NameMuggeridge; Thomas Malcolm (1903-1990); journalist
ForenamesThomas Malcolm
PublishedWorksThree Flats, produced by the Stage Society, 1931; Autumnal Face, 1931; Winter in Moscow, 1933; The Earnest Atheist, a life of Samuel Butler, 1936; In A Valley of this Restless Mind, 1938, new edn, 1978; The Thirties, 1940; edited English edn Ciano's Diary, 1947; Ciano's Papers, 1948; Affairs of the Heart, 1949; Tread Softly for you Tread on my Jokes, 1966; London à la Mode (with Paul Hogarth), 1966; Muggeridge through the Microphone (Edited by C. Ralling); Jesus Rediscovered, 1969; Something Beautiful for God, 1971; Paul: envoy extraordinary (with A. R. Vidler), 1972; Chronicles of Wasted Time (autobiog.), vol. 1, 1972, vol. 2, 1973; Malcolm's Choice, 1972; Jesus: the man who lives, 1975; A Third Testament, 1977; A Twentieth-Century Testimony, 1979; Like It Was (diaries), 1981; Picture Palace, 1987; My Life in Pictures, 1987; Conversion: A Spiritual Journey, 1988.

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