NameCaute; John David (1936-); writer
ForenamesJohn David
PublishedWorksPlays: Songs for an Autumn Rifle, staged by Oxford Theatre Group at Edinburgh, 1961; The Demonstration, Nottingham Playhouse, 1969; The Fourth World, Royal Court, 1973; Brecht and Company, BBC TV, 1979; BBC Radio: Fallout, 1972; The Zimbabwe Tapes, 1983; Henry and the Dogs, 1986; Sanctions, 1988; Animal Fun Park, 1995. Publications: At Fever Pitch (novel), 1959 (Authors’ Club Award and John Llewelyn Rhys Prize, 1960); Comrade Jacob (novel), 1961; Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914-1960, 1964; The Left in Europe Since 1789, 1966; The Decline of the West (novel), 1966; Essential Writings of Karl Marx (ed), 1967; Fanon, 1970; The Confrontation: a trilogy, 1971 (consisting of The Demonstration (play), 1970; The Occupation (novel), 1971; The Illusion, 1971); The Fellow-Travellers, 1973, rev. edn 1988, as The Fellow-Travellers, Intellectual Friends of Communism; Collisions, 1974; Cuba, Yes?, 1974; The Great Fear: the anti-communist purge under Truman and Eisenhower, 1978; Under the Skin: the death of white Rhodesia, 1983; The K-Factor (novel), 1983; The Espionage of the Saints, 1986; News from Nowhere (novel), 1986; Sixty Eight: the year of the barricades, 1988; Veronica or the Two Nations (novel), 1989; The Women’s Hour (novel), 1991; Joseph Losey: a revenge on life, 1994; Dr Orwell and Mr Blair (novel), 1994; Fatima’s Scarf (novel), 1998; The Dancer Defects: the struggle for cultural supremacy during the cold war, 2003; as John Salisbury: novels: The Baby-Sitters, 1978; Moscow Gold, 1980.

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