NameMelly; Alan George Heywood (1926-2007); jazz singer, critic and film scriptwriter
ForenamesAlan George Heywood
Epithetjazz singer, critic and film scriptwriter
PublishedWorksI Flook, 1962; Owning Up, 1965; Revolt into Style, 1970; Flook by Trog, 1970; Rum Bum and Concertina, 1977; (with Barry Fantoni) The Media Mob, 1980; Tribe of One: Great Naive and Primitive Painters of the British Isles, 1981; (with Walter Dorin) Great Lovers, 1981; Mellymobile, 1982; (ed) Edward James, Swans Reflecting Elephants: my early years, 1982; Scouse Mouse, 1984; It's All Writ Out for You: the life and work of Scottie Wilson, 1986; (with Michael Woods) Paris and the Surrealists, 1991; Don't tell Sybil: an intimate memoir of E. L. T. Mesens, 1997; Hooked: fishing memories, 2000

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