NameJames; Clive Vivian Leopold (1939-2019); writer and broadcaster
ForenamesClive Vivian Leopold
Epithetwriter and broadcaster
PublishedWorksThe Metropolitan Critic, 1974; The Fate of Felicity Fark in the Land of the Media, 1975; Peregrine Prykke’s Pilgrimage through the London Literary World, 1976; Britannia Bright’s Bewilderment in the Wilderness of Westminster, 1976; Visions Before Midnight, 1977; At the Pillars of Hercules, 1979; First Reactions, 1980; The Crystal Bucket, 1981; Charles Charming’s Challenges on the Pathway to the Throne, 1981; From the Land of Shadows, 1982; Glued to the Box, 1982; Flying Visits, 1984; Snakecharmers in Texas, 1988; On Television, 1991; The Dreaming Swimmer, 1992; Fame, 1993; Reliable Essays, 2001; Even As We Speak, 2001; The Meaning of Recognition: new essays 2001–2005, 2005; Cultural Amnesia, 2007; The Revolt of the Pendulum, 2009; A Point of View, 2011; Brilliant Creatures, 1983; The Remake, 1987; Brrm! Brrm!, 1991; The Silver Castle, 1996; verse: Fan-Mail, 1977; Poem of the Year, 1983; Other Passports: poems 1958–85, 1986; The Book of my Enemy: collected verse 1958–2003, 2003; Opal Sunset: selected poems 1958–2008, 2008; Angels Over Elsinore: collected poems 2003–2008, 2008; Nefertiti in the Flak Tower, 2012; Unreliable Memoirs, 1980; Falling Towards England: Unreliable Memoirs II, 1985; May Week Was in June: Unreliable Memoirs III, 1990; Always Unreliable, 2001; North Face of Soho: Unreliable Memoirs IV, 2006; The Blaze of Obscurity, 2009

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