NameGalbraith; John Kenneth (1908-2006); economist
ForenamesJohn Kenneth
PublishedWorksAmerican Capitalism, the Concept of Countervailing Power, 1952; The Great Crash, 1929, 1955, new edn 1979; The Affluent Society, 1958, 4th edn, 1985; Journey to Poland and Yugoslavia, 1958; The Liberal Hour, 1960; Made to Last, 1964; The New Industrial State, 1967, rev. edn, 1978; Indian Painting, 1968; Ambassador’s Journal, 1969; Economics, Peace and Laughter, 1971; A China Passage, 1973; Economics and the Public Purpose, 1974; Money: whence it came, where it went, 1975; The Age of Uncertainty, 1977; Almost Everyone’s Guide to Economics, 1978; Annals of an Abiding Liberal, 1979; The Nature of Mass Poverty, 1979; A Life in Our Times, 1981; The Anatomy of Power, 1983; China Passage, 1983; A View from the Stands, 1987; A History of Economics, 1987; (with S. Menshikov) Capitalism, Communism and Coexistence, 1989; A Tenured Professor (novel), 1990; A Short History of Financial Euphoria, 1990; The Culture of Contentment, 1992; A Journey through Economic Time, 1994; The Good Society: the humane agenda, 1996; Letters to Kennedy, ed James Goodman, 1998; Name-Dropping: from FDR on, 1999; The Economics of Innocent Fraud, 2004; contribs to learned jls

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