in politics
15.50 Typical day at Guardian
18.00 Typical production of a story

20.15 Differences in journalism today
21.50 Competition in journalism between newspapers
25.15 Did he resent the way he was treated by the Guardian?
28.34 Departure from Guardian May 1st 1967 - Began work in civil service

30.00 What sort of reporter he was and how his writing changed during his career
33.50 Debate concerning the line of the newspaper
34.15 1966 crisis - Doubts about future of the newspaper.
37.00 Discusses Alastair Hetherington
39.15 Spring 1965 - 'do' at No.10

42.30 Did he feel slightly apart from everyone at the Guardian?
46.00 Did he ever stop thinking of himself as a reporter?
48.50 Present attitude to the Guardian - move of newspapers down-market
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CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Sir Bernard Ingham

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