NameSaintsbury; George (1845-1933); literary critic and teacher
Epithetliterary critic and teacher
PublishedWorksPrimer of French Literature, 1880; Dryden, in English Men of Letters, 1881; Short History of French Literature, and French Lyrics, 1882; Marlborough, and Specimens of English Prose Style, 1885; Manchester, and Elizabethan Literature, 1887; Essays in English Literature, 1890; Essays on French Novelists, 1891; Miscellaneous Essays, and the Earl of Derby, 1892; Corrected Impressions, and Essays in English Literature (Second Series), 1895; Nineteenth Century Literature, 1896; The Flourishing of Romance and the Rise of Allegory, 1897; Sir Walter Scott, 1897; A Short History of English Literature, 1898; Matthew Arnold, 1899; A History of Criticism, vol. i, 1900; vol. ii, 1902; vol. iii, 1904; The Earlier Renaissance, 1901; Loci Critici, 1903; Minor Caroline Poets, vol. i, 1905; vol. ii, 1906; vol. iii, 1921; A History of English Prosody, vol. i, 1906; vol. ii, 1908; vol. iii, 1910; The Later Nineteenth Century, 1908; A Historical Manual of English Prosody, 1910; History of English Criticism, 1911; History of English Prose Rhythm, 1912; The English Novel, 1913; A First Book of English Literature, 1914; The Peace of the Augustans, 1915; A History of the French Novel, vol. i 1917, vol. ii 1919; Notes on a Cellar Book, 1920; A Letter-Book and A Scrap Book, 1922; A Second Scrap Book, 1923; Collected Essays and Papers, 4 vols, 1924; A Last Scrap Book, 1924; A Consideration of Thackeray, 1931; Prefaces and Essays, 1933

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