NameDeutscher; Isaac (1907-1967); author and lecturer
Epithetauthor and lecturer
PublishedWorksThe Moscow Trial, 1936, and many essays and pamphlets published in Polish before 1939; Stalin, A Political Biography, 1949 (new, enlarged editions, 1966, 1967); Soviet Trade Unions, 1950; Russia---What Next (USA), 1953; Russia after Stalin, 1953; The Prophet Armed, 1954; Heretics and Renegades, 1955; Russia in Transition (USA), 1957; Tragédie du communisme polonais entre deux guerres, 1958; The Prophet Unarmed, 1959; The Great Contest: Russian and the West, 1960; The Prophet Outcast, 1963; Ironies of History, Essays on Contemporary Communism, 1966; The Unfinished Revolution: Russia, 1917-1967 (the G. M. Trevelyan Lectures, delivered Univ. Camb.), 1967; (Editor, and author Introd.) The Age of Permanent Revolution, A Trotsky Anthology, 1964 (USA); (co-author) The Era of Violence, Vol. XII of New Cambridge Modern History, 1960; contrib. The Socialist Register, 1964 and 1965; contrib. Encyclopædia Britannica and learned journals; The Stalin Myth, 1957; The Great Purges, 1963, serial radio scripts of dramatised historical documentaries. Posthumous Publications: The Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1968; The Non-Jewish Jew and other essay (ed. T. Deutscher), 1968; Russia, China and the West (ed. F. Halliday) 1970; Lenin's Childhood, 1970.

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