NameBowra; Sir; Cecil Maurice (1898-1971); knight, academic
ForenamesCecil Maurice
Epithetknight, academic
PublishedWorks(trans. with H. T. Wade-Gery) Pindar's Pythian Odes, 1928; (co-Ed.) Oxford Book of Greek Verse, 1930; Tradition and Design in the Iliad, 1930; Ancient Greek Literature; Pindari Carmina, 1935; Greek Lyric Poetry, 1936; rev. edn 1961; (co-Ed.) Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation, 1937; Early Greek Elegists, 1938; The Heritage of Symbolism, 1943; A Book of Russian Verse, 1943; Sophoclean Tragedy, 1944; From Virgil to Milton, 1945; The Creative Experiment, 1949; The Romantic Imagination, 1950; Heroic Poetry, 1952; Problems in Greek Poetry, 1954; Inspiration and Poetry, 1955; The Greek Experience, 1957; Primitive Song, 1962; In General and Particular, 1964; Pindar, 1964; Landmarks in Greek Literature, 1966; Poetry and Politics, 1900-1960, 1966; Memories, 1898-1939, 1966; (trans.) The Odes of Pindar, 1969; On Greek Margins, 1970; Periclean Athens, 1971; articles in learned jls.

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