Ref NoOHP/87
TitleJean Stead
Date9 August 2001
Extent1 minidisc, 1 cd, 1 file, 5 AIFF files (766.2 MB)
Creator NameStead; Jean Laura; journalist
DescriptionInterview with Jean Stead, journalist for the Guardian. Conducted by Raekha Prasad on 09 August 2001. Also includes a data sheet containing biographical details about the subject and information about the recording.

Summary contents of interview (with rough timings):

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-4

Track 5
03.09 Typical working day - hectic

10.50 Prejudice experienced as a woman
12.00 Increased competitiveness
13.30 Stories particularly proud of, including South Africa slave labour rates paid by UK companies
16.40 Select Committee story, 'gloriously vindicated'
16.40 National Insurance bank details scam

21.00 NI bank details scam again, source sent to prison
28.11 Morning conference - 'only tell them the basics' conference with Manchester

33.00 Early 1970s, not enough staff, bomb shift
39.00 External environment impact on working life - 3 day working week, bankruptcy of Labour government

40.00 Alastair Hetherington rules for production of newspapers e.g 'starred items'
43.00 Overawed by some writers 'lots of good writers, not a lot of good reporters...'
47.00 Interviewed Margaret Thatcher on working whilst having small children
47.00 Margaret Thatcher quote 'you have to delegate dear, it won't be done as well as you would do it but just get rid of every job you possibly can'
47.30 Difficultues of job due to having children

50.00 Housing story in Notting Hill, excessive charges for unfit housing
59.00 Dislikes current front pages of Guardian

61.00 Scoops are important, have to trust the Night Editor to get scoop on front page
63.00 What is a Guardian reader? What is a Guardian story?
64.30 Guardian reader would have a lively mind, a curious mind, a sense of humour
66.00 How Guardian reporters do not follow the herd
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Access ConditionsAccess to recording via GNM Digital Repository


FormatElectronic record
CD recording
Printed document
Minidisc recording
CopyrightGuardian News & Media Ltd and Jean Stead

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