NameBarraclough; Geoffrey (1908-1984); Professor; historian and author
Epithethistorian and author
PublishedWorksPublic Notaries and the Papal Curia, 1934; Papal Provisions, 1935; Mediæval Germany, 1938; The Origins of Modern Germany, 1946; Factors in German History, 1946; The Mediæval Empire, 1950; The Earldom and County Palatine of Chester, 1953; History in a Changing World, 1955; Early Cheshire Charters, 1957; (ed) Social Life in Early England, 1960; European Unity in Thought and Action, 1963; An Introduction to Contemporary History, 1964; The Mediæval Papacy, 1968; (ed) Eastern and Western Europe in the Middle Ages, 1970; The Crucible of Europe, 1976; Management in a Changing Economy, 1976; Atlante della Storia 1945–1975, 1977; Main Trends in History, 1979; (ed) Times Atlas of World History, 1978; Turning Points in World History, 1979; From Agadir to Armageddon, 1982; (ed) Times Concise Atlas of World History, 1982; (with R. F. Wall) Survey of International Affairs, 1955–56; Survey of International Affairs, 1956–58; Survey of International Affairs, 1958–60.

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