NameLaski; Harold Joseph (1893-1950); political theorist
ForenamesHarold Joseph
Epithetpolitical theorist
PublishedWorksThe Problem of Sovereignty, 1917; Authority in the Modern State, 1919; Political Thought from Locke to Bentham, 1920; Foundations of Sovereignty, 1921; Letters of Burke (ed.), 1922; The Defence of Liberty against Tyrants (ed.), 1924; Autobiography of J. S. Mill (ed.), 1924; A Grammar of Politics, 1925; Communism, 1927; Liberty in the Modern State, 1930; The Dangers of Obedience, 1930; An Introduction to Politics, 1931; Studies in Law and Politics, 1932; The Crisis and the Constitution. 1932; Democracy in Crisis, 1933; The State in Theory and Practice, 1935; The Rise of European Liberalism, 1936; Parliamentary Government in England, 1938; The American Presidency, 1940; Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time, 1943; Faith, Reason, Civilisation, 1944; The American Democracy, 1948; and many articles in the New Republic, Harvard Law Review, the Nation, Manchester Guardian.

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