NameSackville-West; Hon; Victoria Mary (1892-1962); writer and gardener
ForenamesVictoria Mary
Epithetwriter and gardener
PublishedWorksHeritage, and other novels. Seducers in Ecuador. Knole and the Sackvilles. Passenger to Teheran. The Land (Hawthornden prize, 1927). Aphra Behn, 1927. Twelve Days, 1928. Andrew Marvell, 1929. The Edwardians, 1930. All Passion Spent, 1931. Sissinghurst, 1933. Collected Poems, 1933. The Dark Island, 1934. Saint Joan of Arc, 1936. Pepita, 1937. Some Flowers, 1937. Solitude, 1938. Country Notes, 1939. Country Notes in Wartime, 1940. Selected Poems, 1941. English Country Houses, 1941. Grand Canyon, 1942. The Eagle and the Dove, 1943. Another World Than This (anthology, with Harold Nicolson), 1945. The Garden, 1946 (Heinemann Prize, 1947). Nursery Rhymes, 1947. In your garden, 1951. The Easter Party, 1953. In your garden again, 1953. More for your garden, 1955. Even more for your garden, 1958. Daughter of France, 1959. No sign-posts in the sea, 1960. Faces: Profiles of Dogs (text for photographs by Laelia Goehr), 1961.

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