NameButterfield; Sir; Herbert (1900-1979); knight, historian
Epithetknight, historian
PublishedWorksThe Historical Novel, 1924; The Peace-tactics of Napoleon, 1806–1808, 1929; The Whig Interpretation of History, 1931; (ed.) Select Documents of European History, Vol. III, 1715–1920, 1931; Napoleon (Great Lives), 1939; The Statecraft of Machiavelli, 1940; The Englishman and his History, 1944; Inaugural Lecture on The Study of Modern History, 1944; George III, Lord North and the People, 1949; The Origins of Modern Science, 1949; Christianity and History, 1949; History and Human Relations, 1951; Christianity in European History, 1951; Christianity, Diplomacy and War, 1953; Man on his Past, 1955; George III and the Historians, 1957; International Conflict in the Twentieth Century, 1960; The University and Education Today, 1962; Inaugural Lecture on The Present State of Historical Scholarship, 1965; (jt ed. with Martin Wight) Diplomatic Investigations, 1966; Sincerity and Insincerity in Charles James Fox, 1972; The Discontinuities between the Generations in History (Rede Lecture), 1972; posthumous publication: The Origins of History, 1981.

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