NameMasefield; John (1878-1967); poet and novelist
Epithetpoet and novelist
PublishedWorksThe Tragedy of Nan; The Tragedy of Pompey the Great; Multitude and Solitude; Poems and Ballads; William Shakespeare; The Everlasting Mercy; The Widow in the Bye-Street; Dauber; The Daffodil Fields, etc.; Philip the King; The Faithful; Sonnets and Poems; Good Friday; Gallipoli; Lollingdon Downs; Reynard the Fox, etc.; Right Royal; King Cole; Melloney Holtspur, 1922; Sard Harker, 1924, etc.; Odtaa, 1926; Recent Prose, 1924; The Midnight Folk, 1927; The Hawbucks, 1929; The Wanderer of Liverpool, 1930; Minnie Maylow's Story and other tales and scenes, 1931; A Tale of Troy, 1932; The Conway, 1933; The Bird of Dawning, 1933; The Taking of the Gry, 1934; The Box of Delights, 1935; A Letter from Pontus, 1936; The Country Scene, 1937; Dead Ned, 1938; Tribute to Ballet, 1938; Live and Kicking Ned, 1939; Basilissa, 1940; The Nine Days Wonder, 1941; In the Mill, 1941; New Chum, 1944; a Macbeth Production, 1945; Thanks Before Going, 1946; Badon Parchments, 1947; On the Hill, 1949; So Long to Learn, 1952; The Bluebells, 1961; Grace Before Ploughing, 1966.

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